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Nordic Valley

The Nordic Valley trails wind around the ski slope above the resort west of Eden. The trails form a zigzagging loop 2.8 miles in length. The base altitude is 5400 feet, with 350 feet of elevation change.

View to the southwest from the parking area. The brown stripes on the slope at mid-picture are trails. Pictures and review August 2014 by Bruce.

From the base, you can find a side of the loop by heading for the bottom of either ski lift then turning uphill. The south lift is just past the edge of the parking area; the north lies past the resort building. The two sides of the loop were connected by a faint trail on mowed grass at the time of my ride.

In the parking lot, looking northwest, with the lodge at far right.

The trails are nicely cut, with a fairly smooth riding base. The rate of climb is pleasant, whether clockwise or counterclockwise. (The race route ran counterclockwise in 2014.)

Looking northwest up the slope. You can barely make out a couple of riders on the trail as it crosses grassy areas.

The trail is a fun ride, and suitable for beginners. Although not a high-voltage destination trail, it makes a fine racing loop or a good recreational ride while you're in the area.

Corey heads through the race timing area as he sprints between the descent on the south trail and the climb on the north.

Getting there: From I-15, take exit 347, Ogden 12th South. Head east towards the mountains, and the street will enter Ogden Canyon. Drive about 5 miles up the canyon. At Pineview Reservoir, turn left across the dam. Stay on SR 162, turning left at the road fork north of the reservoir. When you reach the Maverick in Eden (4.5 miles from the dam), turn left again to stay on 162. Drive 2.4 miles until SR 162 joins 3500 West, turn left (south). Stay straight on 3500 West until you reach the resort parking (on your right) in around a mile.

Cat 1 course view. The timing station is at the yellow dot. The expert section (in the trees at middle bottom) is very narrow trail with plunges, twists, and tight turns.

Riding Resources:
    GPS track, Cat 1 race loop (right-click and "save as..."):
         GPX track file of Cat 1 race loop
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