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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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Corey Spencer, Sport Men 35-49

Joe Benson, Men 60-plus
The Draper Fall Classic

At the seven o'clock check-in, the temperature was a crisp 50 degrees at the Corner Canyon trailhead on the Draper bench. Temperatures warmed into the upper 70s as the race progressed into early afternoon. was represented by 10 racers at the 2014 Draper Fall Classic.

50 miles
John Twitchell  1st place, Clydesdale
Rick Morris  2nd place, Men 60-plus
Bruce Argyle  3rd place, Men 60-plus
Joe Benson  4th place, Men 60-plus
Stephan Bergen  6th place, Expert Men 35-49
Steven Bonney  5th place, Singlespeed
Meghan Sheridan  3rd place, Pro Women
Corey Spencer DNF Sport Men 35-49

25 miles
Steven Weaver 3rd place Men 35-plus
Bogdan Balasa 9th place Men 35-plus

The fifty-milers did 6500 vertical feet of climbing, grinding to the top of Traverse Ridge four times over two big 24-mile laps. With the addition of the new Rattler trail, the race was about 3 miles longer than last year with an extra 500 vertical feet of climbing.

Stephan Bergen, Expert Men 35-49

Steven Bonney, Singlespeed

As usual for the Utah State Championship Series, the race was well-run. The trails were well-marked, so there was never any confusion about where you were supposed to go. The trails had seen a bit of water damage from the recent storms but were dry.
Race sequence:
Start lower gravel parking
Up to entry, left along fence
Across grass, onto new CX cut
Around pond, out to tunnel
Corner Canyon Trail
Veer R onto DT climb
L on Aqueduct ST to DT
R on Quail Trail
R up Corner Canyon Rd
R onto Bonneville Shoreline
R onto Rattler Trail
Descend to Ghost Falls, go R
Join Gasline Trail
L on Bonneville Shoreline
DT to Canyon Hollow
C.C.Rd to TH, to Ann's
Detour through Little Valley
Ann's to BST eastbound
R uphill on Clark's Trail
Ann's/Clark's to TH, down Rush
Detour through The Trees
L off Rush on Canyon Hollow
Silica Pit/rough drop connection
Creekview down and through tunnel
Repeat run around lower lap
Up to lap/finish line
Do it all again!

Loop GPX Track

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