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Jenni's Trail

Jenni's Trail extends from the Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) northern parking lot to the top of the Payday Lift. The trail is new in 2012. It's 5.1 miles in length, rising 1300 vertical feet from 6900 to 8200 feet elevation.

View north along Jenni's Trail as the maples turn red in the September sunshine. Photos and trail description by Bruce based on a ride on September 19, 2012.

The most obvious ride for many Park City visitors will be sitting on the chairlift uphill then coasting down Jenni's Trail on your bike. (As of 2013, the lower 1.2 miles of singletrack is climbing-only. You'll need to make the final descent on Crescent Mine Grade, which ends right across from Jenni.) But for most of us, what Jenni's gives is a nice climbing route from PCMR to the higher mountain. The Steps Trail, Midmountain, Johns, and Johns99 are right there.

View southwest in the northern PCMR parking lot, right where everybody parks to ride Spiro. The arrow points to the starting point of Jenni's Trail.

The trail base is wide and smooth. Most of it -- about 95% -- is suitable for experienced beginners. But the section that follows the old narrow singletrack from Loose Moose to the tailings (old PC riders know where this is) is steeper and has a couple of tricky spots that beginners and early-intermediates will hike.

We're looking back, so I can show the start of the trail. Note the trellis and the paved trail turning to dirt (the paved part turns and heads uphill along the fence). 

The trail sends a short connector to the midpoint of the lift at the top of the Alpine Slide. This is a good turn-around point for beginners riding up-and-back.

Heading across the lower beginner ski slope as we begin our adventure.

Jenni's makes a nice uphill for some short but satisfying loop rides. There's the obvious northbound loop via Midmountain to descend Spiro and connect back to the trailhead via Silver Spur. This ride is 11.6 miles.

There are many different loop options southbound via Johns, Johns99, or Midmountain. Note that using Johns Trail turns the ride into advanced technical.

Maples mix with aspens as we climb higher on the mountain.

I love any excuse to descend Johns Trail. But the multiple connections back to Jenni's are confusing and not well marked. Your options (top to bottom) are Loose Moose, Billy's Bypass, and Flat Cable. Chances are, you'll simply blunder your way back from Johns by trying any trail heading west around the mountain. If you have a specific route in mind, use a GPS track or go with an experienced PC rider.

Looking southwest. You can see the continuing trail on the ski slope in the middle of the photo. The climbing rate is easy.

First, the hardest part. Finding the bottom of the trail.

From the parking lot, look southwest at the notch between the condos and the little hill. (See 2nd photo above.) The trail will start just before and to the right of the ski lift. See the little trellis/scaffold thingy? That's where the trail starts. (2012. Things change.)

The trail goes in and out of aspen groves as it crosses ski slopes.

Get on the gravel road heading toward the ski lift. The first singletrack you pass is Silver Spur on your right. Don't turn uphill yet. Keep going until you hit the pavement by the trellis. Now fork hard right up the paved trail. As the trail turns left, keep going straight onto dirt singletrack. You're on Jenni's.

Higher on the mountain, fir forest mixes in with aspen and maple.

A quarter-mile later, you'll cross a gravel lift road. At mile 1.4, you'll cross the Cresent Mine Grade (CMG) singletrack. Keep straight and uphill.

The next navigation hazard is at mile 2.7 near the top of the Alpine Slide. Loose Moose, Billy's Bypass, Flat Cable, and the ski lift connector trail get tangled up here. Take your first opportunity to turn hard right uphill. There's a trail sign at the intersection, but the direction to ride may not be obvious.

At mile 3.4, keep straight as a faint ST (Loose Moose) comes in from the left.

Skier's-eye view from the trail as we look north.

Options!  At mile 4.7, the trail hits a broad gravel ridge where multiple dirt roads intersect. From right to left:
1. Right uphill and RIGHT of the little building takes you to Steps or Midmountain.
2. Right uphill and LEFT of the building takes you to Midmountain.
3. Straight ahead then downhill takes you toward the Silver King Mine and Johns 99.
4. Veering slightly left, then up doubletrack on the right side of the hill takes you directly to Johns.
5. Across Drift Road to the singletrack -- 90 degrees to your left -- is the continuing final portion of Jenni's.

Let's assume you want to ride the loop via Johns, but want to finish Jenni's first. Turn left to cross Drift Road. Aim for the singletrack. It's just to the left of the road heading eastbound up the ridge -- the access road to the top of Payday, which you'll join in another 1/4 mile. Again! Any ride descending Johns must be considered expert or advanced-intermediate level.

At the top of Jenni's singletrack, turn left on the lift road and head uphill 100 yards to the top of the Payday lift. Veer right and turn almost 180 degrees. Spot the broad trail just to the right of the small building. Coast downhill about 200 feet, then turn hard left onto Johns singletrack (mile 5.2).

John's Trail. This expert loop is a twisting aspen-dodging adventure. Beginners and less-daring intermediates should opt for the Midmountain to Spiro loop. 

As you descend Johns, the first fork is at mile 6.3. Turn right. (Left takes you to the ski slope and the faint Trestle Trail.)

Two turns later, the next fork at mile 6.5 is the 4:20 Trail. Go left. One more turn, and you'll hit a fork on a flat old road-grade at mile 6.6. This is your first loop option. Fork left. As you come out onto the ridge near Drift Road, keep right and flat at the singletrack trail fork. Follow Loose Moose westbound until it dumps you onto Jenni's. Turn right and head downhill toward home.

Handlebar view as we twist down Johns. Tight squeezes, tight turns, and roots rooots roooots.

Next option: On the old road-grade at mile 6.6, go right. Then turn 90 degrees left to continue downhill on Johns (straight ahead will connect you to 4:20). At mile 6.8, fork left on another old flat road-grade. You're now on Sweeney's. Keep straight past the uphill connector to Sweeney's last gasp. As you approach a narrow open ski lane, keep straight ahead and traverse around the ridge. (You've just left Sweeney's, which turned hard right downhill here.) 

An easier turn on Johns. 

Descend the turns of Billy's Bypass (or upper Flat Cable, depending on who you ask). When you approach the clump of aspens above the Alpine Slide, keep straight-ish until you blunder onto Jenni's in the aspens. Now fork hard right downhill (straight ahead goes back up the hill!). Make the 180 left turn at the fork with the lift connector trail, and head downhill. Remember to turn hard right onto Crescent Mine Grade at the cross-over -- Lower Jenni's is climbing-only.

Best option for intermediates and advanced beginners: Head north on Midmountain. See the description below.

Another option: Instead of forking off Sweeney's as per option two above, continue downhill on north Sweeney's to the Flat Cable fork (also on a flattish old road-grade). Keep left and uphill on Flat Cable. You'll climb through a few turns along the Alpine Slide until you join Billy's Bypass near the aspen clump as described above. 

In a maple grove at the bottom of Spiro, where Silver Spur will take us back to the resort parking.

Option for intermediates: Jenni's to Spiro Loop, 11.5 miles

Ride up to the saddle at mile 4.7 as described above. Turn right, and go on the right side of the little building. Climb uphill on a broad trail. Keep straight past the southbound Midmountain Trail on your left. Fork right on northbound Midmountain at mile 4.9.

Stay on Midmountain to mile 7.8, then fork right downhill on Spiro. Stay on Spiro past Ham and Eagle. As you near the bottom, fork right on Silver Spur at mile 10.8. Cross the lift road. When you reach the resort, turn left downhill and head for the parking area.

Ride description, Jenni's lariat loop with John's:
0.0   Wire gate north of condos, west uphill
0.06  Pass Silver Spur, keep straight
         N40 39.095 W111 30.528
0.1    Hard R uphill, paved trail
         N40 39.043 W111 30.524
         Keep straight onto dirt trail
0.3    Cross lift road N40 38.990 W111 30.656
1.4    Straight (R) to cross CMG
         N40 38.639 W111 30.887
2.7    Fork hard R to stay on Jenni's
         N40 38.567 W111 30.474
         (straight = to lift or to Flat Cable)
3.4    Keep straight (L = Loose Moose) 
         N40 38.378 W111 30.434
4.7    Veer L, cross DT to ST
         N40 37.956 W111 30.727
5.0     L on DT N40 38.058 W111 30.577
5.1     R 150 degrees at lift
          N40 38.090 W111 30.514 go R of building
5.2     Hard L on Johns N40 38.019 W111 30.566
6.3     Fork R (L = to Trestle) N40 38.345 W111 30.242
6.5     Fork L (R = 4:20) N40 38.411 W111 30.200
6.6     Fork L (R = continue Johns)
          N40 38.436 W111 30.206
6.7     Keep straight (hard L = Sweeney's)
          N40 38.494 W111 30.309
6.8     Keep R and level N40 38.446 W111 30.359
6.9     R and downhill on Jenni's
          N40 38.378 W111 30.434
7.5     Keep L, then hard L
          N40 38.567 W111 30.474
          (straight = to lift)
8.8     Hard R onto CMG          
          N40 38.639 W111 30.887
10.2   Back at parking

Getting there:  In Park City, follow the signs to Park City Mountain Resort. As you see the first parking area, turn in and park there. Look to the southwest (toward the main resort. Pedal toward the spot where the parking lot meets the condos. As you reach a wire gate, the gravel doubletrack that heads uphill toward the Alpine Slide is the beginning of our ride.

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