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Rush  Bike Flow Trail

The Rush Trail is a one-way downhill mountain bike route in Draper's Corner Canyon. It starts at the Peak View trailhead on Traverse Ridge and descends to the underpass for Highland Drive at the Equestrian Center trailhead. Rush features tight turns and frequent rollers and tabletops as it descends at an average 300 feet per mile for 3.5 miles.

The turns on Rush are designed for speed. Review by Bruce in June 2010. Last updated September 2018.

General information...

Rush is 3.5 miles in length, descending 1150 vertical feet from the Peak View trailhead on Traverse Ridge (altitude 5900 feet). The newer alignment bypasses an up-and-down section called The Trees to offer a more continuous downhill. If you ride "Classic Rush" with the detour through The Trees, you'll bypass 0.3 miles of "official" Rush for 1.0 mile of flatter riding, making your total 4.2 miles. 

The Peak View Trailhead on Traverse Ridge. Some day, there'll be a connector from the Suncrest Road so you can quickly drive there.

Dogs, horses, and hikers are forbidden on Rush. It's a bicycle-only downhill-only trail. This is a busy and popular trail, especially on weekends. Expect high-speed traffic, with oncoming riders not expecting anybody in the trail. So don't even think about pedaling back uphill to try a stretch of trail again.

There are some names you should be aware of. Rush has a longer alternate option called The Trees on the upper mountain. The portion below the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) is called Rush Limelight, and the lower beginner sections are called either Rush Beginner or Rush Green.

Typical trail section for much of Rush: undulating up and down, with rollers and tabletops that you can either slow-and-roll or launch.

The trail is rated as intermediate in technical requirement. But for the most part, the trail surface is broad and smooth. It's a "flow" trail, where you can just keep rolling downhill. So experienced beginning-level riders can and do ride down Rush. (If you're a slower descender, listen carefully for riders coming up on you from behind. Quickly find a spot to yield. And never ever listen to music on ear-buds on this downhill!)

As Rush reaches lower Corner Canyon, there are two short beginner-level segments. One is separate from the main trail, feeding into Rush from the Access doubletrack, and the second is the final bit of Rush. I'll refer to these two bits of trail as Rush Green.

Hitting the high side of a high-speed turn.

To reach the top of Rush, climb any other trail to the Peak View trailhead on Traverse Ridge. Your options are Clark's Trail, Canyon Hollow (connecting via Brocks Point), Ann's Trail from Potato Hill, Ghost Falls (connected via a mile on the dirt Corner Canyon Road). Come over Hog Hollow from Alpine. Or you can grind up the Corner Canyon Road.

Bike fixing station at the trailhead. Pump and bike tools. Draper loves its mountain bikers.

Your trailhead options for climbing to the top of Rush are...

Mike Weir TH (on Mike Weir Drive west of Corner Canyon). Take the Bonneville Shoreline Trail eastbound to Clark's Trail and climb to the top.
Coyote Hollow TH (behind the temple). 100 feet after leaving the circle, fork left and climb uphill to Clarks, or go straight on the new 2013 lower section of Canyon Hollow. 

Mike Engberson rockets around a turn during the 2012 Intermountain Cup race, which used Rush as its downhill.

Corner Canyon Equestrian parking (on Highland Blvd). Climb uphill on the Corner Canyon trail. Keep straight and uphill at the complex 5-way, staying on doubletrack until you see the connector to Canyon Hollow on your right.
Potato Hill on Traverse Mountain Road. Fork right off Pototo Hill, then keep straight (left -- don't go through the underpass) and climb Ann's Trail to the top.
Corner Canyon Road BST trailhead. Follow the BST southwest to connect to any uphill route, or climbing directly up the Corner Canyon Road to the upper Clarks/Rush TH).

While most of the turns are highly banked with dirt berms, some have wood or rock reinforcement. This is a nice hairpin turn on Rush Limelight, rendered skate-park smooth with flagstones..

Rush entry locations in mid-trail...

Fly By Night. You can drop into The Trees from Brock's trail. The connector is called Fly By Night and is only about 100 yards long. When climbing, it's on the right, about 0.2 miles from where Brock's forks away from Canyon Hollow. (When descending from Peak View on Brock's, Fly By Night is at mile 0.3 from the trailhead on your left.) As you hit The Trees, turn to the right to align with the one-way riding direction. Keep straight when you join the main Rush downhill trail 0.6 miles later.

Bruce cranks around the trail for from Canyon Hollow to Brocks. The Fly By Night connector is 0.2 miles uphill on the right.

Canyon Hollow Trail.  You can also connect to the middle of Rush from the lower Canyon Hollow trail, either where Rush crosses at mile 0.5 from the Coyote Hollow trailhead, or at mile 1.2 where a short connector takes you over to join Rush.

Corner Canyon Access DT. At mile 0.9 of the climb up the Access trail in lower Corner Canyon, a connector forks sharply right. This takes you up to Rush Limelight for a 0.8-mile descent.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  You can opt to ride only the lower mile of Rush -- the Limelight section -- by going to the spot where Rush crosses the Corner Canyon Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

The Canyon Hollow connections occur in old-growth maple forest.

Entry to Rush Green.  Upper Rush Green starts on the wide Access doubletrack 0.3 miles uphill from the underpass, on your right when climbing. The entry is oriented to receive riders who are coming from uphill, so you'll need to do a very sharp almost-180. Upper Rush Green joins the main Rush trail after 0.1 mile.

Lower Rush Green also starts on the Access DT, 0.2 miles from the underpass. It's on the downhill side of the wide Access trail at the northeast end the bridge. 

Entry to the upper Rush Beginner (Rush Green) trail on the Access DT. We're looking north.

Descending Rush
At the Peak View trailhead, go through the fence and ID the Rush trail straight ahead. Rush is closed during early season and after heavy rain. DO NOT ENTER if there are signs or chains indicating the trail is closed! Roll through the rock garden and begin descending. You'll begin a series of twisting turns.

The roll-over rock garden is designed to alert hikers and horsemen that this isn't just another trail. This is also the usual location of the "trail closed" chain.

The Trees...
At mile 0.4 from the top, you'll reach a trail fork. In 2013 a new steeper route was cut, bypassing a longer but not-always-downhill section. The new route to your left is 0.3 miles, the bypassed trail is 1.0 mile. The bypassed trail has been renamed The Trees. If you take this "classic" route, you'll do some pedaling, but will be rewarded with distance and views. Add 0.7 miles to my ride mileage if you rode The Trees.

Here's the route split. Left and down for the New Rush; right and flat for The Trees.The rock garden entry into Rush. Designed to catch the attention of horse riders and hikers who blunder onto the trail.

Plunging downhill via the left trail fork, you'll drop 100 vertical over 0.3 miles before The Trees rejoins on your right.

The trail will now cross over a pipeline corridor a few times as it winds back and forth over the hillside.

The upper ride has frequent back-and-forth meanders with tight bermed turns.

At mile 1.7, a connector from Canyon Hollow comes in on your right. This short bit of trail is two-way traffic, so you can bail onto Canyon Hollow to go back uphill, or to make an alternate downhill.

At mile 2.2, the trail crosses Canyon Hollow. A left turn here would take you to the Coyote Hollow trailhead on Canyon Hollow, while a right turn can take you uphill for another go at upper Rush. Go straight downhill to stay on Rush. 

The Canyon Hollow area of Rush has lots of shade and big trees.

At mile 2.5, Rush reaches the broad cindered Bonneville Shoreline Trail. After dipping through the little (often dry) creek, cross the BST to the Rush Limelight trail.

Below Canyon Hollow, the trail takes on a somewhat different character. Instead of swooping turns, there are constant rollers and tabletops. Between the two trees at mid-photo, that's the lip of a sharp tabletop jump.

As you descend Rush Limelight, a one-way trail from the Access DT comes in on your right after 0.2 miles. Keep straight.

After another 0.2 miles, you'll cross the Creekview trail. The downhill (to your right) side is hiker-only. The uphill side has a connector to a neighborhood road (90 degrees left) plus the uphill-only bikes-permitted section of Creekview (at 180 degrees left).

On Rush Limelight just below the Creekview trail fork is this banked S-turn.

The upper Rush Green (beginner) trail joins on your right at mile 0.8 from the BST. Keep straight and drop through a couple of quick turns, and you're on the wide cindered Corner Canyon Access trail. Turn left and cross the bridge over the creek, then immediately left again to hit the last section of Rush, the lower Rush Green trail.

As you hit the wide Access trail again after 0.1 mile, you're done with Rush.

The entry into lower Rush Green. Watch out for the kiddies on this stretch.

Bottom Line

A great addition to Draper's trail system. While rated intermediate, it's suitable for experienced and confident beginning riders. But if you're a slower rider, be mindful of traffic coming at you from behind.

Rolling a turn near the bottom of Rush. We're just above the Rush Green trail here, where the newer Rush Limelight has replaced the old Creekview route.

 Up the hill on Canyon Hollow and downhill on the Rush trail...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Rush "Classic" The Trees Trail riding landmarks:
     Get to the top via any of the five possible routes!
0.0  Start upper Clark's TH N40 29.291 W111 49.249
       Exit the fenced parking area on the west side, fork R. Aim downhill.
0.4  Fork R to The Trees N40 29.266 W111 49.429
0.7  Cross old Pipeline Trail N40 29.401 W111 49.325
0.9  Fly By Night joins on L N40 29.497 W111 49.229
1.4  Rejoin DH Rush N40 29.461 W111 49.434
1.7  Cross old Pipeline Trail again N40 29.464 W111 49.468
2.2  Cross old Pipeline Trail again N40 29.674 W111 49.627
2.4  Keep L (R = to Canyon Hollow) N40 29.683 W111 49.588
2.9  Cross Canyon Hollow N40 29.714 W111 49.927
       (L=Coyote TH, R=climb up)
3.2  BST for multi-trail connections N40 29.751 W111 50.124
       Cross to continuing trail...

Rush DOWN Trail riding landmarks:
     Get to the top via any of the five possible routes!
0.0  Start upper Clark's TH N40 29.291 W111 49.249
       Exit the fenced parking area on the west side, fork R. Aim downhill.
0.4  Keep L (R= The Trees) N40 29.266 W111 49.429
0.7  "Trees" rejoins N40 29.461 W111 49.434
1.0  Cross old Pipeline Trail again N40 29.464 W111 49.468
1.5  Cross old Pipeline Trail again N40 29.674 W111 49.627
1.7  Keep L (R = to Canyon Hollow)N40 29.683 W111 49.588

2.2  Cross Canyon Hollow N40 29.714 W111 49.927
       (L=Coyote TH, R=climb up)
2.5  Cross BST N40 29.751 W111 50.124
2.7  Connector joins on R N40 29.869 W111 50.235
2.9  Creekview crossing, keep straight N40 29.991 W111 50.359
3.4  Rush Green joins on R N40 30.190 W111 50.651
       Left on DT, cross bridge
3.45 L on lower Rush Green N40 30.211 W111 50.632
3.5  Ends on Access DT N40 30.274 W111 50.716

Corner Canyon - Canyon Hollow - Rush Loop:
0.0    To west side of Equestrian Parking
         N40 30.352 W111 50.766
         Drop down and turn L into tunnel
         Exit tunnel and fork L uphill (Lower Corner Canyon Tr)
         N40 30.306 W111 50.775
0.3    Keep L N40 30.152 W111 50.483
0.5    Keep L N40 30.099 W111 50.395
0.6    Pass alternate TH N40 30.099 W111 50.376
0.7    Join DT, R uphill N40 30.037 W111 50.315
1.0    Keep on DT N40 29.858 W111 50.190
         (Creekview on L, then BST on R)
1.1    Curve slightly to R on DT
         N40 29.823 W111 50.124
         Then fork L on DT N40 29.762 W111 50.120
1.2    Find DT on R of DT, keep L uphill along road
         N40 29.762 W111 50.081
1.3    Pass exit of Rush, keep L
         N40 29.757 W111 49.968
1.4    R on Canyon Hollow ST
         N40 29.774 W111 49.805
1.5    Take either fork (L = steeper)
         N40 29.753 W111 49.789
1.6    Trails rejoin, keep climbing
1.7    Fork R (L = Ghost Falls)
         N40 29.750 W111 49.652
3.1    R on Brocks Trail N40 29.539 W111 49.082
3.4    Enter TH area, cross to west side
         N40 29.308 W111 49.222
3.5    R on Rush Trail N40 29.294 W111 49.245
4.1    Cross old pipeline eastbound N40 29.400 W111 49.320
4.9    Cross old pipeline westbound N40 29.463 W111 49.468
5.5    Join old pipeline eastbound N40 29.673 W111 49.625
5.6    Hard L (diversion off old trail 2012)
         N40 29.647 W111 49.557
6.4    Cross Canyon Hollow N40 29.757 W111 49.969
6.7    Cross DT BST N40 29.751 W111 50.124
6.9    Connector from Access joins on R N40 29.869 W111 50.235
7.1    Straight (L = to street or Creekview up) N40 29.991 W111 50.359
7.6    Straight (Rush Green joins on R) N40 30.190 W111 50.651
         50 ft then L on DT across bridge
         L on lower Rush Green N40 30.211 W111 50.632
7.7    L on DT N40 30.274 W111 50.716, to underpass
7.9    Done

Lower Corner Canyon Trailhead (Equestrian Center): Take the Bluffdale exit from I-15 and turn east towards the mountains. Continue on Highland Drive until you reach the ballpark parking lot. Directly across the street from the parking, the Lower Corner Canyon trail heads uphill (GPS N 40 30.351' W 111 50.721'). To reach the trailhead from the north (Sandy area), take 13th East southward until it ends at the stop sign just past the underpass. Turn left and drive 1/4 mile, then turn left into the paved parking area. Start riding by going under the street and keeping left on the Corner Canyon Trail, connecting to Ghost Falls, Canyon Hollow, or Clarks at mile 1.2. (Bathroom at this TH.)
Getting there, Coyote Hollow trailhead: Take the Bluffdale exit from I-15 and turn east towards the mountains. Climb the hill as above, but turn right at the light on Traverse Mountain Road. After one mile, turn into Mike Weir Drive on your left. Pass the Mike Weir trailhead 1/2 mile later and continue another half mile until the road veers left downhill. Take the next right turn, turn right again, then left. You should now be on Gray Fox Drive. Take the next right into Coyote Hollow Court. The parking is on the right at the end of the pavement. As you start riding, keep R uphill for Clarks, left and slightly downhill on the Silica Pit trail to reach Canyon Hollow or Ghost Falls.
Bonneville Shoreline on Corner Canyon Road:  From Draper, take 123rd South to 13th East and turn south (right). At the roundabout just down the hill, turn east (the equivalent of a left turn at the roundabout) on Pioneer Road. Go around one mile to 20th East, then turn right going south. To start riding on the CC Road, turn left into the paved parking area (GPS N 40 31.281' W 111 50.081'). Bike or drive one mile up Corner Canyon to the Bonneville Shoreline trailhead on your right (N 40 30.364' W 111 50.094'). From here, either continue up the road, or take the BST downhill to Ghost Falls, Canyon Hollow, or Clarks. (Bathroom at this TH.)
Ghost Falls TH:  If you drive a little further up the Corner Canyon Road (see above), you'll reach the next trailhead, which is Ghost Falls. (Bathroom at this TH.)
Peak View TH (Traverse Ridge):  Drive to the top of Suncrest. On Suncrest Drive 1/2 mile east of the stop sign, turn into Canyon Pointe Drive and go to the end of the pavement. Find a spot to park and pedal in the same direction you were driving on gravel road. It's only 0.3 miles to the trailhead. Alternate: Head all the way up the Corner Canyon Road (see above), whether by car -- if the gate is open -- or by bike from either the BST or Ghost Falls trailheads. The fenced area on on the right as you approach the summit is the trailhead.
Potato Hill TH:
Take the Bluffdale exit from I-15 and turn east towards the mountains on Highland Drive. At the light at the top of the hill, turn right on Traverse Mountain Road. After one mile, pass Mike Weir Drive on your left. Look for the Potato Hill TH on your left about mile 1.3 from the light. Start by riding through the fence, turn R immediately. Next keep R as Potato Hill trail turns north. Connect to Ann's and turn left. Climb Ann's to Clark's, and on to the Peak View trailhead.
Getting from Suncrest eastbound to the Peak View Trailhead (top of Rush, Clark's, Brocks) by bike:  Shuttled riders need to get from pavement to the top of Rush. Riders on Eagle Crest who want to use Rush as part of a big loop need to connect. The area between Suncrest Drive and the Peak View TH is still under development, so routes may change. At this time, drive or pedal from Suncrest Drive to the end of Canyon Pointe Drive. See our connections page for an aerial photo view and current status, which will be updated periodically.
Riding resources for this trail:
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GPS track files (right-click and "Save as..."):
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     CornerCan-Clarks-Rush-CanyonHollow ride
     Lariat ride Hog Hollow to Rush to Canyon Hollow
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Maps of Corner Canyon trail system for viewing or printing: 
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