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Dee Pass Loop

The Dee Pass Loop combines two desert motorcycle routes with a smidgen of dirt road to form a 13.4-mile mountain biking loop. This loop is located southwest of Green River. The riding isn't too technical, but there are a few steep spots and a couple of sandy areas. This loop is very remote -- if you're exploring, we strongly suggest you take a GPS unit.

Bruce powers up a ridge on the homeward bound side of the loop. Photos March 13, 2003.

The desert scenery here has its own stark beauty. There's little vegetation to interrupt the colors of the Morrison Formation shales, laid down at the end of the Jurassic Period. The first third of the loop is undulating singletrack through a moonscape of wierd. Capping the multicolored Morrison is the rough Buckhorn Conglomerate from the early Cretaceous Period.

View northward from a high point in the trail.

Descending onto the connector road, you'll find a broad flat of eroded shale, littered with small volcanic chips.

While our loop turns right onto the road, the singletrack that continues across the road is enticing. Consider a quick side-trip on this trail, which takes you 1.5 miles up to a fantastic viewpoint over the Tenmile Wash region. (The trail turns eastward and descends from this viewpoint.)

One of several ruins near Dee Pass, this home is a dugout.

After leaving the dirt road connector, you'll ascend into broken sandstone -- the Salt Wash sandstone at the base of the Morrison Formation. The riding here is only marginally more technical.

Dominic cruises through the broken boulders of the Salt Wash sandstone.

After descending from the bluffs, there's a bit of sand on the northwest corner of this loop. But it's rideable without getting off to push -- assuming good technique, fat tires, and reasonable leg power. A couple of miles through the sandy brush takes you back to the original trail near Dee Pass.

A few miles southeast of Dee Pass, Dominic attacks a hill.

0.0   Trail crosses road, go east
        N 38 49.901' W 109 59.971'  alt=4400'
0.5   Keep straight at trail crossing
        Continue up wash past watering trough
        N 38 49.874' W 109 59.508'
        (Trail on R is return trail)
0.6   Ruins on left
1.2   Cross Dee Pass, more ruins
3.0   Keep right to climb steep hill
        Hilltop N 38 49.68' W 109 57.45'  alt=4750'
5.1   Turn R on dirt road 
        N 38 48.973' W 109 55.756'  alt=4575'
        (ST continues towards Blue Hills)
8.1   Fork R where cairn marks minor DT
        N 38 47.254' W 109 57.920'  alt=4600'
9.0   ST comes in from L, keep straight
        N 38 47.577' W 109 58.493'  alt=4730'
10    Crest ridge
        N 38 48.295' W 109 58.186'  alt=4740'
11    4-way, fork R
        N 38 48.558' W 109 58.888'  alt=4600'
11.4 and 11.9  Keep R
12.8 Turn L onto original trail
        N 38 49.874' W 109 59.508'
13.4 Back to vehicle
Getting there:  On I-70, drive 15 miles east of Green River. Exit at Ranch Exit 175. Turn right and head south. At mile 4.1 from I-70, keep right (left is Blue Hills Road). At around mile 7, keep left. Watch for a trail crossing the road near a fence at mile 7.2, N 38 49.901' W 109 59.971'. Park here and ride east (downhill, through the fence).

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