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Lil Ratlr

Lil Ratlr is a short loop that starts and ends at the Thunderbird Gardens trailhead. It's new in 2021. It will be of interest only to beginners and families. At this time (July 2021) the trail is un-marked and the northwestern portion (immediately west of the trailhead) is hard to follow. The trail surface is occasionally deep soft churn. The riding season would be May through November.

Thunderbird Gardens trailhead. The Lil Ratlr trail is straight across from the entry. Photos July 11, 2021

The trail starts just outside the trailhead fence on the north. I strongly suggest you start there and ride clockwise. In 2021 if you try riding counterclockwise, the trail mixes with foot paths just west of the trailhead and is tough to figure out.

Look for the opening in the trailhead fence on the north with big rocks to block 4-wheelers. Go between the rocks and turn immediately right onto singletrack. In 200 feet, keep straight and level when the new Valhalla connector trail to the 13th Hole trail crosses.

Go between the rocks and immediately turn 90 degrees right.

The Lil Ratlr trail runs eastbound just above the trail to Thor's Hideout and Lightning Switch. At mile 0.1, the trail turns right to cross Thor's Hideout.

Heading east, with the Thor's Hideout trail below us to the right.

The trail now turns to head west, contouring the edge of the hill. In 2021, some portions of the trail are very loose and will be difficult for young children. Expect it to be a nice cruise next year.

At mile 0.4, the trail crosses the dirt trailhead road. Follow the trail through a couple of meandering turns.

Biking west after crossing over to the other side.

In July 2021, the trail becomes hard to follow when it reaches the edge of a "Frisbee golf" area. If you find yourself riding straight uphill past disk golf targets, you're off the bike trail. The trail appears to turn east at mile 0.5 and heads straight for the break in the trailhead fence near the bathroom.

The return trail seems to enter the trailhead right next to the front of this gray car. Again, I suggest you ride clockwise, finding the trail on the north side of the trailhead. It's hard to figure out what's "the real trail" if you start at this spot heading west.

Getting there:
Thunderbird TH:  When southbound on I-15, take the first Cedar City exit (the same one you'd use to head for Three Peaks) and turn left towards the mountains. The road will make a broad turn to the south to become Main Street in Cedar City. Turn left at 900 North (it will be just as you reach the cemetery on the right-hand side). When you reach the golf course buildings, the pavement ends. Keep straight ahead onto gravel road. (Note 2021: This will change. There's road and building construction now for 1/4 mile.) Pass a couple of flood-control basins, driving 1.2 miles from Main Street. Park in the fenced white-gravel trailhead area and start your ride by going to the north side (directly across from where you entered the parking area), passing between the big rocks, and turning 90 degrees to the right.

Trailhead has a bathroom. No water or camping.