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Ann's Trail -  Draper Rim Loop

Ann's Trail is an east-west singletrack route, built in 2011, running just below the crest of Traverse Mountain. It was started as the Draper Rim Trail, but has been renamed in honor of Ann Parr. You must reach the trail via other trails, so the total ride length will depend on your selection of trailhead. The most logical ride is the Draper Rim Loop consisting of Ann's, Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST), and Clarks Trail. The minimum distance for this loop is 10.2 miles, with 1200 feet of total climbing

Shortly after starting west on Ann's Trail, we're looking back east at Box Elder (left) and Timpanogos (right). Photos and ride mapping May 17, 2011 by Bruce.

On the east, Ann's Trail forks off Clarks Trail just below the top (about 1/4 mile from the Peak View Trailhead at Traverse Ridge). It descends to Potato Hill, where it ducks under the Traverse Mountain Road near the Potato Hill Trailhead. It then climbs westward and intersects the Maple Hollow DH route before descending down to the BST at the Traverse Mountain Road. The trail length is 6 miles, with bottom altitude 5100 feet and top altitude 5800.

Freshly cut trail through box elder, maple, and scrub oak. On my ride, some sections still had tons of little roots sticking up to catch in the spokes and chain.

The Draper Rim Loop (Ann's, B.S.T., and Clark's) is 10.1 miles, plus whatever distance you covered to get to the loop. The quickest access points are the Potato Hill TH on Traverse Mountain Road and the Red Rock TH on Mike Wier Drive, followed by the Coyote Hollow TH at the base of Clarks.

The Equestrian trailhead adds about 3 miles to the ride. Even longer is arrival via the BST from Sandy or via Hog Hollow from Alpine. Hog Hollow will add 7 miles and almost 1000 vertical feet of additional climbing.

We've gone a bit further west. Now Lone Peak barely shows on the left, with Box Elder on the right.

The loop is not very strenuous for intermediate riders. Total climbing is 1200 vertical feet. The riding is fairly non-technical. With adequate time and leg muscle, this loop can be tackled by an experienced beginner.

Smaller loops!
For less-strong beginners, consider a mini-loop of 1/2 of Ann's Trail and half of the BST, using the Potato Hill trail as the cutoff. The eastern loop is shorter (4.8 miles) than the western mini-loop (7.0 miles). See the Potato Hill page.

Following the fresh trail northwest toward the valley.

Bigger Rides!
For stronger riders who want a bigger ride, may I suggest this:  Upon reaching the top of Clarks, drop down Rush until you intersect the Canyon Hollow trail, then climb back to the Peak View TH via Canyon Hollow and Brocks. Then continue riding on Ann's Trail. This ride will be about 17 miles with 2300 vertical.

View downhill overlooking the temple.

Other bigger-ride options:
Instead of turning downhill on Rush after climbing Clarks, take the southeast-bound singletrack along the gasline that climbs across the ridge. Join the eastbound DT to the top of Jacobs Ladder. Descend Jacobs Ladder and Ghost Falls before climbing back on Canyon Hollow. This option is about 21 miles and 2700 vertical when done from the Equestrian TH.

After passing under Traverse Mountain Road, we enter a cooler area of forest. Eventually, a fork will join the Oak Vista trail to Ann's at this point. Oak Vista currently ends about 1/3 mile up the road.

You can do the loop either direction. I prefer clockwise. That puts the big climb in the shady trees of Clarks Trail, as opposed to the exposed hot sun-drenched slopes of the western end of Ann's Trail. 

(Note 2011: the clockwise route also makes it easier to find your way around the water-tank construction, which has interrupted the trail as it approaches the BST near Traverse Mountain Road.)

The trail runs well below the homes at the top of Suncrest.

Clockwise also puts the Maple Hollow DH in your path as an alternate descent. On the western end, advanced riders can drop steeply down the hill on this experts-only downhill-only bike route. It will shorten your distance by about a mile. At the bottom, you'll have to jog west along Traverse Mountain Road about 200 feet, then drop into the gully and under the road to find the eastbound BST to continue your loop. 

Looking back at the brand-new trail underpass, with the Potato Hill trailhead to the left.

Trailheads and distances:
Equestrian Center TH (Highland Blvd). 1.5 miles and 400 feet of climbing via Corner Canyon Trail. At intersection with BST, veer left to base of Clarks above Coyote Hollow.
Coyote Hollow (cul-de-sac SE of temple off Mike Wier Dr), 0.2 miles and 100 vertical feet to Clarks.
Red Rock TH (Mike Wier Dr). 0.1 mile and 50 vertical feet to intersect the BST.
Potato Hill TH (Traverse Mountain Road). 0.5 miles downhill to BST just west of Clarks or 0.1 miles to Ann's as it crosses under Traverse Mountain Road.

Entry into the downhill-only Maple Hollow. The trail you want is about 20 feet uphill of this spot. Go back.

Oak Hollow TH (Parking at South Mountain Park, access Oak Hollow at traffic circle). 0.8 miles and 320 vertical to BST at underpass on Traverse Mountain Road.
Spring Hollow on Vestry Road. 1.2 miles and 400 vertical feet, jog west and cross Mike Weir to Red Rock TH.
Elk Glen Drive - Upper Maple Hollow TH (off Deer Ridge Dr in Suncrest). 0.5 miles descending 250 vertical feet on two-way trail to Ann's Trail (at top of one-way DH section).
Hog Hollow TH (Westfield Road, Alpine). 3.5 miles with 950 feet of climbing to Peak View TH then 0.2 miles west on Clarks to Ann's Trail intersection.

The trail now becomes drier and hotter as we head west.

Sample clockwise loop, from Equestrian TH:
0.0  West, down, L into underpass N40 30.337 W111 50.787
        L uphill after exit, (straight = wrong way)
        At sidewalk, R uphill N40 30.306 W111 50.774
        Corner Canyon Trail, keep L at all forks
0.8   Continue uphill on DT N40 30.060 W111 50.331
1.1   Veer L on BST N40 29.808 W111 50.143
        (R = northbound BST, Str = to Canyon Hollow)
1.3   First, keep straight as Silica Pit trail joins  N40 29.633 W111 50.284
        L uphill N40 29.617 W111 50.310  (R = to Coyote Hollow TH)
1.5   L on Clarks N40 29.560 W111 50.231 (R = return path BST)

View west after passing the Maple Hollow DH. The continuing trail is the band on the hillside.

2.8   Hard R on Ann's (Draper Rim) N40 29.213 W111 49.373
        (L = to Peak View TH, Rush, Brocks, etc)
5.0   Keep L and go under road N40 29.267 W111 50.819
        (R = Potato Hill)
6.5   Straight, then L as Maple Hollow DH crosses
        N40 28.646 W111 51.340
6.7   Keep R (L=connect to Elk Glen TH)  N40 28.506 W111 51.582
8.2   2011: Construction detour, N40 28.877 W111 52.031
        R to pavement then L down 1/4 mile to main road
        Drop L into gully, downhill under road N40 29.035 W111 51.955
8.8   Exit underpass, R on BST N40 29.058 W111 51.967
9.6   Cross Mike Wier Dr, climb E on BST  N40 29.163 W111 51.645

Looking back to the east at the Wasatch Front.

10.0   Keep R uphill and eastbound N40 29.296 W111 51.337
        (L = Red Rock TH, R 180 westbound = Red Rock trail)
10.8   Keep L (R = descend to road) N40 29.542 W111 50.643
11.0   Keep straight (R = Potato Hill) N40 29.476 W111 50.545
12.4 L downhill to return path N40 29.560 W111 50.227
14.0 Back at parking

2011 construction note:  The trail is interrupted for the distance shown in this photo. As of mid-August, the excavated piles of dirt aren't navigable. You must drop down the dirt road to the subdivision road, turn left and go downhill 1/4 mile to Traverse Mountain Road. Don't cross the T.M. road. Drop left into the gully on singletrack, turn 180 degrees and proceed downhill through the underpass.

Getting there, Coyote Hollow trailhead: Take the Bluffdale exit from I-15 and turn east towards the mountains. Climb the hill as above, but turn right at the light on Traverse Mountain Road. After one mile, turn into Mike Weir Drive on your left. Pass the Mike Weir trailhead 1/2 mile later and continue another half mile until the road veers left downhill. Take the next right turn, turn right again, then left. You should now be on Gray Fox Drive. Take the next right into Coyote Hollow Court. The parking is on the right at the end of the pavement.

More trailheads below. (See above for description of distance/climbing required for each TH.)

Lower Corner Canyon (Equestrian Center) Trailhead: Take the Bluffdale exit from I-15 and turn east towards the mountains. Continue on Highland Drive until you reach the ballpark parking lot. Directly across the street from the parking, the Lower Corner Canyon trail heads uphill (GPS N 40 30.351' W 111 50.721'). To reach the trailhead from the north (Sandy area), take 13th East southward until it ends at the stop sign just past the underpass. Turn left and drive 1/4 mile. Take the Lower Corner Canyon Trail, veering right at 1 mile to reach Clarks.
Mike Weir (Red Rocks) trailhead: Leave I-15 and climb the hill as above, but turn right at the light on Traverse Mountain Road. After one mile, watch for Mike Weir Drive on your left. The trailhead is on your right, 1/2 mile later. At the fork, head east (left) on BST to arrive at Clarks.
Potato Hill trailhead:  Leave I-15 and climb the hill on Highland Drive as above. Turn right at the light on Traverse Mountain Road. Look for the Potato Hill TH on your left about mile 1.3 from the light.
Traverse Ridge (Peak View TH, top of Clarks): Under development. Will be served by paved road; expected to have bathroom, tables, paved hiking/view loop.
Facilities: There's a toilet at the upper Ghost Falls trailhead (where it meets the Corner Canyon road), at the BST trailhead on the Corner Canyon Road and at the Equestrian Center parking. Water is available only at the Equestrian Center. There are no facilities at Red Rocks, Potato Hill, or Coyote Hollow.
Deer Ridge trailhead:  From I-15 in Salt Lake City, take the Bluffdale exit and head east on Highland Drive toward the mountains. As you reach the traffic light at the top of the hill, about 3/4 mile after leaving the freeway, turn right on Traverse Ridge Road. Drive about two miles up to the top of the mountain. At the stop sign in Suncrest, turn right on Deer Ridge Drive and go 0.9 miles. Just before the road crosses a bridge, turn right onto Elk Glen Drive and immediately turn left to park at the small picnic area. At the kiosk, go straight west, keeping left at the trail fork 30 feet from the kiosk. Ann's Connector will take you down to Ann's trail.
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