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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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Stan Crane Memorial XC Race
Draper, Corner Canyon  -  Monday, May 26, 2014

The Memorial Day ICup race at Draper had a big turnout. Warm sunshine and dry trail waited for the racers. UtahMountainBiking's XC race team put 43 racers on the mountain. This is our largest group all year. We had first place finishes by Mitt Stewart (EM40+), Steven Bonney (SSp), Rick Morris (M60+), and Kellye Potter (BW). Second-place winners were Joel Quinn, Meghan Sheridan, Mike Engberson, and Daniel Truong.

Left:   Joel Quinn and Rick Morris battled all the way around the course, with the final outcome determined only by a final sprint uphill to the finish line. has acquired Bike Parts Express.

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A single-loop race on this course was 10.7 miles with 1550 vertical feet of climbing. This loop would include a trip around the 0.7-mile loop in the scrub oak below Highland Blvd both at the beginning and at the end of the loop around the upper mountain.

To further complicate distance comparisons, many categories did a half-lap after the initial big lap. The half lap forked off the BST to the Gasline trail then climbed over to the Canyon Hollow-Rush intersection before descending.

The race was staged in the Draper Equestrian Center parking. A foot race was finishing up as racers arrived, so arriving early didn't earn a great parking spot. Check-in had occasional long lines at the concession stand as riders got their timing chips.

The course started with a shakeout from below the rodeo arena up the paved road and around to the singletrack westbound in front of the Highland Blvd fence. A clockwise loop took riders around the pond, then up to the tunnel.

Upon exiting the tunnel, riders turned hard left and climbed to the Corner Canyon trail. After climbing Corner Canyon to the doubletrack, riders hit the Bonneville Shoreline Trail  and climbed up to Rattler. After climbing further on Rattler, the loop dropped downhill to Canyon Hollow.


After the big climb up Canyon Hollow, racers headed up the Corner Canyon Road to the Peak View trailhead to enter Rush for the downhill.

The descent on Rush bypassed The Trees for a more steady flight downhill. The loop stayed on Rush all the way down to the doubletrack 4-way. Here riders forked left uphill on the doubletrack BST.


After a quick climb, the loop forked right onto Creekview. Creekview's blistering pace, patches of loose sand, tight trees and tricky switchback dumped a few riders.

Arriving back at the tunnel, racers forked left over the creek and did the little loop in the brush before sprinting back up the pavement to the finish line.


Expert and Pro Categories
Pro Women:  

Left:  Meghan Sheridan arrives at the 
bottom of Rush on the way to 2nd place
in Pro Women.

Right:  It was a miniature city at the
Equestrian Center, with multiple club
and team canopies, breakfast trailer,
corn dog trailer, and official's tent.

Expert Men 19-29:  

Left:  Dallin Hatch is on the way downhill
as he nails the 8th place finish in the
Expert Men 19-29 group.

Right:  The parking area was a mob of 
bike prep and warm-up riders. Fortunately,
drivers were courteous and understanding
as they crept through the parking zone.  

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Mitt Stewart rocks a turn at the end of
his first lap as he nails 1st place in the
Expert Men 40-plus category.

Cranking out a little extra speed on
the downhill, Jason Sparks gets his
podium spot with 3rd place.

Stephan Bergen zips through the oak
brush near Creekview on his way to
the 11th place position.


Left:   Steve Bonney is enjoying another dominating performance
as he nears the end of lap one, taking another 1st place in the
Singlespeed category.

Right:   Mike Engberson breaks out the singlespeed bike and hits
the trail.  Mike nails the 2nd place podium spot for the race.

Open Categories
Women 40-plus:

Left:  Sally Reynders is almost finished with
her lap as she takes the 5th place spot in
Women 40-plus.

Right:   Two bike racks are stuffed with wheels
at the UMB team HQ as Joe talks with Craig
from Mad Dog, another 60-plus racer.

Men 50-plus:

Geno Smith carves a fast turn as he grabs
the 4th place spot in Men 50-plus.

 Phil Blair descends towards the 7th place
finish in the category.

Zipping around a turn with two miles to go,
Paul Zimmerman gets the 12th place spot.

Men 60-plus:

Left:  Rick Morris cranks up the Bonneville Shoreline Trail
early in the race, taking the 1st place win in Men 60-plus.

Right:   Heading uphill toward the entry to the Creekview
Trail, Joel Quinn still has a bike-length lead on Rick but
falls to a finish-line sprint to take 2nd place. 


Bruce Argyle rolls the turn into the
Creekview trail, finishing with 5th place.

Powering up the BST toward the Rattler
Trail, Joe Benson grabs 6th place.

Gene Poncelet descends through the oak on
the way to the 9th place finish in Men 60+.

Left:   Richard Ewell heads uphill through
the sagebrush on the BST as he rides to the
4th place spot in Clydesdale.

Right:   Flora and fauna. A robin sings to
stake out its territory at the top of a stand
of gambel oak.

Sport Categories
Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:    Daniel Truong leans hard into a turn
toward the end of the downhill, taking a
podium spot with 2nd place in the Sport Men
19-29 category.

Right:  A squirrel climbs onto a granite bounder
to see what all the commotion is about.


Sport Men 30-39:


Steven Weaver tips into a turn on the
downhill as he grabs 9th place in Sport
Men 30-39.

Christian Burrell fires away from the
intersection of Rush with the Bonneville
Shoreline as he takes 14th place.

 Dan Hutchings rocks a turn on the
downhill on the way to 17th place in
the category.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:   Standing and pushing hard, Brian Ressa gets the bike
uphill on the Bonneville Shoreline singletrack as he races
to 3rd place in Sport Men 40-plus.

Right:   Jonathan Hall rolls a fast turn toward the end of the
downhill of lap one on the way to 9th place in the category.

Left:   Shae Chatlin heads up the BST after the initial climb
up Corner Canyon, taking 13th place.

Right:   Denmark Jensen rockets downhill on the way to
the 14th place spot in Sport Men 40-plus.

John Twitchell finishes the downhill
with the 16th place position.

Railing a corner hard, Tim Wagstaff
takes the 17th place finish.

Corey Spencer approaches Creekview as
he rides to 28th place in the category.

Sport Women 19-34:  


Katy Nafus hits the bottom of Rush with
the 5th place spot in Sport Women 19-34.

Rocking the downhill, Jessica Septon nails
the 6th place spot in the category.

Cat Kalwies is making a good climb up the
BST, but is reported as DNF for the race.

Junior Categories
Junior Men 13-15:   
Left:   Climbing the BST as he rides the big
lap, David Ressa gets the 9th spot in Junior
Men 13-15.

Right:  Daisies bloom in the May sunshine.

Junior Women 13-15:  
Left:   Maggie Ressa takes a corner near the
end of the downhill as she takes podium with
3rd place in Junior Women 13-15.

Right:   California Poppies, I think.

Beginner Categories
Beginner Men:


Brian Vanderwel cranks past maple trees
as the downhill levels out as he nears
3rd place in Beginner Men.

 Heading uphill on BST toward the new
Rattler Trail, Jason Cowley grabs the
4th place spot in Beginner Men.

Bogdan Balasa cranks up the BST
as he takes the 5th place finish in
 the category. 


Welcome to new team member Jarin Stevens,
on his way to the 6th place spot.

 Adam Reynders heads uphill through the
sage brush of the east canyon, taking 10th.

Devin Spencer finishes his 10.7 miles with
12th place in Beginner Men.

Beginner Women:   

Left:   Kellye Potter is enjoying the climb
eastbound on the BST as she heads to
1st place in Beginner Women.

Right:  Adam and Jason share stories on
the "done" side of the finish line.

Kids Categories
Youth 10-12:    Note:  Finishing order is not reported for the kids' categories this year. Photos appear in the order they were taken. Parents, we really want get your child onto the web page. Let us know if we've missed anybody.

Left:   Bentley Vanderwel cranks through the oak brush
near the end of his race.

Right:  Draeden Jensen heads out on the singletrack
along Highland Blvd.

Milly Goat:

Left:  We suspect this young lady is
related to Tim Wagstaff. Need to get
the name!

Right:  While waiting for the awards and
nibbling on the remains of the team picnic,
the sun got a little toasty.

This was a well-attended race that was a lot of fun. UMB did well, putting several riders on the podium.

More pictures:
     Kay's photos 
Track file:
     GPX track of  Draper course

Left:  The timing chips and scoring system let a few racers see their results on the
big screen.

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