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Floating Rocks Loop
with Lollipop and Shamrock & Roll

A dumbbell-shaped ride using Lukes, Smo Joes, and Knott Petes Rim

This is a great ride that hits much of the best trails in the Price area. It's 13.4 miles long, with about 1500 vertical feet of total climbing. The ride is upper-intermediate to advanced in tech requirement.

On Floating Rocks, we're following the rim towards the Book Cliffs. Photos and trail review based on a ride by Bruce on May 31, 2011.

The ride is shaped like a dumbbell -- two loops separated by a portion of two-way trail. The lower loop starts with Luke's Trail and IMBAtween. Then you head north away from the lower loop on a piece of Mead's Rim leading to Floating Rocks. Next you'll hit the loop consisting of Lollipop and Shamrock & Roll. Backtracking down Floating Rocks, you'll hit the bottom half of the lower loop with Smo' Joes and Knott Pete's Rim.

Starting out. Luke's trail heads north, flirting with the western edge of the mesa. The lower slopes are Mancos Shale. The mountains are the Book Cliffs of the Mesa Verde formation.

If you're up to a little more, I've added a track file for a slightly bigger version at 16.5 miles. This ride meanders to the mesa edge on Alan's Alley, Bonus Loop, and Wyatt's Way. This makes a very satisfying day's riding.

The IMBAtween trail is a little more technical than Luke's, with a fair amount of loose rock and some up-and-down riding.

The trails are typical for Price. The singletrack is narrow, often with soft shoulders. If you wobble off-trail, you'll likely dig the front tire in. The upper (northern) end of the mesa has more rock in the trail.

We're on Floating Rocks just after the fork off of Mead's Rim, heading north.

Surrounding the trail are juniper and pinion pine. Occasionally the trail takes very tight turns around trees to discourage motorheads from poaching the bike trails. There will also be narrow chokepoints to discourage ATVs.

Floating Rocks generally follows the eastern side of the mesa northbound toward the Book Cliffs. You'll be doing it both directions!

You'll enjoy views to the west, where the Skyline Drive fills the horizon from west to southwest. Then you'll hug the east side of the mesa. Views of the Book Cliffs dominate the north and east side.

We're on Lollipop. The trail climbs gently north along the top of the ridge until it makes the small loop at the north end. (We won't do the entire Lollipop loop -- we'll skip about 0.1 miles as we exit on Shamrock & Roll.)

The Floating Rocks loop starts at the south end of Luke's Trail, heading north. (If you started from the new Wood Hill parking, adjust your ride plan, as you'll be reaching Luke's in the middle after doing Solis Way.)

The first couple of miles are pretty easy, then it gets a little more technical. For additional miles, you can hit the side ride at Alan's Alley. When you reach the cattleguard in the fence, go straight across and continue. Consider another side dish at the Bonus Loop. To skip it, keep straight (right). Cross the dirt road.

On the Lollipop loop, we're at the far northeast corner, looking east at the line of the Book Cliffs.

At the top of Luke's, cross the dirt road to IMBAtween. At the junction with Smo' Joes, keep left to head for Mead's Rim. Go north (left) on Mead's Rim until you reach the intersection with Floating Rocks. Follow Floating Rocks north.

From the north end, we're looking down at the little town of Kenilworth.

Just before a doubletrack, Lollipop forks off to the right at an unmarked (as of 2011) intersection. Keep heading north and gently climbing.

Keep right at the next intersection to follow the arc of Lollipop around the northern edge of the mesa. At the next intersection near the northwest corner, turn right and downhill on Shamrock & Roll.

The intersection with Shamrock & Roll, it's obvious we've got a lot of downhill ahead of us. Looking south.

Shamrock & Roll will rock downhill with some fine tech stunts, then climb the next ridge before dropping down again. At the intersection with the Yoo Hoo DH, keep left and begin climbing back up. After you cross the dirt Kenilworth road, you're back at the Lollipop fork. Keep right to head south on Floating Rocks.

Trailside stunts and optional lines make Shamrock & Roll more interesting.

Stay left along the rim as Floating Rocks meets Mead's. Watch for the fork where you joined Mead's (if you don't want to end up down in the valley). Turn right away from the rim, then 0.1 miles later fork left onto Smo' Joes.

A fun bermed and armored turn on Shamrock & Roll.

Stay on singletrack as you cross a dirt road in the bottom of the ravine.

Keep straight (left) along the rim when you reach a trail fork at the little cattleguard in the fence. Stay along the rim on Smo' Joes.

On the ridgeline after climbing back uphill on the second leg of Shamrock & Roll.

Toward the south end of the mesa, you'll twice reach trail forks with Wyatt's Way. Keep right. The second fork puts you onto Knott Pete's Rim at the end of Smo' Joes.

For more miles, consider a jaunt around Wyatt's Way before you go on. Clockwise (taking the first fork) is a little easier to navigate. See the Knott Pete's Rim page for navigation tips.

Southbound on Smo' Joes, we can see the far edge of the mesa above Price.

Follow Knott Pete's Rim back to the Kenilworth road. Cross it to the smaller dirt road, which takes you straight to the parking area where you started the ride.

Knott Pete's Rim follows the edge of the mesa westbound, a little bit north of the homes of Price.

Floating Rocks Loop:
0.0   Start at Lukes TH on mesa
        N39 37.367 W110 48.811
        Cross any doubletracks
1.0   Keep R (L = Alans Alley)
        N39 38.038 W110 49.049
        Option: Alan's Alley
 1.3  Keep R as Alans rejoins
        N39 38.246 W110 49.160
        If on Alans, fork L back on Lukes
        If you did Alans, add 1 mile
2.5   Cross cattlegrate (R=cutoff)
        N39 38.826 W110 48.492
2.6   Keep R on Lukes
        N39 38.848 W110 48.455
   Option: L downhill on Bonus Loop
   2.7   L uphill on DT N39 38.886 W110 48.455
   2.8   Keep R onto ST then follow powerline
           N39 38.878 W110 48.526
   2.9   ST veers L away from powerline
           N39 38.906 W110 48.625
   3.2   Back at DT, keep straight
   3.3   R on ST N39 38.886 W110 48.455
   3.35 L to resume Lukes N39 38.848 W110 48.455
          Add 0.8 miles if you did Bonus Loop

2.7   Cross gravel road N39 38.848 W110 48.432
2.9   Cross Kenilworth road to IMBAtween
        N39 39.035 W110 48.253
3.8   L towards Meads Rim, R=Smo' Joes
        N39 39.073 W110 48.065
4.1   L (north along rim) on Meads Rim
        N39 39.279 W110 47.950
4.4   Fork R and climb (L = alternate)
        N39 39.464 W110 47.933
4.5   R on Floating Rocks
        N39 39.535 W110 47.898
5.6   R on Lollipop
        N39 40.240 W110 48.094
6.3   R to start Lollipop loop
        N39 40.795 W110 48.127
6.6   Fork R onto Shamrock & Roll
        N39 40.825 W110 48.178
7.9   Fork L uphill (R = Yoo Hoo)
        N39 40.275 W110 48.209
8.2   L on Floating Rocks
        N39 40.240 W110 48.094
9.3   Keep L on Mead's Rim
        N39 39.535 W110 47.898
9.4   L across valley and uphill
        N39 39.464 W110 47.933
9.7   Critical fork: L to IMBAtween
        N39 39.279 W110 47.950
9.9   Keep L, start Smo' Joes
        N39 39.073 W110 48.065
10.0 Cross DT N39 39.037 W110 48.121
10.4 Keep straight after cattleguard
        N39 38.721 W110 48.274
11.8 Straight (R), L=Wyatt's Way
        N39 37.724 W110 48.240
     For add-on Wyatt's Way
     11.9 R on DT N39 37.805 W110 48.252
             Cross road to ST N39 37.802 W110 48.242
     12.8 Fork hard R (straight = Devils Backbone)
             N39 37.247 W110 48.035
     13.5 L on Knott Pete's Rim
             N39 37.653 W110 48.275
     If you did Wyatt's, add 1.7 miles

11.9 R on Knott Pete's Rim
        N39 37.653 W110 48.275
13.2 Cross road to DT N39 37.357 W110 48.697
13.3 Back at parking
Getting there, Wood Hill trailhead parking:  Eastbound on US 6, take the first Price exit. Turn left and enter town on 100 North. About a mile after leaving the freeway, turn left (north) on 300 East. Drive to 900 North and turn left. The road will turn to dirt and/or narrow asphalt, and will veer right and climb the mesa.  As you reach the top of the mesa 1/2 mile later, continue straight north for another 1/2 mile. The gravel trailhead will be on your left. Solis Way begins across the doubletrack from the northwest corner.
South Luke's parking:  As you first reach the top of the mesa, fork left (west) and proceed 100 yards to the primitive Luke's parking area.

Camping:  Primitive sites just southwest of the trailhead
Water:  None at trailhead.
Bathrooms:  Wood Hill trailhead
Bike services:  Price

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