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Draper DH Trail (Maple Hollow)

The Maple Hollow DH route is two miles of hard-core stuff. It drops from the Maple Hollow trailhead on Deer Ridge of Traverse Mountain down to just below Traverse Mountain Road near the Bonneville Shoreline trail. There's around 1000 vertical feet of elevation loss. As the "DH" should tell you, it's one-way downhill-only.

Typical bermed turn designed for high-velocity, high-G change of direction. Rail it! Trail review by Bruce, September 2008. Photos by September-October, 2008.

This trail is for expert riders. You don't need a DH-specific bike, but you need the skills and brass to take some steep drops and high-G turns. The turns are sloped for aggressive riders. Intermediates will struggle on this trail, because many turns won't let you "mosey on around" -- you've got to rail it.

Here the trail splits into two bermed turns leading either into a dirt jump (A-line for air-cravers), or a simple drop through the dip and up into a banked turn (B-line for XC types).

Yes, there's a B-line to skip most jumps. With good skills, you can enjoy swooping down the trail. You don't have to be a jumper.

As riders fall away from the banked turn above, experts should keep enough speed to gap-jump up onto a higher A-line. Non-jumpers and slower riders will veer onto a lower line.

The trail starts at the Maple Hollow trailhead (at the west end of the mountaintop Suncrest subdivision) where Deer Ridge Drive meets Elk Glen Drive. It plunges 1000 vertical feet in two miles. Most stunts have an A-line for the hardcore and a B-line for the merely skilled.

The step-up in action. Above, leaving the launch.

In shaded forest areas, the soil gets pretty slimy after a rainstorm. This trail will be highly dangerous when wet. Big tires, aggressive knobs, low center of gravity.

Landing the bike on the higher trail.

This trail will be closed during early spring and late fall when the surface is soft. Do NOT poach this trail during off-season or when temporarily closed due to storms. Check Draper's recreation website for closure status.

This tabletop jump clears 8 feet. Launch the upside, land the downside. If you fall short, there's the tabletop to land on. The B-line (to your right) skirts the jump, but offers a little lip to jump off, if you like.

The trail finishes on Traverse Ridge Road, about midway between two spots where the BST crosses the road. (Eastbound, the trail crosses Mike Wier Drive, not Traverse Ridge Road.) Once the climbing trail to the west is finished, there will probably be a designated path along the side of the road.

Note: The nearby Oak Hollow trail is NOT part of the downhill route! Oak Hollow is a multi-use trail, and it upsets some trail users when they encounter fast-moving armor-plated riders on Oak Hollow. They complain to Draper City, and it causes trouble for the people who build and maintain the trails. Your shuttled DH ride should end at Traverse Ridge Road.

Stunts are being added as the trail matures. Here's a rock with a couple of feet of air on the downside.

This trail will continue to evolve as stunts are worked over and structures age. So you may not see the exact features that are shown on this web page.

This ladder marks the official entry into the DH area. There's wheelie-drop off the ladder, then a whoop-de-doo down a short gulley.

Notes on the Maple Hollow DH trail:
Important! This trail is evolving, and WILL change!

0.3   Cross DT
        N40 28.593 W111 51.156
        For now, the trail is the ugly steep thing
        to your left, heading straight down
0.5   R for entry into DH
        N40 28.634 W111 51.343
1.9   R (straight = old Maple Hollow)
2.1   Traverse Ridge Rd, L (alt=R)
        N40 29.081 W111 51.856

After a steep plunge, these two pop-up ramps await. The A-line features a rock ramp for sharper upswing and a higher pop, plus a little gap to clear. The B-line (forground, center) can be rolled by non-jumpers, or launched for distance by moderately experienced jumpers.

Getting there, Deer Ridge trailhead:  From I-15 in Salt Lake City, take the Bluffdale exit and head east on Highland Drive toward the mountains. As you reach the traffic light at the top of the hill, about 3/4 mile after leaving the freeway, turn right on Traverse Ridge Road. Drive about two miles up to the top of the mountain. At the stop sign in Suncrest, turn right on Deer Ridge Drive and go 0.9 miles. Just before the road crosses a bridge, turn right onto Elk Glen Drive and immediately turn left to park at the small picnic area. The Suncrest Loop Trail starts with the cinder path on your left. The Maple Hollow DH trail is straight ahead and veers to the right toward the Salt Lake valley.

Shuttle: About 200 yards down Suncrest Road from the trail's end, there's a pullout on the north side of the road. Leave the shuttle vehicle here.
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