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Former U of U cheerleader Matt Lower Corner Canyon
Access DT, Lower Corner Canyon,  Creekview, Rush Green

Draper's Corner Canyon offers a lot of riding. The trail system is close to civilization -- a bit famous -- This page describes only the lower trails between the Equestrian Center parking and the Corner Canyon Bonneville Shoreline Trail. See the Corner Canyon Overview Page for links to other trail pages for the Draper area.

Matt Flygare posts a turn on the descent down Traverse Mountain. We've been riding these trails for a long time! Photo January 29, 2000. Latest page update by Bruce in June 2019.

Some Corner Canyon trails are open year-round, regardless of weather, while others will be temporarily closed when muddy. For example, the main Access trail (a cindered doubletrack) in lower Corner Canyon is open year round. See the Corner Canyon trail closure page for the status of your intended trail. Riding in squishy conditions can still damage these trails, so use good judgment for the sake of your fellow riders! 

Bruce heads uphill on the Lower Corner Canyon trail in 2017. 

The trails in lower Corner Canyon are beginner to early-intermediate in technical skill requirement. There are some rollers on the Rush (Green) beginner downhill, but nothing tricky.

The climb to the Bonneville Shoreline (BST) trail from the parking lot is 300 vertical feet over one mile, making the pitch tolerable even for beginners.

Most of the trails in lower Corner Canyon are one-way for bicycles, which can make navigation a bit more complicated if you don't have a navigation App on your phone.

There are two routes uphill: the singletrack Lower Corner Canyon trail (which joins the broad doubletrack trail after 0.6 miles), and the broad cindered Access trail. Most riders will be on the Access trail.

The main downhill routes are the Access trail and the Rush Limelight and Rush Green trails.

Let's Go Ride!

First, get to the junction of the Lower Corner Canyon trail and the Access trail. If you're at the main parking lot, find the paved path on the west end of the parking lot. Descend away from the road until you see singletrack heading the other way. Now make a hard left turn toward the underpass and go under the street. 

This is what things look like in 2017. The tunnel takes you under Highland Drive. On the photo's right, a spur from the Bunny Bradley trail joins. (Bunny Bradley runs over top of the underpass along the white fence. The uphill trail will be a hard left turn after you exit the underpass.

If you're in the Bike Park parking area, take the Bunny Bradley trail eastbound. As you approach the big parking area, but before you cross the creek area, drop down to the left to the underpass.

As you exit the underpass, decide which trail you want to take uphill. The broad path straight ahead is the Access trail. If you make a left turn, you'll climb up to a singletrack running near the sidewalk, which is the Lower Corner Canyon trail.. 

Lots of nice trail here, but it can take some riding to figure everything out.

The Access Doubletrack
The Access Doubletrack is straight ahead as you exit the tunnel. It will be one mile and 300 feet of climbing before you reach the multiple trail intersections at the Bonneville Shoreline area. This trail is broad as a road, and like a road, It has two-way traffic. Keep right! Stay to your right as you pedal uphill, and stay to your right as you descend this trail.

View uphill on the Access doubletrack trail.

Here are the trails you'll come across as you climb:
300 ft on your R:  Do not enter. Exit from one-way Rush Green.
0.2 mi on your L:  Do not enter. Exit from from Old Creekview down.
0.2 mi on your R, before bridge:  Entry to 2nd half of Rush Green one-way.
0.2 mi on your R after bridge:  Do not enter. Exit from one-way Rush.

0.3 mi, hard R:  Entry to Rush Green one-way downhill.
0.35 on your R:  Do not enter. Creekview foot path.
0.35 on your L:  Connector to Old Creekview down and to midpoint of Lower Corner Canyon uphill trail.
0.4 on your L:  Do not enter. Short downhill meander off main trail.
0.45 on your L:  Do not enter. Downhill from Lower CC ST

0.6 DT joins on L:  L takes you to downhill trail near end of Lower CC ST.
   (continued below)

Entry to the Rush Green trail at uphill mile 0.3 from the underpass.

   (continued from above)
0.8 on your R:  Connector to Rush Limelight downhill trail 
0.95 BST, 4 options!
   L = eastbound BST to Gasline, Rattler, etc
   straight on DT = to Canyon Hollow connector, Gasline, Ghost Falls
         NOTE! Creekview is now one-way. You can't enter it on the BST end.
   straight to ST = Do not enter (exit from upper Rush)
   R on DT = BST to Clark's, Canyon Hollow, Potato Hill
   Hard R to ST = Rush Limelight downhill

View on the short connector between the Access doubletrack and the Lower Corner Canyon singletrack trail. Just across the bridge, left is one-way downhill, while straight takes us up to join the Lower Corner Canyon trail.

Lower Corner Canyon singletrack
As you leave the tunnel from the parking area, turn left uphill. follow the singletrack along the fence then climb up through a series of turns. You're now on the Lower Corner Canyon Trail heading south up the hill.

The trail will hug the hillside just below the homes for a bit. At mile 0.3, there's a connector to neighborhood streets on your left.

At mile 0.4, the trail on your right will split after just a few feet. The left fork will cross the creek and end on the doubletrack Access trail -- just across from the Creekview foot trail and a bit uphill from the upper Rush Green entry.

The right fork is the Old Creekview downhill trail, and will take you down to the Access trail near the entry to the bottom half of Rush Green.

Heading uphill through large gambel oak -- and the occasional maple -- on the singletrack Lower Corner Canyon trail.

Not hard, as long as you don't plan on stopping. Continuing uphill through two tight turns, you'll pass the Carolina Hills trailhead to your left. The trail then joins a broad doubletrack continuing south.

In a few feet, a downhill trail forks away on the right, and in 100 yards, the doubletrack joins the main Access trail heading uphill. You can go either uphill or downhill on the Access trail.

At the top of the doubletrack, to your left is the eastbound Bonneville Shoreline Trail, which can take you up to Rattler. (These are also all-weather trails.) Straight ahead is doubletrack that can take you uphill to connect to Canyon Hollow or Ghost Falls. To the right is the westbound BST, which can take you to Clark's or the Coyote Hollow trailhead.

Bruce heads downhill in the oak of Corner Canyon on February 1st, 2000.

Creekview trail
The downhill half of the Creekview trail has been turned into a hiking-only trail. In the middle, Rush Limelight has taken over a segment. What remains is 1/2 mile of one-way southbound trail.

For those who don't live in the nearby neighborhood, the only remaining function for Creekview is as a "bailout" from Rush Limelight to go back uphill toward Coyote Hollow.

You can no longer ride the Creekview trail from the uphill end. At this time, it functions as a "neighborhood feeder" and hiking trail, although you could do a short loop on Rush Limelight with a climb back on Creekview.

The Creekview trail has a connector from Burning Oak Drive. In 1/10th mile, it meets Rush Limelight. At this intersection, the Creekview hiking trail continues downhill across Rush, while Creekview itself continues south uphill. At this point, it becomes a one-way uphill trail for bikes.

View from the intersection of Rush and Creekview. Rush is on the left (one-way, do not enter), and Creekview is in the center of the photo, looking in the direction of allowed travel.

The climb up Creekview from the Rush Limelight intersection will be 0.5 miles with 150 vertical feet of climbing. The trail ends on the Bonneville Shoreline just east of the Coyote Hollow trailhead. To return to Rush, turn left. To head for Clark's or Canyon Hollow, turn right.

Creekview is a fairly smooth ride.

Rush Limelight and Rush Green

The Rush trail is covered in detail on another trail page. The entry to lower Rush (called Rush Limelight) is on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail just west of the 4-way intersection with the doubletrack Access trail. When climbing the Access DT, pass the connector to Rush at mile 0.9, and keep right as you approach the 4-way. At the 4-way, curve right to make a 180 degree change of direction into the singletrack.

Heading downhill toward a table-top jump. Rush has a lot of bumps that can either be done as rollers at lower speed, or as launch pads at higher speed.

In 1/10th mile, pass the shortcut connector on your right. At mile 0.4, keep straight to continue down Rush. (The trail on the left goes to the local neighborhood street, while the one on the right is the hiking-only portion of Creekview. A 180-degree turnaround would take you back uphill on Creekview, which becomes a one-way trail for bikes.)

An S-turn just below the Creekview trail fork, with typical high banks to head you in the right direction.

At mile 0.9, the Rush Green trail comes in on your right, then a couple of wiggles later, the trail hits the Access DT. Turn left and cross the bridge, then immediately turn left onto the continuing Rush Green trail. At mile 1.05 from the BST, Rush ends on the Access DT just uphill from the underpass.

Entry into the lower half of Rush Green.

Beginners and early-intermediates can do short laps here, climbing the Access trail to the uphill entry into Rush Green. The entry into the lower half of Rush Green is just downhill from the bridge, 0.2 miles uphill from the underpass, while the entry to the upper half is 0.3 miles from the underpass.

Entry into the upper half of Rush Green, looking downhill toward the city from the Access DT.

 Older video climbing Lower Corner Canyon and descending Creekview (now you must use Rush)...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Bottom Line:
Good ride for beginning bikers who are improving their skills but won't last through a long uphill grind. Great for a quick after-work outing.

Steve Argyle descends through a grove of twisted gambel oak with Jackie as the official pace-dog. February 5, 2000.


Caliper brakes and steady balance.

Getting there: Take the Bluffdale exit from I-15 and turn east towards the mountains on Highland Drive. Go straight past the railroad underpass. Stay on Highland until you reach the parking area for the Lynn Ballard park on your left. To reach the trailhead from the north (Sandy area), take 13th East southward until it ends at the stop sign just past the underpass. Turn left and drive 1/4 mile to the main parking.
To find the trail, go to the west end of the parking area near the trail kiosk. Drop down the hill on the paved route, then make a hard left on a broad southbound trail. Go into the tunnel under the road to ride climb either the Access DT or the Lower Corner Canyon singletrack. 
Facilities:  Water and flush toilets at the Equestrian Center.
Riding resources for this trail:
Corner Canyon area trail overview page
GPS track files (right-click and "Save as..."): 
      Master File of Draper Area GPX tracks
Maps for viewing or printing:  View 2019 topo map 
      Lower Corner Canyon aerial closeup as above
Lodging, camping, shops:  Links to southern SLC resources

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