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This section is designed for rapid access to single-page, condensed versions of our trail guides. These guides are designed for on-trail use. Please see the standard trail page (click on Area Main Index Page link) for full trail information. Pages are formatted for printing, but your printer must be capable of scaling photos and maps correctly. Please be aware that ink from many inkjet printers may "bleed" if the paper becomes wet while on the trail.
Bike Shops:  You may freely distribute these trail guides to your customers (without payment to, provided the trail guides are not edited in any way. Locate the desired trail in the list below, and click on the link. While viewing the trail guide page, click within the trail guide's browser window, then click the "Print" icon on your web browser. We suggest that you charge a 50-cent fee for printing. Please note that pages printed on an inkjet printer with standard paper may bleed when damp. "Map paper" holds the ink, and is available from suppliers of GPS products.  More details on how to print a Trail Page!

Salt Lake Area Main Index Page
Albion Basin (Alta Ski Area)
Alexander Creek (Parley's Canyon)
Bald Mountain-Little Dell Loop (Parley's)
Bald Mountain Backside Loop (East Canyon)
Bobsled (on Bonneville Shoreline)
Bonneville Shoreline N SLC (City Creek to Emigration)
Bonneville Shoreline S SLC (Corner Canyon northward)
Brocks Trail loop via Clarks
Brocks Trail loop via Ghost Falls
Butterfield Canyon (to Bingham overlook)
Corner Canyon Winter Figure-8
Desolation Lake (from Mill Creek)
Dog Lake (Mill Creek Canyon)
Draper Rim Trail
Draper Race Loop
Ensign Peak (North SLC BST)
Germania Dirt Trail
Ghost Falls
Jacobs Ladder (via Ghost Falls)
Killyun Canyon (loop via Little Mountain)
Little Cottonwood Creek
Little Mountain (loop into Killyun Canyon)
Lookout Peak - Big Mountain (big loop)
Mill Creek Pipeline
Mill D North Fork (loop or out-and-back)
Mormon Pioneer (Parley's side)
Oak Vista to Eagle Crest (Suncrest)
Potato Hill Loops (Draper)
Red Pine Road Trail (Mill Creek)
Snowbird (Little Cottonwood)
Solitude Loop (Solitude Resort)
Stansbury Island
Suncrest Loop
Traverse Ridge (via lower Corner Canyon)
Wasatch Crest Trail
Yellow Fork

Utah Valley Area Main Index Page
Alpine Perimeter (Old Alpine Days Race Trail)
American Fork Canyon Overlook
Ant Knolls (North Fork A.F. Canyon)
Aspen Grove (North Fork Provo Canyon)
Bear Canyon Loop (American Fork Canyon)
Bennie Creek (Payson Canyon Downhill)
Bennie-Beaver Dam (Birdseye to Nebo Creek)
Big Spring Hollow (South Fork Provo Canyon)
Blackhawk Trail (Payson Canyon)
Bonneville Shoreline - Orem to PG
Bonneville Shoreline - Provo Canyon
Bonn Shoreline - Provo City Section
Center Trail - Spanish Fork Canyon
Deer Creek South Fork (AF Canyon Loop)
Dry Fork (North Fork A.F. Canyon)
Fifth Water Ridge (Spanish Fk Cnyn)
Five-mile Pass
Forest Lake Loop (N. Fork A.F. Canyon)
Hobble Creek paved trail
Hog Hollow (Alpine to Traverse Ridge)
Holman Canyon (Payson Canyon)
Holman Trail (AF Canyon)
Horse Flat (Alpine Loop, AF Canyon)
Jordan River Parkway (Utah Lake to Point)
Jones Ranch (Payson Canyon)
Lambert Park (Alpine foothill trail system)
Little Baldy (Orem)
Lizard Lake DH or loop (Payson Cyn)
Mercer Canyon (Lake Mountain summit)
Mill Canyon Peak (rough AF Canyon loop)
Monks Hollow (Diamond Fork)
Mountain Ranch Bike Park (Eagle Mtn)
Mud Spring - Mill Canyon Loop (AF Canyon)
North Fork, American Fork Canyon (road)
Orem Bench to GWT
Pine Hollow (w Tibble Fork loop, AF Canyon)
Pot Hollow (AF or Provo Cany)
Pot Hollow via East Side Ridge
Provo Canyon Race Loop
Provo River Parkway (canyon section)
Ridge Trail 157 (American Fork Canyon)
Rock Springs Loop (Payson Canyon)
Sheepherder Hill (Payson Canyon)
Shram Creek Loop (Payson Canyon)
Silver Lake (AF Canyon)
Strawberry Ridge
Sundance Resort Trails
Three Forks Loop (Diamond Fork)
Tibble Fork (AF Canyon downhill)
Timpanogos Perimeter
Timpooneke Loop (AF Canyon)
Wardsworth Creek (Hobble Creek Canyon)
Windy Pass (South Fork, Provo Canyon)

Ogden - Logan Area Main Index Page
Antelope Island
Ben Lomond
Blind Hollow (Logan Canyon)
Bonneville Shoreline Kaysville
Bonneville Shoreline Ogden
Bunchgrass Trail (Logan Canyon)
Coldwater Overlook (Snowbasin)
Cutler Flat (Ogden Valley)
East Fork Loop (Snowbasin area)
Farmington Bay
Green Canyon (Logan)
Jardine Juniper (Logan Canyon)
Logan River Trail (Logan Canyon)
Maples Loop (Snowbasin area)
Mud Flats Loop (Logan Canyon)
Mueller Park (Bountiful)
Mule Ear - Mule Shoe
North Canyon (Bountiful)
Northern Skyline (Ogden Divide - Ben Lomond)
Old Ephriam's Grave (Logan Canyon)
Perry Canyon (Grizzly Peak)
Rick's Canyon (Logan Canyon)
Powder Mountain Race Loop (Ogden Valley)
Sardine Peak Loop (Snowbasin)
Sink Hollow (Logan Canyon)
Steel Hollow (Logan Canyon)
Stump Hollow (Logan Canyon)
Skyline Drive (Farmington to Bountiful)
Smith Creek Lakes (Farmington Cnyn)
Southern Skyline (Pineview - Ogden Divide)
Wheeler Trail (Ogden Canyon)
Willard Mountain to Ben Lomond (Mantua)

Central Region Area Main Index Page
Black Dragon Wash (San Rafael)
Buckhorn Wash (W. San Rafael)
Dead Dog Loop (Price)
Dee Pass Loop (Green River)
Devils Racetrack (San Rafael)
Five Miles of Hell (San Rafael)
Flume Trail (Ephraim)
Good Water Rim (W. San Rafael)
Iron Wash (San Rafael)
Luke's (Price)
Mead's Rim (Price)
Miners Run (San Rafael)
Nine Mile Canyon (Price area)
Pioneer Trail (Ephraim)
Skyline Drive
Three Fingers Canyon (S Rafael)
Temple Mountain - NT Wash Loop (S. San Rafael)
Temple Mountain - Ridge Loop (S. San Rafael) Wedge - Little Grand Canyon (W. San Rafael)

Vernal Area Main Index Page
Cabin Boy
Can You Moo?
Dowd Mountain (Flaming Gorge)
Elk Park (Flaming Gorge)
Fire Sale
Flume Trail (Dry Fork)
Handsome Cabin Boy
Jass-chrome Molly
Milk and Cookies
More Hoes
Red Mountain DH
Red Canyon Rim
Retail Sale
Rojo Trail
Slippery When Wet
Swett Ranch (Flaming Gorge)
Three Amigos
Upper Moo

Middle of Nowhere (Nephi to Beaver)
Bear Canyon/Salt Creek (Nebo Loop)
Skyline Drive
Mytoge Mountain (Fish Lake)

Park City, Uintas Area Main Index Page
Armstrong-Spiro (Park City)
Bald Mountain Loop (w Little Emigration)
Beaver Creek (Uintas)
Bench Creek - Camp Hollow (Uintas)
Black Forest (Park City)
Co-op Creek (Strawberry area)
Deer Valley -- see Deer Valley main page
Deer Creek Parkway (reservoir ride)
Dowd Mountain (Flaming Gorge)
Duchesne R Gorge Overlook (Uintahs)
Dutch Hollow (Midway)
Elk Park (Flaming Gorge)
Foreman Trail (Daniel's Canyon)
Flying Dog
Jordanelle Perimeter
Gambel Oak Loop (Park City)
Glenwild Loop (Park City)
Little S Fork Provo (Uintas - Woodland)
Lost Prospector (Park City)
Mid Mountain North (Park City)
Mid Mountain South (Park City)
Moosehouse Loop (Park City)
Mormon Trail (Little Emigration Canyon)
North Fork Scenic Byway (Uintas)
Notch Mountain -- see Notch Mountain main page
Park City Mountain Resort (Shadow Lake)
Pipeline to Village Trail Loop
Princess Di Loop
Provo North Fork (Uintas)
Rail Trail (Park City to Echo Reservoir)
Robs-Hollys Loop (The Canyons)
Rossi Hill - Gina's (Park City)
Round Valley (Park City - US-40)
Ruby Lift Loop (Empire Canyon, PC)
Shingle Creek (Uintas)
Soapstone Basin (Uintahs)
Solamere Loop (Park City)
Soldier Hollow (Midway)
Sorenson Trail (Heber)
South Canyon (Promontory)
Speedbag Loop(Park City)
Stealth / Team Cutthroat
Spin Cycle
Spiro Trail
Strawberry Ridge
Tour des Suds (Park City)
Town Loop (PC - Sweeney, Johns, Gravedigger)
Trailside Loop and Skills Park
Willow Creek (Strawberry area)
Wolverine Ridge (northern Uintas)

Moab Area Main Index Page
Amassa Back
Arches Loop
Arth's Corner
Baby Steps
Bar B
Bar M Loop
Bartlett Wash
Behind the Rocks
Bull Canyon
Bull Run
Chicken Corner
Circle O
Dead Horse Point
Deadman's Ridge
Dino Flow
Eagles Nest
Fins N Things
Fisher Mesa
Flat Pass
Gemini Bridges
Gold Bar Rim
Gold Bar Singletrack
Golden Spike
Great Escape
Hidden Canyon
Hidden Valley
Hazard County
Hurrah Pass 
Jackson Hole 
Jurassic-Dino Loop 
Jurassic-EKG Loop 
Jackson Singletrack
Killer B
Klondike Bluffs
Lazy-EZ Loop
Little Canyon Rim
Little Canyon ST
Moab Rim
North 40
Monitor and Merrimac
Onion Creek
Pipe Dream
Poison Spider
Portal trail

Porcupine Rim
Porcupine Singletrack
Pothole Arch
Pritchett Canyon
Prostitute Butte

Rockin A
Rusty Nail
Rusty Spur
Salt Wash Singletrack
Slickrock Trail
Sovereign Singletrack
Sovereign Upper Loop
Top of the World
Tusher Canyon
Two Tortoise Loop
Western Rim Trail
White Rim Trail
Whole Enchillada

Southern Plateau Area Main Index Page
Blowhard Mountain
Brian Head Bike Park
Bunker Creek (Brian Head)
C Trail (Cedar City)
Cassidy Trail (Bryce Canyon area)
Casto Canyon (Bryce Canyon area)
Dark Hollow (Brian Head)
Lowder Ponds (Brian Head)
Mytoge Mountain (Fish Lake)
Navajo Lake Loop (Brian Head area)
Red Canyon (Bryce Canyon area)
Red Mountain (Cedar City)
Paradise Canyon (Brian Head)
Scout Camp Loop (Brian Head)
Skyline Drive
Three Peaks (Cedar City)
Thunder Mountain (Bryce Canyon area)
Twisted Forest (Brian Head)
Virgin River Rim Epic Ride
Virgin River Rim Shorter Rides

St. George Area Main Index Page
Anasazi (Santa Clara River)
Barrel Trail (Green Valley)
Barrel Roll (Santa Clara)
Bearclaw Poppy (Old Green Valley)
Black Brush
Bluff Street Cliffs (St. George)
Broken Mesa Rim
Cholla 2 Loop
Church Rocks (Washington)
City Creek (St. George)
Cove Wash (Santa Clara)
Dino Cliffs (Washington)
Gooseberry Mesa (Hurricane)
Gooseberry Northeast Rim (Hurricane)
Gooseberry Harris Secret (Hurricane)
Gooseberry White Trail (Hurricane)
Gooseberry Windmill Trail (Hurricane)
Gould's Rim (Hurricane)
Grafton Mesa
Green Valley (Bearclaw Poppy)
Green Valley Race Loop 
Guacamole Trail
Honeymoon Trail Loop
J.E.M. Trail (Virgin)
Icehouse Trail (Washington)
Little Creek West Mesa
Little Creek East Sandstone
Little Creek East Point Loop
Little Purgatory
Moenkopi Trail - La Verkin Creek
Paradise Canyon (St. George)
Pioneer Park (St. George)
Prospector Trail (Ivins - Washington)
Raceway at Green Valley
Red Mtn (Diamond Valley)
Rhythm and Blues
Rim Rock, Reaper, Runner
Quarry Trail (St. George)
Sidewinder (Santa Clara)
Rockville Bench - Slickrock Swamp (closed)
Snakepit Trail
Snow West Canyon Trail
Snow Canyon Paved Loop
St.George West Paved Trails
Stucki Springs (Santa Clara - Bloomington)
Sunshine Loop (Arizona border)
Virgin River Parkway (St. George)
Warner Valley ST Loop
Zion Canyon and Pa'rus Trail

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