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Draper Race Loop
Includes Lower Corner Canyon Trail, Corner Canyon Road, Clarks Trail, Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Spring Hollow Trail, and Highland Drive Trail.

NOTE 2014:  Clark's Trail is now uphill-only. You will not be able to legally follow this clockwise route (but you're welcome to do it backwards).

The Draper Race Loop climbs from Highland Drive to Traverse Ridge. The loop is 9.1 miles in length, starting at 4600 feet elevation and climbing to 5800. While most of the ride is in oak and maple forest, much of the climb is sun-exposed and can get hot in mid-summer. Overall this ride is intermediate technical. There are a few tight switchbacks and tricky turns that only experts will ride cleanly.

Looking uphill in Lower Corner Canyon about 1/2 mile into the ride. The forest here is oak and maple, with occasional box elder. Photos May 21, 2007.

The ride starts at the parking area for the Lynn Ballard Ball Park on Highland Drive in Draper. You'll see the singletrack trail heading uphill directly across Highland Drive from the parking entrance. But the best way to reach it is to head west (left from where you entered the parking lot) and find the singletrack dropping into the gulley. Keep left and head into the tunnel to go under the road. Then climb up and left and proceed to the uphill trail. There will be a few intertwining trails in this area. Stay on the left side of the gulley, higher on the hill.

After leaving the doubletrack, the hillside is hotter and dryer. You ride through sage, cheat grass and occasional clumps of Gambel Oak.

When the ST reaches dirt road, continue uphill on the road about 1/3 mile. When you reach an open area where the road splits, ignore both forks and head 90 degrees left across the creek where singletrack climbs the hill. This is the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Looking uphill on the Corner Canyon Road, we're heading uphill toward Traverse Ridge.

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail will climb to the Corner Canyon Road. In 2007, pipeline construction has confused things a bit, but you'll figure it out. In general, don't take any doubletracks that go steep downhill or that radically change your direction of travel. Best: follow the bike tire tracks!

View southwest just after exiting the Corner Canyon road. The homes of Suncrest are visible on the skyline.

The climb up the loose gravel of Corner Canyon will seem to be forever. It's a very long 2-1/4 miles. Very hot, if the sun is out. About 1/4 mile before the crest of Traverse Ridge, a singletrack forks right off the road. This is Clarks Trail. (Note:  A doubletrack forks hard right about 25 feet before Clarks. This is the Pipeline Trail.) Clarks is a very fun downhill. Quickly, you'll be in the cool shade of big oaks and maples.

Typical trail section on Clarks.

After flying down Clarks, you'll come to a wooden bridge. At the fork a few feet past the bridge, keep uphill (left) to continue on the Draper section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. You'll go up and down, and the riding will get a bit more technical. There are some tricky turns and switchbacks here. Keep right at the forks to drop onto Mike Weir Drive.

View north across Draper from Clarks.

At Mike Weir Drive, go right. About 100 feet past the parking area, cross the street at the crosswalk and find the Spring Hollow heading downhill.

Spring Hollow is narrow and tricky. It will be your slowest area of downhill riding -- if you have any brains at all. You'll cross Vestry Road and continue downhill on a grass lane between homes.

Just before the end of Clarks Trail, we fork onto the Bonneville Shoreline. The trail must go up and around these homes.

At Highland Drive, veer right and follow the trail back. This is the least-fun part of the ride, but hey, it's only about 3/4 mile. Soon after reaching Highland, the trail will turn uphill to meet the crosswalk where you'll go across Rambling Road. Then the trail returns to a "shoulder" above the sidewalk at Highland Drive. As of 2007, this part of the trail is little-used and a bit overgrown, and frankly it stinks to ride. Needs more wheels to wear a trail. If necessary, take the sidewalk.
Riding notes, clockwise loop:
0.0   Find ST climbing uphill.
        N40 30.305 W111 50.810
        Lower Corner Canyon Trail
        Stay on left side of canyon just below homes.
0.7   Singletrack meets DT, keep straight
        N40 30.041 W111 50.320
1.0   DT forks. Go hard L across stream to ST
        N40 29.828 W111 50.130
1.2-1.4  DT, pipeline construction - may be torn up
             Keep generally north, right, and uphill.
1.5   R on ST N40 30.655 W111 50.160
1.9   R on gravel Corner Canyon Road
        N40 30.352 W111 50.081
4.1   Before top of ridge, R off road on ST
        N40 29.305 W111 49.212
        Clarks Trail

5.5   Fork L uphill (R = Clarks Trailhead)
        N40 29.560 W111 50.220
        Bonneville Shoreline Trail
7.0   Fork R downhill, then R again
        N40 29.300 W111 51.335
        R at parking area, follow road 0.1 mile
7.2   At crosswalk, cross to ST downhill
        N40 29.351 W111 51.300
        Spring Hollow Trail
7.9   Cross paved road (Vestry)
        N40 29.721 W111 51.341
8.3   Veer R along Highland Drive
        N40 29.938 W111 51.519
        Highland Drive Trail
8.5   Veer R uphill, cross paved road
        N40 29.999 W111 51.302
9.1   Back at parking

Getting there:  Leave I-15 at the Bluffdale exit and go east on Highland Drive. Stay on Highland until you reach the parking area for the Lynn Ballard ball park on your left. To find the trail, go to the west end of the parking area near the trail kiosk. Drop down the hill and turn left into the tunnel under the road. After climbing out of the tunnel, turn left and climb back up. The uphill trail is directly across from the entrance into the parking area.
To get to the Mike Weir trailhead, leave I-15 and climb the hill as above, but turn right at the light on Traverse Mountain Road. After one mile, watch for Mike Weir Drive on your left. The trailhead is on your right, 1/2 mile later.
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