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Southview Skills Track

The Southview Mountain Bike Skills area is located just off the Turnpike trail south of Cedar City, around 150 yards away from the Southview trailhead. This is a small skills area, more appropriate for pre-teens and mixed groups. If you're looking for jumps and tough stunts, this isn't the place. Head on down to St George's big bike park.

Looking up the Southview trail from the parking lot. Pictures and review by Bruce on July 11, 2021.

From the parking lot, get on the paved Southview trail and ride past the bathroom and repair station. Cross the bridge, then immediately turn right on the Turnpike trail. About 50 feet later, the path will split. The right fork goes to the skills track.

Keep right to go to the skills area.

The skills area consists of an outer loop, an easy loop that splits into two options, and an intermediate loop. All are designed to ride clockwise.

If you keep left after entering the skills area, you're on the outer loop. The upper side lies in the cedars. There's a rock ledge drop and two tables. But the trail is fairly flat, so your kids will have to work at it if they want to catch any air on the table jumps. They're easy to roll over.

Looking south on the outer loop at a tiny rock ledge (that you can easily ride around) and a small table.

The first fork off the outer loop is the easy loop. The path is cindered, with wood sidewalks elevated just a few inches above the dirt. It's a good spot for kids to get used to the sound and vibration of the wood. And it gets them ready to focus on staying on path.

On the first boardwalk of the easy loops.

The easy loop splits into two options, both of which turn 180 degrees to join the outer loop. There's an easy rock roll-over on the path back.

Rock roll-over on the way back.

On the upper side of the outer loop again, go past the entry to the easy loop. Also go past the next trail on the right, which is the return from the intermediate loop. Then drop to the right when you see the arched wooden roll-overs. If your kids have done both options on the easy loop, they should be ready to hit these elevated arches.

At the top of the intermediate loop. The return path of the loop is on the right in the photo.

At the far end of the intermediate loop is a wall-ride. The wall is gently curved to steer the bikes. At the bottom, the boards are almost flat so little kids can rumble across feeling confident. The upper half of the wall is steeper for more advanced riders. 

There's your wall hit. No big deal.

The intermediate loop touches the outer loop for those who are ready to exit, then turns right toward two rock strips. These teach kids to control the bike's direction when it's bumping around. The first rock line is long and relatively thin at around 12 inches, but only a few inches off the ground. The second is a bit taller but wider, and has a bend.

At the end of the intermediate loop, you should turn to the right (clockwise) onto the outer loop. Exit the loop either by staying on the outer loop, or by crossing over after the wall-ride on your next trip around the intermediate loop.

The bigger rock strip teaches handlebar control and steering.

Getting there:
Southview Trailhead. At the southern I-15 Cedar City exit (Exit 57 to Cross Hollow Road and Highway 130), turn east onto Highway 130. Immediately turn right (south) from 130 onto Old Highway 91. Drive 0.3 miles. Watch for the sign for Southview Trailhead and turn left on Shurtz Canyon Drive. Now stay on Shurtz Canyon Drive to the trailhead. Start out on the paved Southview trail at the northeast corner of the parking area. After the bridge, turn right onto the Turnpike trail then keep right at the trail fork to enter the skills area.

Bathrooms:  Southview and Shurtz trailheads
Repair stand at Southview trailhead
Water:  Southview only, at sink in bathroom
Camping:  None (recommend Three Peaks)


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