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Knott Pete's Rim to Wyatt's Way
plus Devil's Backbone

The Knott Pete's Rim trail heads east from the south end of Luke's Trail on the mesa north of Price. It connects to Wyatt's Way, a small loop overlooking the city. Riders also use Knott Pete's and Wyatt's to connect to The Devil's Backbone, a short trip along a razorback ridge followed by a plunge to the outskirts of the city.

As we head west on Knott Pete's Rim, we're looking south over the residential areas of Price. In the distance is the San Rafael Swell. Photos and description by Bruce based on a ride of May 31, 2011.

Because the Smo' Joes Trail descends from the north to connect to the intersection of Knott Pete's and Wyatt's, these trails can also be part of many longer ride options. Go to the Luke's Trail page for riding directions for two loops that include Knott Pete's (Little Loop) and Wyatt's Way (Bigger Loop). See the Luke's Area trail page for a list and discussion of the area trails.

Knott Pete's Rim trail has turned toward the north. We'll be following the line of junipers above the slopes of Mancos Shale. The mountains in the distance are the Book Cliffs.

On this page, I'll offer two relatively short riding options: 
(1) The Wyatt's Way Loop -- a lariat loop of Knott Pete's Rim plus Wyatt's Way (4.4 miles) from the Luke's Trailhead, and
(2) The Devil's Backbone Loop -- featuring a climb to the mesa rim then a traverse over to The Devil's Backbone with a plunge down to the playground (3.6 miles per lap, more if you stay and play).

Knott Pete's has little elevation change. Views are frequent, as the trail hugs the mesa edge for most of its distance.

The riding is typical for Price. The singletrack is gray dirt with small pebbles and occasional boulders. The trail shoulders are a little firmer here than elsewhere on the mesa. You'll be hugging the edge of the mesa among juniper, sage, rabbitbrush, and bitterbrush.

Looking to the east, we see The Devil's Backbone, a sharp ridge that descends from the apex of Wyatt's Way.

These trails are easy-intermediate in tech requirement, although there are a few tight turns around trees plus the occasional tricky squeeze between huge rocks. Knott Pete's Rim is pretty flat, but there will be a little climbing on Wyatt's Way.

There's about 200 vertical in the drop from Wyatt's down the Devil's Backbone. But unless you opt to drop directly off the side of the Backbone, it's not all that steep.

There are occasional rock outcrops and tight squeezes.

Wyatt's Way Loop:
For the Wyatt's Way loop, drive directly to the old Luke's trail parking at the south end of Luke's. (Note this is NOT the big Wood Hill parking lot! See below.) Begin by backtracking on the dirt road. At the point where you turned towards the parking lot, find the singletrack directly across the Kenilworth road.

Now follow Knott Pete's Rim to the intersection with Wyatt's Way. I suggest you ride clockwise. Fork left on Smo' Joes. After 0.1 mile, fork R and downhill on Wyatt's.

I've spotted my old house from 30 years ago. The locust tree I planted is big now, but the deck and patio are still there.

When the singletrack reaches a steep doubletrack, turn R downhill. In a few feet the ATV track hits another road. Go straight across that dirt road and find the continuing singletrack trail.

Now climb east to the tip of the mesa. When you see the Devil's Backbone ridge, fork hard right and follow the southern edge of the mesa back to the loop's origin.

We're on the southern limb of Wyatt's Way, heading towards the Devil's Backbone.

Devil's Backbone Loop:
To do the Devil's Backbone Loop, I suggest you start in town. (There's a park at 700 N 500 E., or you can find a spot on the side of the road below the playground.) Ride to 900 North and 300 East. Head west on 900 North and follow the narrow road as it turns north and climbs uphill. Look for singletrack on your right, straight across from where a dirt road leads to Luke's parking on your left.

At the apex of the Wyatt's Way loop, the Devil's Backbone Trail follows the ridgeline to the south, then veers to the right into the gray-dirt playground.

Now follow Knott Pete's Rim to the intersection of Smo' Joes and Wyatt's Way . For this ride, keep straight (right) to follow the southern side of Wyatt's Way. When you reach the end of the mesa, continue on the narrow ridge of the Devil's Backbone and find your spot to plunge down to the playground.

Continuing the Wyatt's Way loop. You can ride either way, but I recommend clockwise because it's harder to get lost.

The Devil's Backbone trail is broad singletrack along the ridgeline, about 1/3 mile in length. The slope isn't steep (see the side-view photo near the top of this web page), and there are even bits of uphill. Along the side are pointless side routes where you can drop steeply and loosely down to the valley. It ends in a maze of trails that fan out over the spreading base of the ridge at the edge of town.
Riding directions, Wyatt's Way Loop:
0.0   From Luke's TH, backtrack E on DT
0.1   Cross road to ST N39 37.357 W110 48.697
1.3   L on Smo' Joes N39 37.652 W110 48.276
1.4   R downhill on Wyatt's Way
        N39 37.727 W110 48.242
1.5   R downhill on DT N39 37.805 W110 48.252
        100 feet later, cross road to ST
        N39 37.802 W110 48.242
2.2   Tip of mesa, hard L N39 37.242 W110 48.030
        (R = Devil's Backbone)
2.9   Straight (L) on Knott Pete's
        N39 37.650 W110 48.278
4.4   Cross road to DT N39 37.357 W110 48.697
4.5   Back at Lukes TH
Riding directions, Devil's Backbone Loop:
0.0   From Luke's TH, backtrack E on DT
0.1   Cross road to ST N39 37.357 W110 48.697
1.3   R on Wyatt's Way
        N39 37.652 W110 48.276
2.2   Tip of mesa, keep R onto Devil's Backbone
         N39 37.242 W110 48.030
2.5   On valley floor, find route to pavement
        Westbound on 800 North
        R (north) on 300 E N39 36.801 W110 48.255
        L (westbound) on 900 N N39 36.920 W110 48.347
        Follow road up mesa
3.6   L to parking N39 37.357 W110 48.697
Getting there, Wood Hill trailhead parking:  Eastbound on US 6, take the first Price exit. Turn left and enter town on 100 North. About a mile after leaving the freeway, turn left (north) on 300 East. Drive to 900 North and turn left. The road will turn to dirt and/or narrow asphalt, and will veer right and climb the mesa.  As you reach the top of the mesa 1/2 mile later, continue straight north for another 1/2 mile. The gravel trailhead will be on your left. Solis Way begins across the doubletrack from the northwest corner.
South Luke's parking:  As you first reach the top of the mesa, fork left (west) and proceed 100 yards to the primitive Luke's parking area. Knott Pete's begins back down the doubletrack and across Wood Hill road, right where you turned off.
Alternate parking for Devil's Backbone playground:  From 300 East, turn right on 8th North. Go to 6th East and turn left. At the end of the pavement, find a parking spot along the dirt paths.

Camping:  Primitive sites just southwest of the Luke's trailhead.
Water:  None at trailhead.
Bathrooms:  Pioneer Park in Price
Bike services:  Price

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