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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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Cactus Hugger
St. George - April 5, 2014

For the second race of the 2014 ICup season, storm clouds surrounded the race course yet things remained dry for the riders. Sunshine peeked through the clouds for most of the race. A few gusts of wind and a couple of raindrops hit during the awards but overall it was a perfect day. The Cactus Hugger course served up plenty of rough rock on the technical south side of the loop. Overall the tough course knocked about 10% of our riders to trailside with flats and mechanicals. Dallin Hatch and Phil Blair took 1st place wins, with second-place finishes by Draeden Jensen, Steven Bonney, and Sally Reynders.

Left:   The Pro Men group heads up the wash toward Cow Pond.

The Cactus Hugger course started in the staging zone of the Green Valley Competition Area. After the initial shakeout, the course deviated up a rock-bottom wash to pass the cow pond and enter Rock Wash. Just after the techy area of Rock Wash, the course climbed out and onto the ridgeline doubletrack for the remainder of the climb. After descending halfway down the mountain on doubletrack, we climbed up the DH singletrack, forking to the right onto the Barrel Trail to climb up through technical rock. Next began a long and rough descent back to the lap/finish zone. Length of this loop was 6.1 miles with 800 vertical feet of climbing.

Two barrel cacti emerge from the sandstone of the barrel trail
as the Pine Valley mountains loom over Green Valley.
Race bikes fill the racks at the team
Expert and Pro Categories
Pro Women:  

Left:  Meghan Sheridan swoops a turn on the
downhill as she rides to the 4th place spot in 
Pro Women.

Right:  A prickly pear cactus waits for a hug.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Mitt Stewart leads the Expert Men 40-plus group
up the rock of the first wash on lap one of three, finishing
with 4th place.

Right:  Dropping the lip of the little wash before the
final rock garden, Jason Sparks is approaching
the end of lap two as he takes the 6th place finish. 

Left: Descending the Barrel Trail on his final lap,
Stephan Bergen
rails a turn on the ridgeline as
he nails the 8th place spot.

Right:   With the sandstone of Snow Canyon in
the background,
Mark Messer heads downhill on
lap three, earning
14th place.


Left:   Exiting the rock garden on his final lap,
Steve Bonney
takes the 2nd place finish in 

Right:  Dave Benson drops down the rocks on lap
two as he gets his podium spot with 3rd place.

Dallin, John, and Christian collaborate on some bike fixing
before the race. 

Bruce does a controlled warm-up that's supposed to keep the heart
happier. Fail. Atrial fibrillation at mile 3.7, caught by Garmin Edge 800.

Open Categories
Women 40-plus:

Left:  Racing in the Women 40-plus
category, Sally Reynders descends the
mountain to take the 2nd place win.

Right:   A water bottle waits in the start/finish
zone, warming up to be ready for lap two.

Men 50-plus:

Left:  Paul Zimmerman cranks up the rock
wash-bottom on his first lap, taking the 8th
place position in Men 50-plus.

Right:  Well-hydrated cyclists wait to lighten
their riding weight before the second race.

Men 60-plus:

Left:  Joel Quinn heads up the first wash toward the cow
pond with Rick in pursuit. Joel gets a podium spot with
3rd place in Men 60-plus.

Right:  Cranking out the miles as he traverses the ridgeline
on his final lap, Joe Benson grabs the 5th place finish.

Bruce Argyle heads down the mountain
on the way to a ribbon for 6th place.

On the way to 8th place, Gene Poncelet
bounces through the rock garden.

  Rick Morris heads uphill strong on lap
one, but tire disasters give him a DNF. 

Left:   Richard Ewell cranks uphill on the first
of two laps in the Clydesdale category, taking
the 4th place ribbon despite hoofing down the
last mile with a flat tire.

Right:   The Beginner Men group lines up for
the first race at 10 a.m.

This race was significantly more technical than the Rampage, with
more wash-bottom ledges on the climb, more slickrock, and
a very bouncy rough downhill on Barrel.
The weather cooperated nicely. Storm clouds cruised past, but
managed to miss the race course. Temperatures stayed shirt-sleeve
warm, but with a bit of wind developing during the awards.
Sport Categories
Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:   Dallin Hatch emerges from the rock garden at
the bottom of the hill on his final lap. Dallin grabs his
second 1st place in the two races this season.

Right:  Daniel Truong flies down the Barrel Trail as he nails
the 4th place spot in the Sport Men 19-29 group.
Daniel somehow managed to flat his tire as he was
stopping to fix a broken chain, yet after the fixups
fought his way back to win a ribbon.


Sport Men 30-39:

 New to the team, Jeremy Andrews drops
down the rocks on the way  to 5th place.

Christian Burrell drops down the Barrel
Trail on his final lap, taking 11th.

Ben Hutchings zooms down the final stretch
 as he takes 14th in Sport Men 30-39.

Rocketing through the lap/finish area. Got your new bottle? Paintbrush blooms on the hillside.
Sport Men 40-plus:

Tim Wagstaff  heads downhill past the 
barrel cactus on the way to 7th place.

Corey Spencer cranks up the wash to
finish his two laps in 12th place.

After some mechanical issues, John Twitchell
heads toward the finish line in 17th position.

Richard enjoys the views as he packs his bike downhill. Draeden hits the finish line!
Beginner Categories
Beginner Men:


Left:   Joining the team with this race,  Phil Blair  
makes his first outing as a mountain bike racer and
discovers that he's pretty fast. After taking 1st place,
Phil vows to move to Sport Class for his next race.

Right:  Steven Weaver is another new recruit to the team,
grabbing a podium spot with a 3rd place finish!
Steven is just finishing up the rock garden near the
end of his lap.

Quinton Wall hits the first hill of the 
shakeout, cranking to the 7th place spot.

Adam Reynders grinds up the hill to
grab the 11th finish in Beginner Men.

Also new to the team with this race,
Cody Dabb rips downhill to take 13th

Kids Categories
Billy Goat:
Note:  Finishing order is not reported for the Billie Goat and Millie Goat (9-and-under) categories this year. Photos appear in the order they were taken. Parents, we really want get your child onto the web page. Let us know if we've missed anybody.)

Left:  Draeden Jensen stands and cranks
as he chases down a 2nd place finish
in the Billy Goat category.

Right:  After the Sport/Expert race, the team
gathers at the canopy for the post-race picnic.

Draeden Jensen  2nd



This was another great race that was "almost" bad weather. Fun course, but with some mean rocks. 29 team members raced, with some outstanding performances and some mechanical goblins. Next up:  Fruita!

More pictures:
     More photos from Kay! 
     Bruce photos
     Kids race photos from Kay!

GPX track of  Cactus Hugger 2014 course

Left:  Picnic time!

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