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Bonneville Shoreline Trail
Ogden South Section

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a series of trails along the slope of the Wasatch Mountains where the old shoreline of Lake Bonneville met the hills. Sections of trail are found from Brigham City to Payson. The Ogden south section goes from Ogden Canyon to Beus Canyon. Like other BST sections, it's close to the city and open in early spring.

View north towards Ben Lomond Peak. Ride review and photos by Bruce in April 2002.

Ogden's Harrison Blvd is the key to all the trailheads. You can get to the trail from 22nd, 29th, 36th, and 46th streets by turning east from Harrison. In most areas, the trail is a broad singletrack, but conditions vary. Pick your entry point depending on what type of ride you want.

View up into Waterfall Canyon. Typical slightly-sandy, slightly-loose, slightly-rocky trail base.

Short and sweet for beginners:  
The cutoff side trail between 29th and 36th is flat and easy for beginning riders and youngsters. 

View over Ogden, with the Great Salt Lake in the distance.

Intermediate tour:  Start at the 36th street trailhead and head north, either on the lower cutoff trail or by grinding up into Strongs Canyon. Head north to the Ogden Canyon overlook. Round trip is 6.5 miles, total climbing (if you take the lower trail to 29th St.) about 500 feet -- 250 each way.

 Typical trail section, winding through the trees of a canyon. When the trail comes out westward, it's more open -- hotter and open to sun.

Abusive Option: Start on Valley Drive near the intersection with Highway 39. (There are several tracks that climb the hill; the singletrack starts at the log fence.) The southernmost section near Beus Canyon is steep and loose -- a hike-a-bike for most riders. If you make it to the Beus Canyon trailhead as a one-way, your climbing will be about 1800 feet, distance 7 miles. As a 14-mile out-and-back, add 1000 feet of climbing for the way back.

Looking uphill from the trail as we cross a creek, still running from early-season snowmelt.

Connecting to the North Ogden BSTAt the north end of the Ogden BST, once you've descending to the parking area at Rainbow Gardens, work your way over to the paved Ogden River Parkway trail. Cross under Highway 39 to the Ogden Canyon Road trailhead. Take the trail north from there. As of 2015, the northern section of the BST is complete all the way to Pleasant View, with further singletrack extending to Willard.

Looking west toward south Ogden near Weber Canyon.

Getting there:  Go to Harrison Blvd in Ogden. (From the north, take the 12th Street exit off I-15 and drive towards Ogden Canyon. From the south, get off I-15 in Farmington on US-89 and head north. A couple of miles after you pass under I-84, turn right onto Harrison Blvd, just as US-89 turns westward to enter Ogden.) On Harrison, locate the street of your trailhead and turn towards the mountains. Note that for 29th Street, you should turn on 30th then jog back north 1 block after going around Ogden High.

Bathrooms:  Most trailheads.
Water:  None
Camping:  None nearby

Riding resources for this trail:
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