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Milk and Cookies Loop
Got Milk?  And Cookies.
Plus beginner-level Combo trail option.

This ride is a six-mile mountain biking loop on the McCoy Flat trail system west of Vernal. It can be ridden either direction. The components are the Got Milk? trail to the west of the McCoy Flat road, plus the And Cookies trail on the east side. The ride is quite easy technically. There's only about 200 vertical feet of climbing for the entire ride.

View northwest 1.5 miles into the ride. Photos May 20, 2010.

An even-easier option is to link And Cookies with Combo. This makes a 3.5-mile loop of very easy singletrack suitable for beginners.

Got Milk? is an intermediate-level trail with some up-and-down riding. And Cookies is easy-intermediate, and Combo is very easy both technically and aerobically.

Paintbrush is scattered over the brown slopes. This ride is more sight-seeing than tech challenge.

When done clockwise, the most technical riding will come during the first two miles. Got Milk? starts with two possible routes that rejoin after 1/3 mile. Just after crossing the paved road onto dirt doubletrack, two singletracks fork right, about 100 feet apart. The first singletrack has fun ledge drops (nothing bigger than 18 inches) and is more technical.

The Retail Sale fork. Go right. But don't go up to More Pimps, which is the next (tiny) ST on your right. Wait for the main fork 100 feet later.

After the trails rejoin, the next fork will be Fire Sale. Keep right (straight). Fire Sale is an expert-technical route that joins Retail Sale.

At mile 1.3, keep left on the wide trail as Retail Sale forks left. You'll notice a small singletrack forking sharply on the right, climbing stiffly up the ridge, about 30 feet past the fork. This is High Rollas (and More Pimps). Keep straight

Keep straight on the main route another 100 feet, then take the next singletrack on the right. You should be heading northwest.

Mudstone formation in the long valley.

More Hoes forks off Got Milk? at mile 1.5. Keep right to stay on Got Milk? In general, the trail follows the wash between the two ridges.

The trail rolls a bit up and down, but there are no stiff climbs and the trail surface is easy.

The trail exits the hilly area around mile 3. Cross a broad flat grassy area heading northeast, then cross the paved McCoy Flat road. A little bit later, you'll reach the fork, where Got Milk? ends in And Cookies and Combo.

Fork left to continue on And Cookies. The trail will wander toward the edge of the hills, then veer back to flat brushland.


If you're tired and just want to get back to your car, go right at the fork above onto the Combo trail. Combo will take you back with a minimum of climbing. 

On And Cookies, around mile 5 into the main loop, you'll pass the fork to Jackalope. The trail begins to dip and turn. There will be a little climb to get above the corral, then the trail will circle around to come in from the south.

More gently twisting trail, as we near the northern end of the loop.

Riding notes, Milk and Cookies clockwise loop:
0.0  Cross paved road to DT  N40 21.019 W109 34.913
       Immediately fork R on ST  N40 21.003 W109 34.928
       Easier route: 100 feet on DT, then fork R
0.3  Trail merges with alternate route  N40 20.992 W109 35.163
1.1  Keep R (L = Fire Sale)  N40 20.830 W109 35.982
1.3  Trail merges with ATV track
        Keep R at fork (L = Retail Sale)  N40 20.716 W109 36.093
1.35 Pass ST on R (High Rollas)
        Take ST on R 100 feet past Retail Sale fork
        N40 20.711 W109 36.120
1.6   Fork R  (L= More Hoes)  N40 20.811 W109 36.348
3.6   Cross paved road  N40 22.117 W109 35.663
3.9   And Cookies / Combo trail fork, go L  N40 22.061 W109 35.481
5.0   Keep straight (R) at Jackalope fork  N40 21.412 W109 34.992
5.7   Cross DT  N40 21.126 W109 34.800
5.9   Keep R (Jackalope joins on L)  N40 21.022 W109 34.806
6.0   Back at corral

Above:  And Cookies is easy, but Combo is even easier.

Left:  Orange globe mallow blooms in the May sunshine.

Beginner route!

Riding notes, Cookies and Combo counter- clockwise loop:
0.0  Find southbound ST on southwest side of DT
       Trail = And Cookies   N40 21.028 W109 34.902
0.1  Fork L (R = return trail)  N40 21.022 W109 34.806
0.3  Cross DT   N40 21.126 W109 34.80
1.0  Fork L (R = Jackalope)
       N40 21.412 W109 34.992
2.0  Fork L onto Combo  N40 22.061 W109 35.481
3.5  Back at corral

Getting there:  
While driving toward Vernal on US-40, pass mile marker 138, then turn right on the narrow paved McCoy Flats road ( N40 23.427 W109 35.752). If you miss McCoy Flats road, go to the viewpoint overlooking Vernal and backtrack exactly 2 miles, then turn left into the road. Drive 3 miles. Immediately after passing a corral on your left, turn into the large fenced BLM trailhead parking lot. 

Camping: BLM land, primitive camping allowed. No developed sites.
At trailhead
Bring your own.
Bike services, maps, trail conditions:

Altitude Cycle, 580 East Main, Vernal. 435-781-2595

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