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Sovereign Area Trails

Sovereign Trail Classic - Southern 6

Six mile singletrack from Willow Springs Road to Dalton Wells Road, also heavily used by motorcycles. Some slickrock. Recommend combining with Salt Wash as a loop.

Sovereign  ]

Middle Sovereign (Cedar Mountain)

Trail from Dalton Wells road climbs to mesa for six mile loop. Also short interconnecting trails along Dalton Wells between the parking area and north end of Sovereign and Salt Wash. Has some of the more technically difficult riding on Sovereign

Middle Sovereign and Cedar Mountain  ]

Sovereign to Klondike

New trail continues north where Cedar Mountain turns toward Ann's Arroyo, extends to Klondike Bluffs road near the highway. Fairly easy riding on this northernmost section

Klondike to Sovereign  ]

Salt Wash Trail

5.8 miles of singletrack and slickrock between Willow Springs Road and Dalton Wells Road. Interconnections with Sovereign midway and at each end. Motorcycles and bikes.

Salt Wash  ]


8.5 miles of loop-de-looping trails form a complex riding area on Salt Wash sandstone and red dirt.


Klonzo  ]

Moab to Bar M to Sovereign

Doubletrack at north end of Bar M connect to Willow Springs Road near the Sovereign trailhead. With the instructions on the Arches Loop page, you can navigate from Moab through the Bar M then follow ATV and singletrack trails directly to the south end of Sovereign.

[  See Courthouse Wash (Arches Loop) page  ]

Little Valley Road

Dirt road. Fast connector from Sovereign and Salt Wash to the trails in the Klondike Bluffs riding area. Can be used as a return route for the northern 2/3 after riding the entire length of Sovereign.

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Fallen Peace Officer Trail

ATV loop with trailhead midway between Dalton Wells Road and Klondike Road. Crosses northern Sovereign and Cedar Mountain.

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Klondike Bluffs Road Trailhead:  (For starting Sovereign from the north end.) On US-191 15 miles north of Moab, turn east into the roadside parking where the gravel Klondike Bluffs Road begins. Begin the ride by pedaling one mile north on Klondike Bluffs Road, then turn right on doubletrack for 0.2 miles. Then fork right onto the singletrack Sovereign Trail.

Dalton Wells Upper Trailhead:  (For connection to Upper Sovereign / Cedar Mountain, or to go southbound on Salt Wash or Sovereign.) On US-191 north of Moab, turn east on dirt Dalton Wells Road. As the cindered path turns R, go straight onto the dirt road. If the gate at mile 0.2 is closed, pass through and shut it. Cross the broad sandy wash. At mile 1.7, park at the fork in the road N 38 43.584' W 109 40.783'. The R fork takes you to the various upper Sovereign riding options. The L fork takes you further on ATV track into the valley where you can connect to the southern 6 miles of trail.

Brushy Basin at Dalton Wells Road:  (For Upper Sovereign.) On US-191 north of Moab, turn east on dirt Dalton Wells Road. Keep straight to the trees and park just off the dirt road. Start riding the same direction you were driving. Cross the sandy wash. At mile 0.3, fork L on DT. The DT becomes ST just uphill from the stock pond. 

Willow Springs Road Trailhead:  (For starting Sovereign or Salt Wash from the south end.) On US-191 north of Moab, turn east on dirt Willow Springs Road. Keep L at fork at mile 1.3. At mile 2.0, park in the rock-outlined area on your left N 38 41.876' W 109 39.868', just before a natural gas pump building on the R. Start the ride by continuing down Willow Springs Rd.

Klonzo Western Trailhead: Willow Springs Road forks east off Highway 191 18 miles south of I-70 and about 10 miles north of Moab (1.8 miles north of the junction with Highway 313 (to Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point). Turn onto Willow Springs Road. Keep straight as spurs go to camping areas. At mile 1.4, turn left to cross Courthouse Wash (may not be passable in wet weather). At mile 2.0 pass the Sovereign Trail parking area, a flat area outlined in rocks on the left (north) side of the road N 38 41.876' W 109 39.868', with a natural gas pump building on the right. At mile 2.7, turn left off Willow Springs Road onto a small doubletrack. 100 feet later, park and begin your ride. The trail on the left takes you clockwise and immediately to the slickrock.

Klonzo Eastern TH: Keep going on Willow Springs Road past the west trailhead. At mile 3.0 from US 191, turn left on doubletrack. Drive 0.2 miles to a small area of slickrock. The trail to the left goes toward the western trailhead. Right climbs up for a counterclockwise loop.