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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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True Grit 2014

The UMB team was represented by our toughest riders at the 2014 True Grit in St. George on Saturday, March 15. This year's course the usual grouping of fun rock and dirt, plus. The "plus" was the Roller Coaster side of Bearclaw Poppy and back to Stucki via the Bloomington Microloop trail. That meant only one lap on Barrel Roll this year.

The wind was howling during the race, making the struggle against the wind more of an issue than the technical rock. But temperatures were pleasant and the sun came to play.

Brian Jeppson, Mitt Stewart, Jason Sparks, and Mark Messer. Team Riders

Men Open
   Mitt Stewart 24th place

Sport Men 19-29
   Dallin Hatch 9th place

Sport Men 40-49
   Jason Sparks 6th place
   Mark Messer 7th place
   Brian Jeppson 8th place
   Darren Harris 31st place
   Tim Wagstaff 38th place

Men 60-plus
   Rick Morris 7th place

Mike Engberson represented us by wrenching at the Zen aid station!

GPX track of race course

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