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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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Showdown at Five Mile Pass
May 3, 2014

The scheduled date for the Five Mile Pass race was rained out, so the race was put off a week. For those who weren't totally hosed by the date change (pause for gnashing of teeth by your UMB website editor), Saturday offered great weather for the rocky rollers of the Pass. The UtahMountainBiking team missed many of our usual stalwarts, who had committed to other activities.

Left:   The course is broad ATV track, with some grunt climbs and fast descents.

The UMB team saw some hot performances by our members, with 11 podium finishes. First place winners were Steve Bonney in Singlespeed, Richard Ewell in Clydesdale, Katy Nafus in Beginner Women, and Bentley Vanderwel in Youth 10-12. Meghan Sheridan took a second place in Pro Women, with Rick Morris also grabbing second in Men 60-plus.

The Five Mile Pass recreation area awaits the arrival of the
racers as the mud of the past week has turned to dust.

The UMB canopies are ready as Mike gets the base camp set up
and ready for our team racers.

Expert and Pro Categories
Pro Women:  

Left:  Meghan Sheridan pops up out of the wash
on the home stretch, taking the 2nd place spot in
Pro Women.

Right:  Racers meander toward the starting line.
With the first wave out on the course, the Sport
and Expert wave will be heading out as the
Beginners are finishing.

Expert Men 19-29:  

Left:  Dallin Hatch is riding without a chain
in this photo as he coasts through the sage
brush. Dallin has an official DNF as the
"moving-up curse" hits.

Right:   Joel, Rick, Christian, John, Paul,
and Mike at wait for the start of the race.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:    Jason Sparks drops into a wash on the
far side of the mountain, taking a podium spot
with 3rd place in Expert Men 40-plus.

Right:  Looking north from the start line as riders
assemble in the warm sunshine.


The Sport Men 40-plus group bursts away from the starting
line in the 11:00 race. Go get 'em!

  Rick, Joel, and Richard crank up the hill as the Men 60-plus and
Clydesday groups have a combined start.

Left:  Steve Bonney rockets into the wash on the
way to a 1st place win in the Singlespeed

Right:  Jason gives chase as he climbs away
from the valley floor.

Open Categories
Men 50-plus:

Left:   Phil Blair cranks through the sage brush with two laps
in the Men 50-plus category, taking the 4th place position.

Right:   Paul Zimmerman comes around the north side of the mountain
on his first lap, finishing with 9th place and a little blood.


Men 60-plus:

Left:  Rick Morris has his eye on the finish line was he
nears the end of his last lap, nailing 2nd place in the
Men 60-plus group.

Right:   Sucking in some clean desert air, Joel Quinn grinds
across the sagebrush flat on the way to the 3rd place
podium spot.

Left:   Richard Ewell rolls through the wash
as he grabs 1st place in the Clydesdale
category. Good job, Richard. (And thanks
for the photos!)

Right:  Yellow Page Hill.   Calves screaming,
gasping for air, hauling that bike up the steep
slippery slope. Keep pushing up the hill,

Sport Categories
Sport Men 30-39:

Left:  Grunting up a slope on the north side
of the loop,  Christian Burrell takes the
3rd place finish in Sport Men 30-39.

Right:  Powering through the rollers of the 
north side of the loop, Meghan is
about two miles from the finish line.

Richard blasts down the backside of a rolling hill with Shae
chasing him from behind. Lots of rocks to break your bike.
And speaking of breaking your bike...  Dallin has many uphill hikes
ahead as he heads west toward the start/finish area.
Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:   Flying down a hill on the north side of the
loop, Tim Wagstaff is our top Sport Men 40-plus
finisher with 4th place.

Right:  John Twitchell cranks up some speed across the sage
flat as he nears the finish line and a 5th place position in the

Looks like we missed Adam Little, who finished 8th in the category.
Gotta wear that UMB jersey, Adam. Only Kay has eyes fast enough
to spot our team members without their team colors!

Left:   Corey Spencer pops out of a small wash with an eye
on the finish line, taking the 9th spot.

Right:  Shae Chatlin zips down the hill on the way to taking 10th
place in Sport Men 40-plus.

Sport Women:   

Left:  Cat Kalwies is enjoying her cruise to 1st place 
in Sport Women 19-34.

Right:  Jennifer Cherland makes her debut as a UMB rider
 in Sport Women 35-plus but registers a DNF for this


Steve Bonney stands and grunts to get his singlespeed up
the slope. The mountains of the Wasatch are snow-capped
in the distance.
More bike trouble. Cody Dabb left with the first wave, but is still
hiking his bike along the north side of the loop as the second-wave
riders come around for their first lap. Ouch!
Beginner Categories
Beginner Men:

Left:  Bogdan Balasa rockets into the finish area while
Mike is pre-occupied. Nice podium finish with the
3rd place spot in Beginner Men.

Right:  Jason Cowley catches his breath at the finish line
as his support crew come out to congratulate him on
a 4th place finish.

Left:  Turning around the inflatable finish-line arch,
Brian Vanderwel grabs the 5th place spot in the
Beginner Men category.

Right:  Cody Dabb coasts a downhill section near the finish
line, good enough for the 9th place finish.

Beginner Women:   

Looking for

Katy's photo!

Left:   Katy Nafus takes 1st place in the
Beginner Women category.

Right:  Paul uses a solar shower to do a little
abrasion-scrubbing. Hey, the blue thing
is a BIKE repair stand, not a people repair

Kids Categories
Youth 10-12:  

Looking for

Bentley's photo!

Left:  Bentley Vanderwel takes 1st place
in Youth 10-12.

Right:  That tired but good feeling. You've
hit it hard, done your best, and now it's
over. Good job, Jason!

The team picnic is beginning to appear under the canopy,
but the riders are still up at the awards.

OK, why is Cat on the top row of the podium when the web results
say 3rd place? Do I need to fix this page?

Although not a popular scenic ride for mountain bikes, Five Mile Pass makes a great race site. The broad track gives plenty of room to pass, and there's just enough rock in the way to make things interesting. Good job, UMB team!

More pictures:
     Mike and Richard's photos 
     Cycling Utah photos
Race course Trail Page on

Left:  Richard gets his moment at the top of the podium. Some of us are still waiting to know what that feels like.

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