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Tommy's Two Step

Tommy's Two Step is a singletrack trail in the Park City Mountain Resort area connecting the top of the Steps trail to Midmountain. It's good for either climbing or descending. The trail is new in 2013, with broad track and smooth banked turns. It's suitable for experienced beginners.

View of the twists and dips on Tommy's Two Step. It's fun both ways. Photos and trail review August 5, 2013 by Bruce.

The trail is 1.5 miles in length, covering 450 vertical feet to a high of 8700 feet elevation. On the upper end, it forks off of Steps about 100 feet from Thaynes Road and the Yurt. Right behind the Yurt is the Mojave Trail, with connections downhill to Midmountain or uphill to Keystone.

Looking downhill on Steps at the point where Tommy's Two Step forks off into the aspens.

Uses for Tommy's Two Step include:
Easier non-technical climbing route to the high mountain. Start with Jenni's, then take Midmountain south to Tommy's, then connect uphill from Mojave to Keystone and on to Shadow Lake.
New loop options above Midmountain. Take your favorite route to Midmountain, then combine Tommy's with lower Mojave. I've also put together a bigger loop that includes Keystone.

View downhill on lower Tommy's as we approach the Midmountain Trail.

Sample Ride: 
Quick Loop -- Up CMG, loop Midmountain, Tommy's, and Mojave
This loop is 11.5 miles long with 1600 vertical feet of climbing. It can be done in either direction.  It depends on whether you like Tommy's Two Step as your uphill or downhill. Tommy's is a great climber route, so don't be shy to try it in the opposite direction from my description here. You can also mix it up, for example by climbing up to Midmountain via Jenni's or via Silver Spur plus Spiro. Both of these options start at PCMR near the base of Payday.

Overview of the loop. CMG uphill, Midmountain to Mojave, a little piece of Steps, Tommy's Two Step back to Midmountain, then back to CMG.

From parking, go to the southwest corner where there's a gravel path along the edge of the condos. You should be able to see the lifts and the Alpine Slide. Pedal up the path until you hit pavement. (The entry to Silver Spur will be on your left about half-way to the pavement.) Now Jenni's is up the paved ramp on your right. Look to the left. The log-fence squeeze chute is the beginning of the CMG trail.

The intersection of CMG with Jenni's, as seen from Jenni's uphill. Lower Jenni's from this intersection downward is now uphill-only.

When you intersect Jenni's, continue straight across. As you reach an open ridgeline where CMG veers left, the Eagle trail will join you on your right. Follow the old mine grade uphill. When it intersects a gravel road, turn left uphill for 20 feet, then fork hard left to catch the east-bound Midmountain Trail.

The Midmountain Trail crosses a couple of ski slopes as it climbs very gently uphill on the way to Mojave.

About 1/3 mile after Midmountain turns back to the west, you'll come to a sharp turn. Mojave is straight ahead (while Midmountain turns back to the east). Pedal through an open scrub area and enter the aspen forest. Watch for downhill riders. They may not see you until it's panic-dodge time.

Pedaling uphill through the aspens on Mojave.

You'll reach a trail fork just before the Yurt. Turn left. (Right takes you to the upper climbing trail, see below.) The trail will dump onto gravel road to the north of the Yurt. Turn left and pedal past the Yurt and continue another 150 feet. Turn left onto the Spiro Trail.

The Yurt (as seen from upper Steps). Mojave exits on the right side of this photo. You'll cross in front of the Yurt and enter Steps to the left side of the photo.

Coast downhill on Spiro for 150 feet, then fork to the right on Tommy's Two Step. At the second switchback down, a trail comes in at the apex of the turn. (This is the connector to Thaynes Road and Keystone.) Make the turn to the left. Also complete the turn at the next switchback (turning right), where a connector to Steps joins. Finish up Tommy's, ignoring another connector to Steps on your left in the meadow a mile down, and a connector to Flat Iron Rd on the right.

A typical turn on Tommy's. Most turns are banked and roll well in either direction.

When you reach Midmountain, fork left. Now follow the trail signs to navigate through the complicated interaction above the mine and ski lift. (Below are Johns, Johns 99, and Jenni's.) Stay on Midmountain until you hit the gravel road where you left CMG. Hard right downhill, catch CMG and roll downhill, retracing your climbing route.

Back on the Midmountain Trail northbound.

Riding notes for small loop
0.0   Edge of parking, looking southwest to Alpine Slide
        N40 39.172 W111 30.519
0.1   To log squeeze chute, start CMG
        N40 39.023 W111 30.511
1.0   Cross doubletrack N40 38.598 W111 30.657
1.5   Cross Jenni's Trail (straight and L)
        N40 38.636 W111 30.883
3.2   Up on DT, hard L onto Midmountain
        N40 38.258 W111 31.445
3.8   Straight onto Mojave N40 38.411 W111 31.427
4.8   Left out to DT N40 37.851 W111 31.246
        R on DT 100 feet, then L on Steps
        100 feet down, then R on Tommy's Two Step
        N40 37.840 W111 31.194
5.3   Go L (R = to Keystone)
        N40 37.630 W111 31.226
5.8   Keep straight (L = down to Steps)
        N40 37.716 W111 31.092
6.0   Keep L (R goes to Flat Iron DT)
        N40 37.709 W111 30.996
6.3   L on Midmountain N40 37.807 W111 30.834
6.5   Keep L (R = down to Johns)
        N40 37.862 W111 30.892
6.6   L uphill (stay on Midmountain)
        N40 37.906 W111 30.840
6.7   R uphill (straight = up to Steps)
        N40 37.877 W111 30.917
7.8   R to stay on Midmountain
        N40 38.398 W111 31.419
8.5   Drop R on DT, R on CMG
        N40 38.256 W111 31.442
10.2 Cross Jenni's (straight and downhill)
11.5 Back at parking
Sample Ride: 
Upper Intermediate Loop -- Keystone around to Tommy's
This ride is for upper-intermediates at 13.3 miles and 2000 vertical feet of climbing. Although I again take CMG uphill, you can mix it up by climbing to Midmountain via Jenni's, Sweeneys/Johns, Empire Link, Spiro, Armstrong... whatever. The route will be a much harder to navigate in the clockwise direction (the opposite of my trail description) so I recommend it only to riders who are very familiar with the trail system. Future signage may improve this.

Overview of the ride. CMG to Midmountain, then Mojave to the Yurt. Upper Mojave to Keystone. At Thaynes Road, Two Step to Tommy downhill, then more Midmountain to close the loop.

As above, find the start of CMG between the Alpine Side and the railcar ride. When you hit the first trees, the whooping you hear are riders on the railcar. You may spot them through the trees at some switchbacks.

Climb on uphill (same as the small loop ride above) to hit Midmountain, then make the small jog east and south to Mojave.

'A railcar bursts through a clearing near a turn in the CMG trail.

Climb on up Mojave. When you reach the trail fork near the top, fork to the right and pass the Yurt on your left. When you reach Thaynes Road, job a bit to the left to catch the higher singletrack trail.

View of the twisting path of Mojave.

Climb further uphill, enjoying views to the north, south and east as the trail meanders. When you reach a trail that (at first glance) seems to be a T intersection, look again. You want the trail that goes straight up the hill. This is the southbound continuation of Keystone.

Looking to the north from the upper trail as we near Keystone.

Keystone will quickly cross a major dirt road, then reach a trail fork. Go left. (Right is Fat Lip, see below.) 

Keystone Trail.

A little bit later, Keystone will dump onto Webster Road. Blast downhill and keep straight onto the singletrack as Webster Road turns away to your left.

Keystone as it leaves Webster Road and enters fir and aspen forest.

Stay on the singletrack at it turns from southbound to eastbound. As it turns north again, cross Webster Road and coast down a long mine grade of singletrack in the grass. When you hit Thaynes Road, go across to Two Steps.

As Keystone turns east downhill, it starts to get fun as the trail twists through the aspens.

Two Steps will deliver you to upper Tommy's. Veer right downhill. (You'll miss about 1/2 mile of Tommy's Two Step, unless you want to pedal uphill to the Yurt to check it out). Drop down Tommy's, as per the instructions for the ride above.

We've crossed Thaynes Road to Two Steps. Now we've reached Tommy's Two Step. For this ride, we're turning downhill to the right.

Now pedal northbound on Midmountain until you reach the CMG junction. Or pick an alternate route downhill. Or just keep riding.

Back on Midmountain. After this fir forest, we'll hit the junction with Steps and with the connectors to Johns and Johns99. We'll stay on Midmountain.

Riding notes for intermediate (Keystone) loop
0.0   Edge of parking, looking southwest to Alpine Slide
        N40 39.172 W111 30.519
0.1   To log squeeze chute, start CMG
        N40 39.023 W111 30.511
1.0   Cross doubletrack N40 38.598 W111 30.657
1.5   Cross Jenni's Trail (straight and L)
        N40 38.636 W111 30.883
3.2   Up on DT, hard L onto Midmountain
        N40 38.258 W111 31.445
3.8   Straight onto Mojave N40 38.411 W111 31.427
4.8   R out to upper Mojave N40 37.851 W111 31.246
5.7   Straight uphill onto Keystone
        N40 37.700 W111 31.506
6.0   Keep L (R = Fat Lip) N40 37.556 W111 31.490
6.1   Drop downhill join Webster Rd
6.2   Keep straight on Keystone (leave road)
        N40 37.427 W111 31.691
6.6   Cross Webster Rd
7.0   Cross Thaynes Rd to Two Steps
        N40 37.575 W111 31.210
7.1   R downhill on Tommy's Two Step
        N40 37.630 W111 31.229
7.7   Keep straight (L = to Steps)
        N40 37.716 W111 31.092
7.9   Keep L (R goes to Flat Iron DT)
        N40 37.709 W111 30.996
8.2   L on Midmountain N40 37.807 W111 30.834
8.4   Keep L (R = down to Johns)
        N40 37.862 W111 30.892
8.5   L uphill (stay on Midmountain)
        N40 37.906 W111 30.840
8.6   R uphill (straight = up to Steps)
        N40 37.877 W111 30.917
9.7   R to stay on Midmountain
        N40 38.398 W111 31.419
10.4   Drop R on DT, R on CMG
        N40 38.256 W111 31.442
12.1 Cross Jenni's (straight and downhill)
13.4 Back at parking
Sample Ride: 
Advanced Loop -- With Fat Lip, Black Forest, Steps, and Johns
This loop will be 18.2 miles with 3100 vertical feet of climbing. It incorporates the easier stuff of the first two rides, then throws some advanced trail at you -- Fat Lip, Black Forest, and Johns. It also requires a bit more route-finding skill. There are 16 trail segments, and some of the areas such as upper Sweeney are confusing due to multiple "cheater" trails. GPS track (or experience with the area) is highly recommended! But it's a worthy ride that will give you a tour of several new sections of trail while tasting the classics of Steps and Johns. Again, I'm starting with CMG, but there are other ways to get uphill.

Overview of the ride:  CMG then L on Midmountain. Up on Mojave, continuing uphill on the new trail above the Yurt. Join Keystone uphill, then sneak rightward to Fat Lip. When Fat Lip drops onto McConkey Road, go uphill 200 yards and find Black Forest on the right. Up and around, then plunge down to join TG before hitting Midmountain. From Midmountain, up Tommy's Two Step, down Steps, down Joins and a couple of wiggles of Sweeneys, then catch Flat Cable over to Jenni's. Jenni's takes us downhill to CMG for the return. Whew!

Start climbing CMG as described in the small loop above. Cross Jenni's, pass Eagle, and fork hard left onto Midmountain when you hit the rough steep gravel road.

Take Midmountain east and south to Mojave. Climb almost to the Yurt, then fork to the right to the upper trail. You'll find it to your left on Thaynes Road right at the Yurt.

Looking south back down CMG about 1.5 miles uphill. We're on an old mine grade that provides a base for the trail.

Climb the upper trail, stopping to enjoy the views here, which are the best on the ride.

When you reach Keystone (which appears to be a trail crossing at 90 degrees), take the trail that's straight uphill. Signage will improve this intersection soon, I'm sure. 

We're about to reach a ridge with fabulous views to the south and east.

Keystone will cross a road then reach a trail fork. Fork to the right on Fat Lip. After a long coast through ski slopes, Fat Lip will enter forest and become interesting.

At the fork where Fat Lip leaves Keystone.

As of 2013, Fat Lip is narrow and twisting. There are log crossings and plenty of roots. There will be a few short steeps in both directions.

View on Fat Lip -- narrow, twisty and rooty.

Fat Lip will deliver you to McConkey Road. Fork to the right uphill. Grunt away, until the road veers left about 200 yards later. At this spot, find the carefully-hidden singletrack that goes steep uphill and NORTH (back the way you came). There are some sucker trails crossing the road a little bit past the trail you want.

Looking southwest as we approach McConkey Road.

Black Forest will climb up some switchbacks, making you work to take back every inch of descent you enjoyed since upper Keystone. It veers south again, then starts dropping. Cross McConkey Road. A bit later, it gets steeper and more technical.

Dropping steeply over roots and logs.

Black Forest hits an unmarked intersection with TG. Go left and keep dropping down to Midmountain. Left on Midmountain, and follow the trail signs all the way back to the base of Tommy's Two Steps.

At Midmountain between Black Forest and Tommy's, looking back south.

On this ride, we're going to climb Tommy's. Pedal a mile and a half uphill on Tommy's, staying on the main trail past four joining trails.

Spot where Tommy's crosses a ski slope. Steps is only 100 feet downhill -- you can barely make out Steps on the right of this photo.

At the top of Tommy's, you'll spot the Yurt as you join Steps. Turn right downhill on Steps.

Looking back south on Tommy's just before it joins Steps.

Steps will zigzag downhill and drop you onto a broad grade eastbound. Stay on that grade as Midmountain joins on your left, then leaves again on your right. Keep straight until you hit the ski lift. Aim to the right of the ski lift to find Johns Trail.

Descending on Steps.

A short distance uphill, keep to the right as Johns forks downhill. Follow Johns down to Sweeney's. There are multiple trail forks here and it can get confusing. GPS track or experience. Or a lot of patience and a few wrong-way out-and-backs. Once you join Sweeney's, keep straight when Sweeney's drops away downhill on your right. Pedal up and across the ridge to join Flat Cable.

Dodging aspens and roots on Johns Trail. Some riders hate this trail, others love it.

After a few downhill switchbacks on Flat Cable, keep straight when Flat Cable turns to the right in a broad meadow. In the trees ahead, you'll find Jenni's Trail. Take the middle option for Jenni's downhill. (Right goes uphill, and left goes down to the ski lift.)

When you reach CMG, fork hard right downhill. Lower Jenni's is now climbing-only. CMG will take you back to parking.

Approaching the junction with Jenni's on Flat Cable.

Riding notes for intermediate (Keystone) loop
0.0   Edge of parking, looking southwest to Alpine Slide
        N40 39.172 W111 30.519
0.1   To log squeeze chute, start CMG
        N40 39.023 W111 30.511
1.0   Cross doubletrack N40 38.598 W111 30.657
1.5   Cross Jenni's Trail (straight and L)
        N40 38.636 W111 30.883
3.2   Up on DT, hard L onto Midmountain
        N40 38.258 W111 31.445
3.8   Straight onto Mojave N40 38.411 W111 31.427
4.8   R out to upper Mojave N40 37.851 W111 31.246
5.7   Straight uphill onto Keystone
        N40 37.700 W111 31.506
6.0   Keep R to Fat Lip N40 37.556 W111 31.490
7.0   R uphill on McConkey Rd N40 37.034 W111 31.732
7.1   R uphill on ST Black Forest N40 36.969 W111 31.736
7.8   Cross McConkey Rd N40 36.984 W111 31.514
8.6   Keep L join TG N40 37.369 W111 31.029
8.8   L on Midmountain N40 37.518 W111 30.931
8.9   Straight as Link crosses MM
        N40 37.483 W111 31.010
10.1 L onto Tommy's Two Step (climb)
        N40 37.793 W111 30.912
10.7 Keep straight N40 37.728 W111 31.093
11.3 R (L = to Keystone) N40 37.630 W111 31.226
11.7 R downhill on Steps N40 37.840 W111 31.195
12.7 Veer L (R = uphill to Tommys)
        N40 37.735 W111 31.081
13.0 Keep straight (don't join Midmountain)
        N40 37.875 W111 30.915
        Descend to R side of lift
        Climb trail N40 37.949 W111 30.680
13.3 R on Johns (straight = up to top of Jenni's)
        N40 38.019 W111 30.566
14.6 Keep L twice (R = to 4:20)
        N40 38.414 W111 30.196
        Stay on Johns main trail
15.0 L toward Sweeneys
        N40 38.499 W111 30.162
15.1 Keep straight, climb to Flat Cable
        N40 38.515 W111 30.254
        Stay straight and northbound
        Drop into switchbacks of Flat Cable
15.5 Straight as Flat Cable turns
        N40 38.593 W111 30.427
        Head for Jenni's (200 feet, in trees)
15.6 Straight (L = Jenni's up, R = down to lift)
        N40 38.552 W111 30.487
16.8 Hard L onto CMG
        N40 38.640 W111 30.901
        (No downhill on Jenni's)
18.2 At Parking
Getting there:  In Park City, follow the signs to Park City Mountain Resort. As you see the first parking area, turn in and park there. Look to the southwest (toward the main resort. Pedal toward the spot where the parking lot meets the condos. As you reach a wire gate, the gravel doubletrack that heads uphill toward the Alpine Slide is the beginning of our ride. As you reach pavement again, you'll pass the entry to Jenni's Trail (to your right). Look to the left. See the log squeeze chute? That's the start of the Crescent Mine Grade (CMG) trail.

August 2013 Note: I don't know the name of the newly-cut trail from the Yurt to Keystone. So I'm calling it Upper Mojave for now.

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     GPX Tommy's Two Step only  
     Small loop Mojave-Tommy
     Intermediate loop Keystone-Tommy
     Advanced loop Fat Lip, Black Forest, Tommy, Steps, Johns
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