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Jackson Hole Race Course
Intermountain Cup

The loop is 6 miles in length, with 1100 feet of total climbing per loop. Starting altitude is 6200 feet. A short loop is created by turning downhill (left) at the intersection in the middle of the loop (see map). The race course can be hard to follow when the trail isn't marked, because it zigs and zags off the more-ridden trails in creating the loop. If you're in Jackson before the race loop is marked, you may find it a challenge to stay on-trail even with a GPS track file.

Getting there:
The race is in Teton Village, located on the road to Grand Teton National Park. From Jackson Hole, turn west off Highway 89 onto Wyoming Hwy 22. About 2.5 miles from the intersection, turn R at the light onto Moose-Wilson Road. Drive 8 miles north, then turn L onto Teton Village Rd. Turn R at the stop sign. The road curves around parking lots. Jog into a parallel road on R that continues uphill along the buildings. Turn R into unpaved parking just before the road veers right. The steep gravel road at north corner of parking lot takes you up to the start area.

GPS track files (right-click and "Save as..."):
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