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Sink Hollow
(Logan Canyon)


Sink Hollow is a narrow ATV trail north of Beaver Mountain near the top of Logan Canyon. The Sink Hollow trail itself features 5 miles of downhill through pine and aspen forest. Ride it as a 13.5 mile loop with 1300 feet of climbing by taking the dirt Beaver Creek road uphill.

View as we enter Gibson Basin, where the climbing ends and the downhill begins. Photos September 27, 2008 by Bruce.

Aerobically, this ride is fairly easy. The climb up Beaver Creek is smooth and fast, with a steady gentle slope. There's about 1/4 mile of steeper rocky ATV-tread as you divert off Beaver Creek and climb over a small hill toward Gibson Basin. 

The descent down Sink Hollow would rate advanced technical due to some rock gardens and steeper loose slopes. The hairy spots are easy to see in advance, so intermediates can do this route by hiking through the scary spots. Overall, it's a fairly quick trip, about 90 minutes for a skilled rider.

You're surrounded by pine, aspen, and fir. It's a very pretty ride, especially in the fall. On the uphill along Beaver Creek, you'll share the dirt road with crowds of ATVs and SUVs. Not a problem. There's plenty of passing room, and it was surprisingly quiet and non-dusty as the motorheads rolled by.

View up the Beaver Creek road early in the ride.

The Beaver Creek road travels alongside the creek. Beaver dams are everywhere. Early in the morning, expect to see moose and deer.

Primitive camping spots are sprinkled along the road. At 4.1 miles up the road, you'll pass the Beaver Creek Campground (with bathrooms). A bit past the campground, pass the smaller road to Swan Flats -- another ride option -- on your right.

Beaver dam and home on Beaver Creek.

At 5.8 miles, there's a major intersection. Fork left (twice) and head up the draw along the creek. At mile 7.0, watch for a sign "Gibson Basin" and fork left off the main road, down through the creek onto ATV tread. Climb the stiff uphill and descend into Gibson Basin.

As you enter Gibson Basin at mile 7.4, keep R and cross to the west side for the more-technical ATV route. (Left takes you along a butter-smooth track, rejoining at the south end.) At 7.9, fork L to stay along the edge of the basin. At 9.1, go R (south) into the trees as the easier route rejoins.

180-degree view from the north end of Gibson Basin. As you enter the basin, the left fork is smooth and fast.
The smaller right ATV tread is lots more fun, and is the "official ride." The two tracks rejoin at the south end.

Now the plunge begins. There are some challenging rock gardens that can be a fun route-picking challenge. Spot your line; plan your attack; see if you can get through without a dab. I didn't see a single motorized vehicle on a Saturday in Sink Hollow, but keep an eye out for fast-climbing motorcycles and ATVs as you hit those well-bermed high-speed turns.

In Sink Hollow, the terrain alternates between aspen, pine, and fir on narrow ATV tread.

Jackie gets a breather after taking a hit off
the Camelbak and snarfing a bit of Cliff Bar.
We're rolling up and down small hills on the
west side of Gibson Basin, heading to the hollow.

Rock gardens, in some places axle-high, wait
for you to try your skill. Over some, around some.
We hug the mountainside along the creek during
the descent down the hollow. Not too tricky here.
Riding notes:
0.0   Trailhead on north end of parking
         Join larger road
0.2    Pass Sink Hollow return, keep R
         N41 58.563 W111 31.857
4.1    Pass Beaver Creek Campground
         N42 01.226 W111 31.803
4.2    Keep straight (Swan Flats on R)
5.8    Fork L, keep L at 2nd road
         N42 02.547 W111 32.248
7.0    Fork L through creek, up hill
         Critical Fork!!!
         N42 02.755 W111 33.492
7.4    Keep R across basin
         N42 02.533 W111 33.852
7.9    Fork L
         N42 02.162 W111 33.982
9.1    Join alternate path, fork R
         N42 01.622 W111 33.304
13.5  Back at parking

Families:  Consider riding Beaver Creek as an out-and-back.

Getting there:  In Logan, turn east at 400 North on US-89 towards Logan Canyon (about 2 miles). After you enter the canyon, drive 24.5 miles, almost to the top. Turn left toward Beaver Mountain Ski Area and park in the large trailer-parking area 1/2 mile later. The trailhead (and a bathroom) are on the northern end N41 58.385 W111 31.896.

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