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Hurricane Rim Trail

The Hurricane Rim trail climbs to the cliffs over the Virgin River near Hurricane. This is a nice 7.5-mile singletrack. Most riders do this as an out-and-back, sometimes adding part of the JEM Trail. To ride this trail as a one-way with shuttle, you must either cut the ride at 5.7 miles at the Virgin Dam trailhead or continue 1.5 miles to the lower JEM trailhead or 5 miles to the upper JEM trailhead. Advanced riders can consider a loop option. 

Bryce, who works at St. George's Red Rock Bicycle Co, heads west on the Hurricane Rim, with Gooseberry Mesa in the background. Photos June 16, 2003.

Riding surface is undulating narrow singletrack, often rough with large rock slabs, upper-intermediate to advanced technical. Although there's only about 300 feet of altitude difference, up-and-down riding will raise the climbing total to around 1000 vertical feet.

Looking north, a wash heads towards the Virgin River Gorge. We're 1/2 mile from the JEM Trail.

Riding options include out-and-back, point-to-point with a shuttle (of varying length, selecting among three upper trailheads), a 17-mile loop to the upper JEM trail using 4 miles of US-59 to close the loop, and a tough 21.5-mile loop that includes Gould's Rim trail, most of JEM, and the Hurricane Rim.

Lucas climbs along the edge of the Virgin River in the early-morning sunshine.

After the initial climb to Panorama Point, the trail follows the Virgin River gorge eastward. Leaving the gorge temporarily, it joins the JEM trail. If you choose to follow the lower JEM trail, there's more riding along the edge of the chasm.

Most of the trail is in brittle sage, with an occasional cactus. Looking east, we see the sandstone monoliths of Zion Canyon in the distance.

Riding notes, Hurricane Rim eastbound:
0.0 Northeast on ST along fence
0.7 Panorama Point N 37 11.169' W 113 16.179' Alt=3850'
1.9 Keep R (L = Virgin Dam trail)
2.8 Cross wash, then L (R = China Wash)
3.5 Gooseberry Lookout
5.5 Dam trail rejoins on L (toilet)
5.7 Virgin Dam trailhead (toilet)
      Keep L on ST
7.5 JEM trail, fork L
N 37 11.261' W 113 13.862' Alt=3650'
9.0 JEM lower trailhead

Riding the edge of the Virgin River Gorge.

Riding notes, Gould/JEM/ Hurricane Rim Loop:
Start from parking area on US-59 above Hurricane
0.0 R (downhill) on US-59
0.2 L uphill on DT
1.8 Top of DT climb
2.3 R off DT onto ST
      N 37 09.606 W 113 16.330 Alt=4000'
5.4 Trailhead, L on DT, head NE
      N 37 08.142 W 113 16.280
6.2 At corral, find ST rear on R
      N 37 08.310 W 113 15.649
8.0 ST comes in from R
8.3 US-59. For Big Loop, cross to DT
      N 37 08.096 W 113 14.564 Alt=4350'
      For small loop, head downhill on road
8.6   JEM Trailhead, cross cattleguard
        N 37 08.329 W 113 14.527
        Immediate R onto ST
9.0   Cross DT, descend toward cliffs
9.3   Keep R (L=More Cowbell)
        N37 08.863 W113 14.661
        Drop off ledge on switchback
10.0 Straight (R =Goosebumps, L=Dead Ringer)
        N37 09.119 W113 15.103
10.8 Keep R (L = China Wash)
        N37 10.541 W113 15.154
11.0 Cross Dead Ringer
        Cross Sheep Bridge gravel road
11.1 Cross Cryptobionic 
        N37 10.798 W113 14.354
14.0 Fork L to Hurricane Rim
        N 37 11.261 W 113 13.862 Alt=3650'
15.8 Virgin Dam trailhead
        N 37 11.781 W 113 14.109 
        (Cryptobionic start on L)
16.0 Keep L (R=Virgin Dam trail)
18.7 R across Chinatown Wash
        Straight = Chinatown Wash trail
19.6 Dam trail rejoins on R
20.2 Panorama Point
        N 37 11.169 W 113 16.179 Alt=3850'
21.5 Back at parking
Getting there, main trailhead: In Hurricane, turn south on US-59 (towards the Grand Canyon). Follow the road uphill 0.9 miles, then turn left into the trailhead parking near the cell phone towers. GPS N 37 10.740' W 113 16.601', Alt=3650'. The trail begins along the fence, heading northeast.
US-9 Trailhead: At the junction of US-9 with UT-17, turn east towards Zion. 4.8 miles after the turnoff, turn right (south) on a gravel road signed "Sheep Bridge Rd." 0.5 miles later, you'll cross over the Virgin River. Just uphill is a cattleguard, then a doubletrack on your right 0.1 miles after the bridge. Take the doubletrack 0.2 miles to a turn-around overlooking the Virgin River. The singletrack is at the end of the turn-around. Head up the JEM trail until you reach the Hurricane Rim trail on your right. 

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