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Former U of U cheerleader Matt Corner Canyon (Lower)

Corner Canyon offers a low-altitude, off-season single-track that's a joy to ride. It's quick to ride and close to civilization. Perfect for an after-work ride in early spring or late fall, when other trails are still covered by snow. But it's also a great ride for the middle of summer, as a quick before-work or after-work cruise. Note that the Lower Corner Canyon Trail (the higher trail, closest to the homes on the east side of the canyon) is uphill-only! The lower trail on which you'll return is one-way downhill.

In addition to the outbound and inbound trails south of Highland Drive, there's a couple of short singletrack loops in the brush just west of the arena.

Matt Flygare posts a turn on the descent down South Mountain.
Dashing behind at 20 mph is Jackie, the UMB mascot.
Photo January 29, 2000

A good quick winter loop ride is uphill on the Lower Corner Canyon trail, around the Silica Pit, and back down on the Creek View trail. It's doubletrack for some of the uphill and singletrack in the trees (trickier and snowier) on the downhill. The loop is about 2.8 miles. Elevation gain is 350 feet. Riding time depends on your skill level, but will be somewhere around 30 minutes. We usually run around the loop 2 or 3 times.

When riding uphill from the Equestrian Center, the upper singletrack (above the sidewalk) is one-way uphill. The lower trail (straight from the tunnel) is downhill-only. Obey the traffic signs to avoid head-on collisions!

The Lower Corner Canyon Trail links to the Bonneville Shoreline (eastbound or westbound), to Ghost Falls, and to Clarks Trail. The Bonneville Shoreline heading northeast is relatively sun-exposed, and usually clears of snow quickly. Ghost Falls and Clarks Trail are excellent rides beginning in late April.

Steve Argyle controls the slide down the muddy trail through a grove of twisted gambel oak on the Creek View Trail. The tree trunks tilt downhill on this steep slope. Jackie functions as the official pace-dog. February 5, 2000.
This photo available as wallpaper.


Caliper brakes and steady balance.

Splash! The trail begins at the ballpark parking lot on Highland Drive in Draper. Drop off to the west and turn left under the road, riding in the tunnel. As you exit the tunnel, turn left uphill to the sidewalk, then turn right to climb the uppermost trail. (During periods of high runoff, you may have to go across the road.) The lower of the two trails (the Creekview Trail) is a bicycle-preferred downhill-only route. That will be your return trail. The uphill trail is multi-user. The climb is pretty steady through the first 1.4 miles up Corner Canyon, but never steep. Chief Operations Officer Mike Engberson slams into the creek in the bottom of Corner Canyon. As you'll note in the photos, the terrain changes from snow to mud to hardpack rapidly from day to day! February 1, 2000. Note: there's a bridge here now.

This is a year-round, all-weather trail. It is NEVER closed due to muddy conditions. But in early spring, go early in the morning while the ground is frozen cold. See the Corner Canyon trail closure page for the status of other trails in the area. The downhill in the snow isn't as tricky as you'd think, but there are a couple of hard steep turns in the trees of the west side that require a bit of skill.

In the summer, you won't be satisfied with the tiny ride using LCC and Creek View trails. You'll want to add miles with the Draper Race Loop, Clark's Trail, Ghost Falls, or the mean hillclimb up Pipeline to Traverse Ridge.

Doc Argyle rolls down the snow-covered trail. This loop is easily rideable with 6 inches of snow. Photo by Mike Engberson, February 1, 2000.

Not hard, as long as you don't plan on stopping.

The figure-8 ride we describe here goes uphill on LCC, includes a small loop up the BST to the junction with Clarks Trail and down the Silica Pit trail, then some more-technical riding on the Creek View Trail looping back to LCC.

Looks a little different in May, doesn't it?

Riding notes, winter figure-8 loop:
0.0   LEFT uphill on ST as it exits tunnel
        (straight = one-way return route!)
0.4   Pass ST on R, keep L at intersections
0.6   ST joins DT, continue uphill
0.9   Pass BST (on L), veer R
1.0   Keep R on DT at fork
        Becomes ST, follow either fork
1.3   Junction with Silica Pit Tr, fork L
        (R = Clarks Trailhead)
1.6   L on DT then keep straight
        (after 200 feet, back on uphill DT)
1.8   L on ST (climbs quickly)
2.4   Cross bridge, hard L on LCC trail
2.8   Back at tunnel

We're plunging down through the Silica Pit.

Facilities: There's a toilet at the upper Ghost Falls trailhead (where the trail meets the Corner Canyon road and connects to Jacob's Ladder), at the point where the Bonneville Shoreline Trail meets the Corner Canyon Road, and at the Equestrian Center parking. Water is available only at the Equestrian Center. There are no facilities at Coyote Hollow.

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Getting there: Take the Bluffdale exit from I-15 and turn east towards the mountains on Highland Drive. Go straight past the railroad underpass. Stay on Highland until you reach the parking area for the Lynn Ballard ball park on your left. To find the trail, go to the west end of the parking area near the trail kiosk. Drop down the hill and turn left into the tunnel under the road. After climbing out of the tunnel, turn left and climb back up. The uphill trail is directly across from the entrance into the parking area (GPS N 40 30.351' W 111 50.721'). To reach the trailhead from the north (Sandy area), take 13th East southward until it ends at the stop sign just past the underpass. Turn left and drive 1/4 mile to the ballpark parking.

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