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Topeak Alien Multi-tool SALE $24.95

23 tools fold into an engineering grade plastic body that opens into two tool halves with the press of a button. Tools include: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex wrenches, 8, 9, 10mm box wrenches, mini pedal wrench (15mm), phillips & flat head screwdrivers, a universal chain tool, spoke wrenches for 14 & 15g, 2 tire levers, stainless knife, bottle opener, Torx T25 bit and 8mm open wrench for disc brakes. Also includes nylon case.

Topeak HeXus Multi-tool $15.95

16 tool lightweight, folder for mountain or road cyclist.  Hexus has the right balance of tools for the way you ride. Tools include: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 mm Allen wrenches, Phillips & flat screwdrivers, Torx T25 bit for disc brake, chain hook, universal chain tool, 2 tire levers (one with a 4mm Allen for use with chain tool and adjusting the Hexus itself), spoke wrenches for 14g & 15g, and an air pressure release button

Park Rescue Tool-Kit (MTB-7) $15.95

An outstanding value, the quality MTB-7 Rescue Tool is packed with 21 useful tools for emergency repairs on the road or trail. Includes nylon carrying case. Tools included: Tire levers (2), Phillips head screwdriver, Flat head screwdriver, T25 star-shaped driver, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8mm hex wrenches, 8, 9, and 10mm box end wrenches, Bottle opener, .127”, .130”, & .136” spoke wrenches, Pedal wrench, Serrated knife, Chainring nut wrench.

Park Micro Toolbox (MTB-2) $12.95

The MTB-2 contain 13 Tools: three spoke wrenches, a flat blade screwdriver, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex wrenches, two tire levers, and a bottle opener. Each of the tools fold out of two nylon handles. The MTB-2 is a small take-along tool that's always ready to help get you out of a jam on the road or trail.

Chubbie Mini Pump SALE $5.00 (was $8.95)

Small enough to fit in a large jersey pocket. Light enough to take on the race course! Telescoping composite MTB frame pump. Pumps to 100+ PSI. Fits schrader and presta valve (with screw on adapter - included). Includes frame mount and screws.

CO2 Air chuck w/ 16g cartridge $11.95

Top of the line, all metal construction mini CO2 inflator. Instant push to connect to Presta or Schrader valves, automatic valve detection. Instant inflation using Genuine Innovations push to inflate technology TM. Super easy - super fast, designed and built for the road or MTB rider. Uses threaded CO2 cylinders. Includes one 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridge.

Park Home Floor Pump $23.95

The Park home floor pump is a high performance, feature-packed pump at a great price. Perfect for the home mechanic. Durable steel barrel. Composite head fits Presta and Schrader valves. Steel handle. Industrial quality pressure gauge is mid-mounted for easy reading. High pressure hose. Stable three-point composite base. Maximum pressure: 160 psi. 100% rebuildable .

Bondhus Gorilla Grip 2-8mm Hex Wrench Set $6.95

Folding Hex wrench set. Includes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm. Made of 8650 industrial strength nickel chrome moly tool steel. Composite handle is slip resistant and 40% stronger than steel handles.

Park Y Hex Wrench 4, 5, 6mm $6.95

The Park Y hex wrench features three common sized hex wrenches (4mm, 5mm, and 6mm) and the Y shape gives you extra leverage for tight bolts. Hex extensions are vinyl coated for comfort. The composite center provides extra strength and comfort, fitting perfectly in your hand.

Park Y Hex Wrench 2, 2.5, 3mm $6.95

Features three hex wrench sizes (2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm). Hex extensions are vinyl coated for comfort w/ composite center.

LIFU Y Hex Wrench 4, 5, 6mm $4.95

4, 5, 6mm "Y" shaped hex wrench with comfortable rubber grip.

Crank Wrench 8mm Hex w/ Coated Handle $4.95

8mm long handle Hex wrench provides good leverage for crank bolts. Coated handle for comfort.

Park HXS-2 Pro Hex Set w/ Mount $24.95

The new HXS-2 contains the same professional L-shaped hex wrenches as our HXS-1 (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10mm) but also includes the HXH-1 wrench holder that can be set on a work bench top or attached to a plywood or pegboard bench wall (fasteners included for attachment to 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch thick pegboard with 1/4 inch holes). Holder is fan-shaped for easy access to all wrench sizes and wrench holes have funnel-shaped back shoulders for easy wrench insertion. Black nylon.

Park Bottom Bracket Tool $12.95

The BBT-2 fits Shimano® cartridge bottom brackets, including those with oversized Octalink® "pipe billet' spindles. This includes Ultegra®, Deore®, 105®, Tiagra®, XT®, LX®, and many others with the 20 tooth spline pattern in the ring. The BBT-2 also fits ISIS Drive® cartridge bottom brackets such as Race Face® , FSA® and Tru Vativ® that use the 20 tooth spline pattern. Simply insert the BBT-2 into the splined cartridge and either tighten or loosen using a 3/8 inch ratchet driver or a 32mm wrench.

Park Bottom Bracket Tool BBT-9 $17.95

The BBT-9 is used to remove and install Shimano® Hollowtech II bottom brackets and other 16 notch bottom bracket cups. One end of the BBT-9 securely engages the 16 notches of the bottom bracket cups, while the other end engages the 8 internal splines of the crank arm adjustment cap.

Park Crank Extractor $12.95

The standard in the industry for 20 years. The CCP-2 uses a long comfortable handle and extra fine thread that provides the needed leverage to remove even the tightest cranks. Unique "floating tip" ensures smooth operation and long life. Fits all cranks using 22mm x 1 threads. NOT for Shimano® Octalink (splined, oversized "pipe billet") spindles, and ISIS Drive ® splined systems.

Park Crank Extractor - Billet Style $12.95

The CCP-4 is specifically designed to remove crank arms from Shimano® Octalink (splined, oversized "pipe billet") spindles, and ISIS Drive ® splined systems. It uses a long, comfortable handle and a fine thread for the leverage needed to remove tight crankarms. Rotating tip ensures smooth operation and long life. NOTE: CCP-4 will not work on crank arms that fit square, tapered bottom bracket spindles.

Ice Toolz Crank Extractor $7.95

Roller-tip crank extractor. Use with wrench or 8mm hex. Works with crank arms that fit square, tapered bottom bracket spindles. NOT for Shimano® Octalink (splined, oversized "pipe billet") spindles, and ISIS Drive ® splined systems.

Park Pro Cable & Housing Cutter $23.95

The CN-10 Cable and Housing Cutter is a shop quality cutter designed specifically for use on all bicycle cables and housing, including hard-to-cut index housing. The CN-10 has cold forged, heat-treated steel handles for strength and precision ground cutting jaws for a clean cut. Dual density grips are specially contoured for superior comfort and control. The CN-10 has a built in crimper for cable end caps and housing ferrules. Internal spring makes crimping easier and faster.

Park FR-5 Cassette Lockring Remover $5.95

Fits most cassette lockrings including Shimano®, SRAM®, Sun Tour®, Chris King® and Sun Race®. Thin wall construction allows use without removal of cones and locknuts. (Note: chain whip tool is required to hold cassette cogs.)

Park BBT-8 BB & Chainring Lockring Tool $19.95

The BBT-8 Bottom Bracket and Chainring Lockring Tool is used for removing and installing bottom brackets using 8 external notches, such as Shimano® XTR BB-950, Bontrager®, and TruVativ® (ISIS Drive® type). The lockring sleeve is double-ended so it will work with both standard crank bolts and the oversize crank bolts used on oversize "pipe billet" spindles.

Park FR-1 Freewheel Tool $5.95

Fits all Shimano® FREEWHEELS since 1985, Uniglide® before 1985; S.I.S. and Sachs® Aris freewheels. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CASSETTE LOCKRINGS. Heat treated alloy tool steel, one inch base fits wrench or bench vise. Thin wall construction allows use without removal of cones and locknuts. Use the FR-5 for the cassette type lockrings.

Park SR-2 Chain Whip $24.95

This shop quality chain whip gives you incredible leverage without worry of slipping. Heavy duty, heat treated head with a round vinyl coated handle. Hardened bolts hold securely and make chain replacement easy.

Park SR-1 Chain Whip $18.95

This combination chain whip and freewheel/lockring remover wrench is heat treated to prevent bending and flexing. It also features hardened pins to keep the chain in place and a comfortable handle. Hex opening fits Park Tool freewheel removers.

Ice Toolz Chain Whip $6.95

Economy price. Ice Toolz quality.

Chainring Peg Spanner $3.00

Tool fits into the nut of the chainring bolt, allowing you to remove or tighten the bolt with a hex wrench. The other end of the tool fits some Shimano crank arm dust caps.

Park Pedal Wrench 15mm & 9/16" $22.95

Made from investment cast steel and reinforced with extra material at the highly stressed openings for a shop quality pedal wrench made to last. 15mm and 9/16 inch precision openings and an extra long, round, vinyl dipped handle that won't dig into your hand like flat pedal wrenches.

X-Axis Pedal Wrench 15mm $11.95

15mm open end pedal wrench. CNC machined from high modulus steel for supperior accuracy and then Aximite treated for incredible hardness. Exclusive Nut Grabber technology for a superb fit.

Ice Toolz Pedal Wrench 15mm $9.95

15mm open end pedal wrench made of Chrome-Moly Steel.

Park Tire Lever Set $2.95

The TL-2 has more engagement with the bead of the tire so it can be "popped" off using just two levers. The TL-2 Tire Levers are very compact and lightweight, and because you only need two, they're perfect for stashing in a jersey pocket or in the tight confines of a seat pack. Packaged in sets of two levers.

Kool Stop Tire Lever Set $3.49

Lightweight, reinforced nylon construction prevents bending and breakage. Smooth, slick edges that won't scratch rims or pinch tubes. Set packed in a clip with a handy built in abrasive surface. Compact and easy to store. 3 levers/set.

Park Vulcanizing Patch Kit $1.99

Includes six thin patches with tapered edges. Four round (25 mm), two oval patches (25 mm x 35 mm) and vulcanizing rubber cement.. Each kit is packaged in a small plastic box with sandpaper and instructions.

Park Glueless Patch Kit $2.49

self adhesive tube patch that stretches, flexes, twists, and turns right along with the tube. No messy glue, no bulky packaging. Lightly roughen tube with the included sandpaper, clean, apply patch, and you're ready to go. Six patches with sandpaper in a neat little carry along box.

REMA Standard Patch Kit $2.49

REMA's tapered edge patches are the best made. Each kit includes one long patch, six round patches, vulcanizing cement, sandpaper buffer and instructions. Remember, a journey of 1000 miles begins by forgeting your patch kit!

REMA 25mm Patches 100 qty. $15.00

REMA patches are the best made! Thin and flexible with fine tapered edges. 25mm round. Requires vulcanizing cement (not included).

Vulcanizing Patch Cement 8oz $9.95

Do you have kids? You need this. 8 fluid ounces of pure vulcanizing patch cement. This is the big one for your garage or shop. Don't use up all your trail patch kit cement at home - save it for the trail. Buy a can today! Includes application brush.

Patch Glue 10cc $.95

Ever find yourself with a flat tire and plenty of patches but your glue is all dried up? Make sure you have a new tube of glue before your next ride. 10cc size for use on the trail.

Patch Glue 20cc $1.50

Same vulcanizing patch glue in a larger size 20cc tube.

Park Tire Boots $3.49

Cut, scraped, and even worn sidewalls can easily and securely be patched using the Park Tool Tire Boot. The tire boot is made with a thin, extra tough film that will withstand the most demanding conditions on the road or trail until the tire can be replaced. To use, simply peel off the protective backing and position the tire boot inside the tire casing over the cut or worn area. A super strong adhesive using 3M technology keeps the tire boot in position while reinstalling the tire and tube.

Drumstix $25

Rotor tuning forks. True warped and bent rotors with tools meant for the job. For rotors up to 2.1 mm thick. Stainless steel. For more info, click here.

R2.O.C. - TECH $89

R2.O.C. stands for "Rims and Rotors On Center". This guage will allow you to true your rims and rotors to within .001" (that's one - one thousanth of an inch)! Much better than the "eyeball" method, don't ya think? For more info, click here.

Park TS-2 Professional Truing Jig $159.95

The Park Tool Professional Truing Stand is the stand to choose for heavy shop use. Accepts wheels from 16" to 28" with or without tire removed. Both axle-holding uprights move simultaneously, always centering wheel hub with calipers, regardless of hub width. Calipers and caliper arm are spring-loaded to prevent jamming with badly out-of-true wheels. Made of heavy chrome plated steel with nylon bushings at pivot points. Can be bench-mounted or vise-held. The standard of the industry.

Ice Toolz Spoke Wrench Black $3.49

Professional Team spoke wrench, handcrafted from hardened Chrome-Moly steel. 0.127" for DT Swiss & Wheelsmith nipples.

Ice Toolz Spoke Wrench Green $3.49

Professional Team spoke wrench, handcrafted from hardened Chrome-Moly steel. 0.130" for European 14G/15G nipples.

Ice Toolz Spoke Wrench Red $3.49

Professional Team spoke wrench, handcrafted from hardened Chrome-Moly steel. 0.136" for Asian 14G/15G nipples.

Park Triple Spoke Wrench $6.95

3 common sizes: .127", .130", .136". This compact, durable nickel-plated spoke wrench is perfect at home or in your tool bag. The three sizes are marked 0, 1 and 2. The “0” is sized at .127” and fits Wheelsmith®, Marwi®, Edco® and DT spokes. The “1” at .130” and “2” at .136” are for nipples commonly used on Asian built bicycles.

Spoke Wrench 6 Slot 10-15G $3.95

For all 10 to 15G spoke nipples, including DT Swiss, Wheelsmith, European, and Asian.

Under-the-Seat Pack $8.50

Fully zippered under-the-seat packs feature plastic stiffeners for a solid shape and a 3-point fastening system with Fastex-style buckles. Big enough to carry a tube, patch kit and a few tools for on-the-trail repairs.

Quick Release Under-the-Seat Pack $10.95

Quick release tool pack system bolts firmly to the seat rails allowing the bag to be snapped on or off in seconds without having to mess with straps. Big enough to carry a tube, patch kit and a few tools for on-the-trail repairs.

Park CT-5 Mini Chain Tool $11.95

This small chain tool goes anywhere and actually performs like a shop quality tool. The fine thread, special "V"-shaped handle, and super strong replaceable pin make chain removal and installation a breeze. The CT-5 works on any derailleur chain (including Hyperglide®) and has a "shelf" for loosening tight links. At only 77 grams, it's the perfect take-along chain tool. Works great on 9 and 10-speed chains as well.

Park CT-3 Shop Chain Tool $21.95

This is a heavy duty, shop quality chain tool. The CT-3 Screw Type Chain Tool is now made from investment cast tool steel. Along with superior strength and durability, the CT-3 features a handy "loosening shelf" to remedy stiff links after reassembly. The fine thread and comfortable size enable easy removal of even the toughest chain rivets. Works great on derailleur chain, even 9 and 10-speed chains. The CT-3 will also fit many 1/8" chain (BMX). Weighs 268g/9.5oz

Chain Compressor $1.50

This handy tool makes putting chains together much easier. Each hook holds the loose ends of the chain, freeing both hands to use a chain tool.

Park CG-2 Chain Gang Cleaning System $21.95

A dirty drivetrain causes poor shifting and unnecessary wear to expensive parts. The ChainGang contains everything needed to quickly and easily clean the chain, freewheel cogs, and chainrings. The ChainGang includes a CM-5 Cyclone®: Chain Scrubber, a GSC-1 GearClean® Brush, and an 8 oz. (237 ml) package of BIO ChainBrite. The CG-2 works on all derailleur bikes and most 3-speed and coaster brake bikes.

Park CB-2 Citrus Chainbrite Cleaning Fluid 16oz $6.49

Citrus Chainbrite is specially formulated for use in the Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber® and as a general purpose cleaning fluid. Great for removing grease, oil and dirt buildup. Citrus ChainBrite works great on chains, brakes, derailleurs, and any other component. Won't harm alloy, plastic or rubber parts. Handy flip-top lid makes pouring easy. Environmentally friendly. 16 oz. (472mL) bottle.

Park PCS-4 Deluxe Consumer Repair Stand $189.95

Deluxe stand for the home mechanic. Includes deluxe adjustable clamp that is used on the shop model stands that adjusts from 7/8 to 1 5/8". The clamp can be rotated 360 degrees and locked securely in place. The adjustable upright tube quickly adjusts in height from 54 to 72" with a quick release collar. Legs have improved stabilization system, and fold flat for storage.

Park PCS-9 Home Mechanic Repair Stand Sale $79.95 (was $99.95)

Made for the home mechanic, this entry level stand features a stable 3-point base, a rotating screw-type clamp (for tubes up to 3" OD), and has adjustable height from 39-57". Folds down to 41" length for storage and portability

Park PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand $139.95

The new PCS-10 has all the features of our popular PCS-9 Home Mechanic Repair Stand but with special upgrades to make set up, take down, and use faster and easier.The PCS-10 works well with many recumbents and bikes with odd shaped tubing.
  • Cam-type clamp allows single action clamping of tubes 7/8” to 3” (24mm to 76mm). Clamping pressure is fully adjustable and jaw covers are replaceable (part #1185K).
  • Composite top tube for smooth 360-degree clamp rotation.
  • Quick release height adjustment (39” to 57”, 99cm to 145cm).
  • Folds to 41” (104cm) for portability and storage.
  • Three-point leg system with reinforced center yolk for superior stability
  • Sliding retention rings lock folding legs
  • BAG-15 optional carrying bag available. Sold separately

Park PRS-15 Deluxe Pro Race Stand $259.95

This new stand for the race or mobile mechanic has many new features to make life on the road easier. These new features include a new fully adjustable rotating clamp that will accomodate tubes up to 3" OD, and has narrow jaws to fit into tight spaces. The main upright tube is elliptically shaped to resist flexing, and adjusts in height from 40-60". Other features include an adjustable 5-point base for extra stability on uneven surfaces. Optional carrying bag, tool box / work tray, paper towel holder, and truing stand (available soon!). Folds down to 44" for storage and portability.
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