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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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Deer Valley
June 21, 2014  -  Deer Valley Resort, Park City Utah

Deer Valley was back on the ICup circuit for 2014. It's a great venue with plenty of forested singletrack. The weather was perfect both for standing around and riding. The rains earlier in the week watered down the dust, so the trails were in perfect shape.

Gene and Rick talk with Lew Rollins (green jersey), another 60-plus rider who's been displaced into the 50-plus group. That's Corey in back on the right.

The race loop was a counter-clockwise 5.7-mile maze through the forest east of the resort. there was 900 vertical feet of climbing per lap. Beginners did one lap; sport class two laps; experts three.

The race started north of the lifts on dirt lift road. A steep grunt brought riders up to singletrack on Little Stick for a straight fast traverse. A twisting singletrack climb brought riders to Deer Crest where a blazing twisting flight down Pipeline awaited.

At the end of Pipeline (far northeast corner, riders climbed a bit up the ski path to join the Village Trail. After joining the road and coasting down the the Deer Crest gates, racers climbed long switchbacks up to the top of The Gap.

After a somewhat-hairy drop past St. Regis, the trail traversed back to the north side of the mountain for a descent to Finn's. After zooming around the mountain, there was a last gentle climb before plunging to the meadow by the ski lifts.  [  GPX Track File  ]

Elevation profile shows the initial grunt up to Little Stick, then a respite to the singletrack climb to Deer Crest.  After the flight down
Pipeline, we climb up the Village Trail. A quick drop to the Deer Crest gate on pavement, and we climb the St. Regis Bypass up and
around, then finish the climb to the top of The Gap. A switchback descent takes us to Finn's, which traverses around the mountain.

Check-in was in front of the ski ticket office.

Bathrooms were in the lodge basement. Parking was 1/4 mile away down the hill. Staging was around the lifts and uphill. So things were a bit more spread-out than the typical race.

Brian Ressa and son David arrive at the check-in table.

The race was staged about 200 yards up the lift service road. The area below the staging zone was a hairpin in the trail. Riders headed downhill through erosion-control trenches and berms (with some riders jumping over them) then turned 180 degrees to climb up the lift road to the finish line.

The (small) beginner class assembles at the start line. We're uphill looking east.

Rick Morris tests the trail while waiting for his start time
in the new Sport Men 50-plus category.

Not a big Beginner Men class. In the front are Bagdan and
Brandon. Just beind the blue jersey is our Clyde, Richard.

The Beginner and Clydesdale categories started their race at 10:30.

Sport, Expert, Semi-Pro, and Pro groups hit the trail at 11.

Shae Chatlin, Kellye Potter, David Ressa (rear) and Phil Blair listen to race announcements as the Beginner classes work their way to the start line.

Bogdan Balasa grinds up the steep lift road as his race starts.

Christian Burrell tests the trail while the dodging Beginners.

Brandon Dubovik climbs in a string of riders.

Richard Ewell (where's yer number, dude?) heads uphill.

David Ressa heads out for his lap.

Kellye Potter is enjoying things so far.

The loop was 95% singletrack. Passing was tough, but most riders were courteous and helpful.

The racers are already very spread out as they climb the steeper-than-it-looks service road up Little Stick.

Temperatures became a little toasty on the climb around the exposed southern side of The Gap. But the downhill cooled things off quickly.

Joe Benson hits the finish line after an unscheduled first-lap detour onto remote trail. There was one trail fork that was confusing, apparently due to absconded signage.

ICup provided chips and soft drinks at the finish line.

Stephan Bergen, Tim Wagstaff, Corey Spencer, and Phil Blair.

Results for UMB team racers:

  Beginner Men
    Brandon Dubovik 3rd
    Bogdan Balasa 4th
  Beginner Men 13-15
    David Ressa 4th
  Beginner Women
    Kellye Potter 1st
    Richard Ewell 1st 
  Pro Men
    Mitt Stewart 11th
  Pro Women
    Meghan Sheridan 2nd
  Expert Men 35-plus
    Stephan Bergen 3rd
    Brian Ressa 10th

Expert Men 50-plus
  Geno Smith 1st
Sport Men 50-plus
  Phil Blair 1st
  Rick Morris 4th
  Bruce Argyle 5th
  Gene Poncelet 7th
  Joe Benson 8th
Sport Men 35-49
  Tim Wagstaff 1st
  Shae Chatlin 3rd
  Steven Weaver 5th
  Christian Burrell 8th
  Corey Spencer 11th
  John Twitchell DNF
Sport Women
  Katy Nafus 2nd
  Jessica Septon 3rd
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