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McCoy Flat Trails

This mountain biking trail system is located 10 miles west of Vernal Utah. Around 35 miles of interconnecting loops originate from a trailhead on the McCoy Flats road. (The road is graded and easily done with a sedan.)

See the map at the bottom of this page for trail layout.

Combo Trail

1.5 mile very easy trail bypasses east end of Milk and Cookies loop, begins at main trailhead.

[ See Milk and Cookies trail page ]

Fire Sale

Fire Sale is a 2.5-mile section of technical trail that lies west of the McCoy Flat road within the loop of Retail Sale, forking off on the northern end where Retail Sale and Milk and Cookies are combined. It's advanced technical and fairly strenuous although short. It's reached via Retail Sale. The absolute altitude change is only 200 vertical feet, but you'll do multiple up-and-down trips, making the total climbing around 800.

[ Fire Sale trail page ]


Jackalope is a 6.9 mile trail that loops off Milk and Cookies from the main trailhead of McCoy Flats. It climbs from McCoy Flats to a ridge overlooking the city. The clockwise loop including a piece of Milk and Cookies is 8 miles, with an altitude change of 1000 vertical feet, finishing at 6300.

[ Jackalope trail page ]


Milk and Cookies Loop
Got Milk?    And Cookies

5.8-mile loop from the main trailhead of McCoy Flats, consisting of western Got Milk? and the eastern And Cookies trails. Western side shares portion of Retail Sale. Modest climbing, easier technical and easy aerobic.

[ Got Milk? and Cookies trail page ]

More Hoes

Four mile technical singletrack loop forks off Retail Sale at the northeast corner of the loop and returns to Milk and Cookies nearby.

[ More Hoes trail page ]


Retail Sale

The heart of the McCoy Flats system, Retail Sale begins at the main trailhead. It is part of just about any ride west of the McCoy Flats road. Retail Sale connects to Fire Sale, Milk and Cookies, More Hoes, and Slippery When Wet. Serpendipity returns to the trailhead via the eastern limb of Retail Sale.

[ Retail Sale trail page ]



Combined with Jackalope for the uphill, Serpendipity creates an 8.3 mile mountain biking loop ride. The trail climbs 650 feet from the Flat via the Jackalope Trail. From the slopes of Asphalt Ridge, Serpendipity descends in a fun ribbon of singletrack dirt. The last two miles of the loop are undulating singletrack on the Retail Sale trail.

[ Serpendipity trail page ]

Slippery when Wet

This is a 5.5 mile lariat ride on the west side of the McCoy Flats road, crossing over Retail Sale. The trail is advanced technical with moderate climbing.

[ Slippery when Wet trail page ]

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