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Guacamole East Mesa Singletrack

Under-the-radar riders are calling this trail the "new, new trail" to distinguish it from the Holy Guacamole "new trail," while nodding southeast so we'd know it wasn't the "other new trail" along the west cliffs. Although well-built and fun to ride, this trail is NOT sanctioned. (This web page simply saves exploration information in case the BLM authorizes this currently-illegal trail.)

Bruce turns back toward Guacamole with Zion in the background. Photos April 8, 2012.

The trail itself is 3.4 miles long but must be part of a longer ride -- at least 10 miles. If you're riding the little southern tech loop of Guacamole clockwise, you'll find this trail 0.3 miles from where the tech ST forks off the east side of the Guacamole Loop. There's some significantly technical stuff at the northeast corner, so we recommend it for advanced riders or for upper-intermediates with attitude.

That's a two-foot high chunk of petrified wood next to the trail. We're looking south, early in the ride.

The trail reconnects to the southern tech ST 0.1 mile from where it diverted. There's 100 feet of absolute elevation change on the trail, as you descend while following the edge of the eastern cliffs. Total climbing is about 200 vertical feet.

Joel drops off a sandstone mound.

I'm calling the ride we made the Guacamole East Loop. From the Margarita trailhead, it's 10.5 miles. Although you might think navigation is complex (and it can be) as you look at the map, the principle is simple: always fork to the LEFT.

Early in the ride, heading northeast. Chunk of petrified wood on the left, about 12 inches in diameter. Pretty easy riding so far.

Start the ride by riding Margarita (the stem of the Guacamole lollipop) southbound. Keep left as you pass three connectors to "Salt on the Rim" (the West Cliff singletrack). As you reach the Guacamole Loop, fork left.

Tech riding on the eastern side. Bruce threads the needle through a 20 foot high by 3 foot wide slot in the cliff.

Just after riding around the long crack and climbing up the narrow slot, fork left on the southern tech singletrack. Now watch for a subtle marking between two boulders, 0.3 miles later. Fork left, and you're on the East Mesa Singletrack.

This trail meanders between mounds, rather than up-and-over like the southern tech singletrack loop.

3.4 miles later, again keep left as you rejoin the southern tech ST. Stay left at every opportunity until you rejoin the Guacamole loop, then left to Margarita. Now detour onto the West Cliffs ST (Salt on the Rim) then continue on Margarita back to parking.

The southern side of the loop is wide-open cruising. Here's Joel heading eastbound, with the cliffs of Zion behind him.

This is a great trail. Joel said our little loop is his new favorite riding spot in the area. Remember: this trail is not sanctioned (yet). Keep quiet, and DO NOT POST ANY LINKS TO THIS TRAIL PAGE anywhere, ever.

Looking west as we near the completion of the loop. That's pastry ridge of Gooseberry Mesa on the left.

Guacamole East Loop clockwise 10.5 miles:
0.0   L onto open rock, Margarita Trail
1.1   Keep L (R = Salt on the Rim)
        N37 13.105 W113 07.499
1.5   Keep L (R = return 1 from S.o.t.R.)
        N37 12.777 W113 07.447
1.6   Keep L (R = return 2 from S.o.t.R.)
        N37 12.711 W113 07.414
2.1   Fork L on main Guacamole loop
        N37 12.397 W113 07.232
3.1   Go around crack and climb up slot
3.2   Fork L on South Tech loop
        N37 12.178 W113 06.633
3.6   Fork L onto East Mesa ST
        N37 11.992 W113 06.600
4.3   East end of mesa, curve back west
        Deliciously tech ST coming up...
5.5   Back to east side, curve around south side
6.9   Fork L on continuation of South Tech loop
        N37 12.035 W113 06.743
7.3, 7.4 Stay L (the Guac trail is very close on your R)
7.5   Fork L on continuation of Guacamole loop
        N37 12.205 W113 07.009
8.0   L on Margarita trail (same fork as 2.1)
        N37 12.397 W113 07.232
8.5   Fork L on Salt on the Rim
        N37 12.711 W113 07.414
8.6   Keep L toward rim (R = to Margarita trail)
        N37 12.640 W113 07.568
9.5   L on Margarita trail
        N37 13.105 W113 07.499
10.5 Back at slickrock parking
Getting there: From La Verkin, turn towards Zion National Park on Highway 9. Go 7 miles from the traffic light where you turned east in La Verkin, through the town of Virgin, and past the Kolob Reservoir Road on the left. At 7.3 miles, you'll see a dirt road on the north (left) side of the road (N37 11.874  W113 09.876). This is Dalton Wash Road. Drive north 1.9 miles. As the road turns to the east past a farm, you'll come to a fork (N37 12.456  W113 08.268). Turn left (north). Go 1.7 miles. As you approach the steep mesa, there's a wide spot in the road and a fork. The uglier road straight ahead is the correct one. In winter and early spring, or if the weather has been wet, park here and bicycle up the mesa. With any mud at all, the next 0.6 miles can be ugly and dangerous. Immediately as you get to the top of the mesa, the road forks again. Go right (south) about 100 yards. Look for a big open slickrock area on your right (GPS N37 13.575  W113 06.852). This is where the ride starts. Head west across the rock area to pick up the trail as it enters the trees.

We rode the dirt road in from US-9. It adds about 500 vertical feet of climbing and 4.2 miles each way, but it's a nice warm-up.

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