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Phil Wood Waterproof Grease $6.95

Multi-purpose grease. Repels water. 3 oz. tube.

Phil Wood Tenacious Oil $6.95

Ideal for use between contacting surfaces. Clings tenaciously for durable lubrication. 4oz. bottle.

Rock 'n' Roll Red Devil Grease $5.95

All purpose grease that flat out Rocks! Good craftsmanship and Red Devil Grease go hand in hand. 4 oz tube.

Rock 'n' Roll Super Web Grease $5.95

Super-Web Grease is the best grease on the market for bearings with the ability to withstand water and has high amounts of PTFE. Super Web works for all applications but is the best for bearings. 4 oz tube.

Rock 'n' Roll Super Slick Grease $5.95

Super-Slick Grease is a very thin and smooth grease that stays where you put it. The best for fork overhauls. 4 oz tube.

Rock 'n' Roll Super Coat Grease $5.95

Super-Coat Grease is for full suspension pivot points, joints, seat posts, nuts and bolts, etc. 4 oz tube.

Rock 'n' Roll "Nipple Cream" Spoke Prep $8.95


If you build wheels, this is what your handcrafted wheels deserve. Nipple Cream holds the nipple from vibrating loose but allows the wheel to be trued long after it has been built and ridden. 1 oz applicator bottle.

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