Team Racer’s Bible

Team organization and benefits for the 2012 season


Updated: January 2012


Team Business Manager

Michael Engberson


801-653-2689 (UMB office 9-5 M-F)

UtahMountainBiking.com office

169 West Main St.

Lehi, UT 84143

Team Web Site Editor

Bruce Argyle


801-756-3432 (home)  801-592-0099 (cell)

UMB Team Guidance Committee

Bruce Argyle, Michael Engberson, Jay Griffin, Jason Sparks.


Squad (Specialty Team) Captains

Intermountain Cup Race Series

Bruce Argyle


801-756-3432 (home)  801-592-0099 (cell)

Cyclocross Race Series

Jason Sparks

            435-230-0447 (cell)

Sundance/Soldier Hollow Series – (no squad organized yet)

Solitude Weekday Race Series – (no squad organized yet)

Downhill and Super-D Racing – (no squad organized yet)

Endurance (long distance) Racing – (no squad organized yet)


Race Information:

Intermountain Cup


ICup email: icupracing@yahoo.com



Solitude Race Series


Sundance Super-D Series


Sundance/Soldier Hollow Race Series


Other regional events


UMB Race Team Forum:  The team has a private discussion area on the UMB forum. and click on UMB Race Team. To see this forum, you must provide your forum username to Mike. Once your username has been authorized, you’ll see the UMB Race Team section when you check in to the forum under that username.


Racing for a Team

Joining a team instantly gives you a “family” at the race site. Suddenly you have a group of friends to help you fix your bike, lend you supplies, offer advice, and cheer for you. The UtahMountainBiking.com team is famous for its group spirit. We’re here to race hard, but also to enjoy the company. Joining the team costs nothing, but provides a lot of benefits and good times.

The team can also be your transportation source for car-pooling to races. Being on a team lets you find a riding mate to share a motel room or tent. We can even lend you a bike to race when yours is broken.

The UtahMountainBiking.com team has subgroups called squads. A squad consists of the racers who want to participate in a particular racing series or type of race. Our main group is the Intermountain Cup squad. Racers who want to race in the fall Cyclocross series are another squad. A racer can participate on more than one squad.


How to Join the UMB Race Team

There’s no “qualifying” process, and all are welcome. If you want to race on the UtahMountainBiking.com team, simply sign up. Provide the following information to Bruce:

Your name

Racing interest – Squad(s): ICup, Cyclocross, DH, Solitude, Sundance/Soldier Hollow

Username on the UMB forum (register yourself under this username first)

Email address

Mailing address

Phone number

Bike model (optional)

Racing history (optional)

Anything particularly interesting about yourself (optional)

If you’re just starting out, we can lend you a team jersey. But plan to buy one ASAP – ICup rules specify that team members should wear a common uniform.

Once you’ve registered with us, specify UtahMountainBiking.com as your team when you register for any race.

Team benefits (see below) become valid at your first race as a UMB team member.


Getting a Team Jersey

To buy team clothing, go to the UMB web site and click on “Shop,” or call Mike at UMB (801-653-2689). If you want to test the sizes, RSVP with Mike and come to our storefront in Lehi. On request, we can bring team clothing to a race for try-out and purchase. Only the jersey is required by ICup rules. The shorts and socks are excellent quality at low cost, and are optional. These are the prices for race team members:

UMB Team Jersey:  $60  (may change depending on our costs)

UMB Team Shorts:  $45

UMB Team Socks:  $5

Team T-shirts:              $5


UMB Team Member Classifications

Sign-up:  “Sign-ups” are racers who’ve announced their intention to race for UMB, but haven’t made their first race. Team Sign-ups will be listed on a separate area of the team roster until they complete their first race as a UMB rider. Sign-ups receive no special team benefits, but may participate in some team activities (such as training rides or race-course pre-rides). A sign-up will be dropped off the roster if they don’t race for the team within 18 months.

                Sign-up Benefits:

                UMB Team discount on Team Jersey, Shorts, and Socks
                Authorization to enter the UMB Race Team forum section

Dabbler:  Dabbler racers are those who’ve completed at least one race as a UMB team member, but don’t race often enough to qualify as an “Active Team” member. A Dabbler may be a new team member who is just “testing the waters” of racing, or an experienced racer who only races occasionally. A Dabbler racer graduates to Active status after completing 4 ICup races within one season as a UMB race team member. Dabbler racers are eligible for many team freebies. There’s no guaranteed discount at the UMB store for Dabbler racers, however the store manager may offer Active Team discount to Dabblers who are pre-registered for at least 4 races in the current season, or extend a discount to Veteran Dabblers on a case-by-case basis. A Dabbler racer is considered a team member as long as he or she has raced at least once in either the previous or current season.

                Dabbler Racer Benefits:

UMB Team discount on Team Jersey, Shorts, and Socks
 1 GU per race
Gatorade at races
Bike repair assistance at races only
Participation in raffles
Team dinners

Active:  After completing four races within one season, a UMB team member is considered a member of the Active Team. (Any mountain bike race qualifies, for example the five series listed above under “Race Information.”) Active Team members receive expanded team freebies (up to 2 GU packets per race, Gatorade at races, assistance with bike-repair and bike tuning either at races or by appointment, race-completion merchandise, and raffle entries) and are offered a discount on orders through the UMB store. A racer remains on Active Team by having completed 4 races in either the previous or the current racing season.

                Active Racer Benefits:

UMB discount on Team Jersey, Shorts, and Socks
Acive racer UMB store discount (see “Ordering from UMB Store” below)
2 GU packets per race
Gatorade at races
Bike repair assistance at races or by appointment
Team t-shirt on attaining Active status
Participation in raffles
Team dinners

Veteran:  A Veteran team member is a racer who has completed 10 races. Veterans who race actively (four or more races per year) receive all Active Team benefits. The team business manager, at his discretion, may offer deeper discounts on equipment to a Veteran, or may extend “Active-level” benefits to a Veteran who’s racing but doesn’t qualify as Active.

Reserve:  If an Active or Dabbler racer fails to complete any ICup races within a season, that rider is moved to the Reserve Team. The rider’s information remains on the team roster for one more year (unless the rider resigns from the team by notifying Bruce). There are no benefits provided to Reserve Team racers. A Reserve Team member who races again converts to Dabbler status.

Booster:  A Booster might not race, but is considered a UMB race team member because he/she provides significant ongoing services to the team racers. A booster (whether racing or not) receives the Active Team discount on purchases at the UMB store, and is provided with a free UMB t-shirt upon designation as a Booster, plus other freebies as appropriate based on ongoing service. Boosters are also invited to all team activities including dinners. Boosters are selected by the UMB team guidance committee.



A squad consists of the racers who plan to participate in a particular type of racing (such as downhill) or a specific series of races (such as the Intermountain Cup). Once a group of like-minded riders decides to form a squad, they should select a Squad Captain.

Duties of the Squad Captain

The Squad Captain, either personally or through delegation, oversees team participation in the event series. This may include recruiting new racers to that activity, bringing support items (water, Gatorade, GU packs), establishing a team “home base” (cabana, chairs, table), and documenting the team’s participation (race results, photos).

Squad Budgets

Once a Squad is organized, a basic budget will be provided by the team for group expenses such as drinks and GU packs at races. Depending on the needs and interests of the racers, a Squad may vote to ask its members for dues to cover additional services to its racers. A Squad may also seek sponsorships independent of the other squads within the UtahMountainBiking.com race team.

So far, the race team has never required dues of any kind. Team expenses have been covered through the generosity of Mad Scientist Software, parent company of UtahMountainBiking.com, and through other sponsoring businesses. (Expenses have been somewhat over $20 per racer per season.)


Team Activities

Official UMB race team activities may vary from year to year. Unless specified otherwise, these are free to all team members. The activities below depend on a team member being willing to donate his or her time to organize and conduct the activity on a volunteer basis. Please consider volunteering as a leader or organizer for one of the following.

Group rides:  UMB group rides are open to anyone. Any UMB team member can organize or sponsor a group ride. The ride should be posted in the UMB Race Team section of the UtahMountainBiking.com forum, but may be duplicated in the Group Rides section. These rides may include racecourse pre-rides.

Training rides:  UMB training rides should be specifically designed to improve aerobic fitness or strength, and should include both on-road and trail riding sessions. The group that reports for a training ride may be subdivided according to riding speed. Any UMB team member can organize a training ride and invite other team members. Some UMB team members have excellent leadership, training, and instruction qualifications, and are encouraged to volunteer as leaders for recurring training sessions.

Skills sessions:  If the trail offers appropriate terrain, a riding group may plan to interrupt a training ride for a skills session, such as faster switchbacks, climbing skills, technical obstacles, etc. When a skills session is anticipated during a ride, this information should be included when the ride is posted.

Bike maintenance sessions:  We’ll try to have at least one bike-repair workshop every season. Learn how to tune your bike and make simple repairs.

Race-day Picnics:  When the race site and the racing schedule allow it, the Intermountain Cup Squad may have a picnic after the race, to which all team members and accompanying family are invited. Some will be pot-luck events, while the team may provide the food for picnics at more distant races. Watch your email (and the UMB Race Team Forum section) for information, because we may ask for an RSVP for these events.

Season-end Party:  After the ICup season ends, we traditionally have a season-end BBQ, free to all UMB racers and families. The usual time is early to mid-September. Our ICup Racer-of-the-Year is honored at this party. Often, we give away a little swag or conduct a prize raffle at this event. For season-based prizes or raffle items, you don’t need to be present to win. RSVPs required for the dinner.

Trailwork:  We encourage ALL team members to be involved with trail building and improvement. In the ICup competition, Sport and Expert-class racers can receive individual points toward the season standings by completing trail work. Trail work done by any UMB team member counts toward our team point total. UMB will sponsor at least 2 trailwork sessions per season. Team members will be notified by email, and workdays will be posted on the UMB Race Team forum. Workdays may include pop, snacks, and swag.



Swag:  After four races as a UMB team rider (regardless of which racing specialty you choose), you can chose among: Team t-shirt, UMB water bottle, UMB race team window sticker, team socks, or Biking Power DVD. This offer is subject to the swag being available – IOUs may be extended if necessary. To get your freebie, find your Squad Captain or the team Business Manager at the race. For the 2011 season, this also applies to old team members returning for another year of racing. 

Team T-shirt: You can get a free race team t-shirt when you’ve completed four races during the current season (which qualifies you as an Active racer). You may also buy additional t-shirts for friends and family at the low price of $6 each.

Racer of the Year and other Recognition awards:  A special award is given to the team member who’s selected by the guidance committee as UMB Racer of the Year. The selection is based on criteria including team point production, leadership and attitude, personal improvement, and contribution to the team image. Other awards may be given, as voted by the team members.


ICup Race Hints and Information

Decreasing the cost of racing:  There’s a discount if you register (by mail) for 4 or more races at a time. There’s also a discount for recruiting a new first-time racer. And if you can provide ICup with a voluteer, your next race is free – a great deal!

Selecting a race category:  Almost all racers should start in the Beginner category. Your age group is based on how old you’ll be at the end of the year – not on how old you actually are right now. If you’re on the podium every time, then after 5 or 6 races consider moving up to Sport. There’s a huge difference once you move to Sport, and you need the time and dedication to train hard. Your primary motivations should be personal improvement and having a good race experience. All race categories (including Beginner) contribute equally to our team point total, so staying in a category where you’re competitive helps us.

Team race jerseys:  The ICup rules “strongly encourage” but don’t absolutely require wearing a team jersey. We can provide a loaner jersey if you aren’t ready to buy one, or if you arrive at the race site without yours. The UMB jersey helps us identify team members for photos, and quickly lets other UMB riders identify you so they can help or at least stay out of your way.

Before the race:  Carefully check the race information on the Intermountain Cup site to be sure when you race. (At some races, all classes are combined. On smaller race courses, the race may be split into 2 or even 3 separate races. Be sure you know when your category is racing.) If at all possible, pre-ride the racecourse. It’s usually marked with flags about 5 days before the race. We encourage you to come to the race completely prepared, to decrease the last-minute chaos of race-day morning. But if you need last-minute bike parts, clothing, or supplies to be delivered at the race, email or call your needs to Mike at the UMB office. We aim to serve. You can give Mike charge-card info, or bring check or cash to the race.

Race-day morning:  Plan to arrive an hour early to allow for check-in, bike tuning, and warmup. “UMB team support” usually arrives about 1 hour before the first race of the day (if there’s more than one). Look for the UtahMountainBiking canopy in the parking lot. We bring GU packets, Gatorade, and water. There’ll be a pump, tool kit, and workstand available to team members.  If you don’t see what you need, ask. Routinely, we have some emergency supplies such as chains and tubes. You’re welcome to hang out in the shade of the canopy. Chairs go quickly, so bring your own campstool or lounger.

Check-in:  The ICup will have a registration table somewhere near the parking area or race starting line. You can register at the race site, but pre-registration decreases race-day hassles. The pre-registration can be done by mail or via web. Be sure your registration includes UtahMountainBiking as your team. Even if you pre-registered, you need to sign a waiver on race-day. You’ll be given a racing number plate, which you affix to the front of your bike with twist-ties. Check the colored racing tag to be sure it has the UMB team written underneath your name. Pin the tag to the back of your jersey or hydration pack. (Put the pin through the small section, as the bigger piece will be ripped off at the finish line!) Your racing packet usually includes information on where to view official race photos, some advertising, a freebie or two, and a race t-shirt or socks.

Starting the race:  Find the racer information (usually somewhere near check-in or at the starting area). See how many laps and/or partial laps your category is going to do. Plan your hydration and GU needs. If possible, pre-ride the first bit of the course. Warm up. The ICup official will begin a “racer briefing” at the starting area about 10 minutes before race time. This will include “staging” – lining up the racers in the order they’ll be racing. Individual categories are started a minute or two apart, so racers will be spread out along the trail. Find the other racers in your category and line up.

After the race:  Your racing tag will be pulled as you cross the finish line. After about 10 minutes, you’ll find it stapled to a posterboard somewhere near the finish line. Tags will be sorted by category, in finishing order. The time you see written on the tag is your “race clock time” – the time from when the first group started out. (To compare times across categories, subtract your “offset,” the time you spent waiting at the start line.) Hang with us at the canopy and exchange war stories while hydrating with free Gatorade and water.

Awards:  An hour or so after you finish the race, the awards will start. Depending on the race official, ribbons may be awarded to 6th place regardless of number of racers, or may follow NORBA conventions (to 3rd, then each whole number that’s less than half the total number of racers, not to exceed 6th). Prizes (swag or gift certificates) are usually awarded to the top 3 finishers in each category, but special prizes may be given – for example to each 8th-place finisher as a “lucky number.”

Team points:  The Intermountain Cup is a traveling trophy awarded to the team with the most points for the season. All categories contribute to team points. Points are earned for 1st through 7th place. Sport classes earn one more team point than Beginners, Experts two additional points. Team points can also be earned through authorized trailwork by team members, one point per hour up to 100 points.

Season individual points:  There are no “season standings” or championships for Beginner-class racers. In the other categories, a racer can earn individual points  toward his or her category championship by placing in the top 15. At the season’s end, a plaque is awarded to 1st through 3rd place. (There are some nuances:  In most seasons in the past, only a certain number of races count towards the total. For example in 2006, only the racer’s top 9 races out of 14 counted. In 2007 all 12 of that season’s races counted towards the category championships. Check the rules for the current season on the Intermountain Cup site.)

Race scrapbook page:  We try to get an action photo of each UMB racer at every race. Within a few days of the race, the photos are assembled into a web page on the UMB site. If other photos or high-resolution versions are available, links can usually be found on the UMB race team section of the forum. Of course, this depends on volunteer photographers being present at the race. If you’ve participated in a race without an “official” UMB photographer, please email a photo or two so we can share your race story on the team section of the web site.


Ordering from the UMB store as a Race Team member

Your discount is based on your team status. Here’s how we do it.

We determine what it actually costs us to get stuff for you. The distributor charges us shipping and handling. For little stuff that’s frequently ordered, this isn’t a big deal. But for big items like forks and trainers, this is a significant cost. So, we’ll tack that amount onto the wholesale price. The bank charges us fees on your credit purchases. And we have a part-time employee who helps with cycling orders, but he doesn’t work for free. That might add a few cents to your order.

Veteran, Active team members: Deepest discount (the best deal Mike can possibly offer).

Active and Booster: Excellent discount, varies by item, usually about 20% off.

Dabbler: If a Dabbler racer is pre-registered for four or more races during the season, they can receive Active racer discounts before they complete those races.

Procedure for ordering:

1-     Pick the items you want from the racer discount price list (available separately from this racer bible), or select from items on the UMB on-line store. If you don’t see something you need, it may be in stock but not listed (yet) in the on-line store, and it’s often possible for us to special-order it. Call UMB (653-2689), or drop by the store and check our distributor catalogs.

2-     Email your list to Mike (umb@madsci.com).
(Hint: Here’s an easy way to be sure your list has the proper names and part numbers. Select each item you want from the on-line store and add it to a shopping cart. Then click Checkout. Now drag the mouse over your list of items to highlight it. Press Control-C to copy. Now go back to your mail program and paste the whole thing into your email.) You can also visit BTI-USA.com and browse the many available parts, then email Mike the part numbers to be ordered.

3-     Mike will email a price quote for your order. Cash price is 2% less than credit card price. He’ll also give you an estimate of shipping cost so you can decide whether to pick it up at the store or at a race.

4-     Edit your order as needed and give Mike the OK (email or phone call).
Include payment information (card plus expiration, vs. cash/check).
Specify shipping (ship vs. pick up at race vs. come to store)

5-     You can always drop by the UMB store to get hands-on help and buy supplies, and to review our distributor catalogs.

6-     Some items (boxes of GU, GU flasks, tubes, tires) will routinely be available for purchase at races. Bring a check or cash.



How many racers can UMB have in a category?

There’s no limit. There’s room for you, even if we already have a handful of riders in your category.

Is there a limit to team size?

No. The more racers sign up, the better our team does.

Does it cost anything to join the UMB team?

No. But you’re expected to race in a team jersey, which we’ll sell you at the lowest price we can afford. Basically, that’s cost from the manufacturer plus what we paid to have it shipped here.

When are the races?

There are bike races, somewhere, every month of the year. You can find links to the web sites for race series on-line. A good place to start is at www.cyclingutah.com which lists races by category or by date, with links to the promoter’s web site so you can get more info.

How do I decide on a race category?

Simple. For the ICup, register as a Beginner in your age bracket, based on your “race age.” For other races, check the race descriptions to find a suitable race category.

What is a “race age?”

When picking your race category, the age you use is your “race age” – your age after your birthday in the current year. For example, if it’s April and you turn 40 in December, your race age is 40, not 39.  You register as Beginner Men 40-plus, not as Beginner Men 30-39.

How do I find out about team rides and activities?

Go to the UtahMountainBiking.com forum, log in, and click on the “UMB Race Team” forum.

What if I don’t see the UMB Race Team forum section?

Either you’re not logged in, or Mike hasn’t authorized your username for the forum. Email Mike or Bruce and give us your forum username.