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Team Photo Scrapbook 2013
2013 Intermountain Cup and Utah State Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Lambert Park
Short-Track XC - April 20, 2013

Cold rain soaked Lambert Park overnight, forcing a two-hour rain delay while the course was re-routed. The rain-loop avoided the dangerous mud of the Rodeo Trail, cutting 1/2 mile and 150 vertical feet of climbing from each lap. Intermittent rain and wind kept racing fans in their winter coats, but the cool temperatures were actually pleasant for those actively pedaling. 

Left:   On a rocky climb on the Spring Trail, Bruce fights to keep ahead of team mate Joel. Lap 3 with 8.3 miles done and just over 1/10 mile to go.

Our team turnout for the Lambert Park race was a little thin. No doubt the weather kept quite a few racers away. There were problems with results related to computer failure -- we'll blame it on the cold and rain. And many racers and their families retreated to their cars rather than socializing. But we veteran racers have seen much worse, and we had a great time. So neener neener to those who stayed home, whatever your team.  UMB had first place wins by Meghan Sheridan and Joel Quinn, with 2nd place finishes from Bruce Argyle, Brock Jeske, John Twitchell, and Mitt Stewart. 

Racers arrived to temperatures around 40 with steady rain,
and even a little snow. The trails were covered with puddles.

The daffodils near the bathroom are beginning to bloom.
Spring must be coming, despite the fresh snow on the hillside.

Beginner Categories
Beginner Men:

Brian Vanderwel leaves the pavement
to climb the doubletrack, on the way to
taking 4th place in Beginner Men.

Also new to the team with this race,
Steve Dalley zips down upper Spring
to nail the 5th position.

Corey Spencer tips hard into a corner
as he dodges the oak brush to grab
the 6th place finish in the group.

Welcome to another new UMB racer!
Brad Griffiths drops downhill on
slimy trail to take 7th place.

Adam Reynders carves a hard turn on
the Spring Trail, finishing two laps
with 9th place.

Passing the Bowery parking zone
on the way downhill, Kevin Casto
races to take 10th. 

Beginner Women:     UMB had no Beginner Women riders!



The strider bikes wait in the volleyball court. A short loop
was taped off on the grass for the smallest competitors.

Mike works on a racer's fork. Mike didn't race himself, but 
provided all-day racer support for the UMB team.

Those who hadn't checked the USCS Facebook page waited while
the course was shortened and signs moved to run in reverse.
After a two-hour rain delay, the Beginner Men 35-plus group
lines up at the start line near the UMB canopy. 
Junior Categories
Junior Men 13-15:    UMB had no riders in this category!


Junior Men 16-18:   UMB had no riders in this category!



Junior Women 13-15:    
Left:   Hattie Ransom carves the fast turn
below Box Elder, heading for the rocky
tech section of Lambert Luge. Hattie gets
the 16th place finish in Junior Women.

Right:   The Pro Men group gets its
start. That's Chris Cole on the far
right. The shakeout was 1/4 mile
of pavement then 1/4 mile of

Junior Women 16-18:  UMB had no riders in this category!


Open Categories
Left:  John Twitchell zips downhill on
the damp singletrack on his second lap,
heading for the 2nd place podium spot
in Clydesdale.

Right:   The "rain course" was 2.8 miles
in length, compared to the planned
3.4-mile loop. It bypassed Rodeo and
the upper mountain. Climbing was
380 vertical feet per lap.

Women 40-plus:

Left:  Sally Reynders takes the "ledge
drop" off Box Elder after crossing the
road. Sally nails the 3rd place finish in
Women 40-plus.

Right:  The course ran in reverse, so
riders who'd practiced a high-speed
trip down River cranked back via
River. Dallin takes some air off the
bridge near the uphill end of the
River Trail.

Men 50-plus:
Left:   After clearing the rocky climb on
the upper River Trail, Paul Zimmerman  
grunts to get the wheel up and onto the
bridge over High Bench Canal. Paul
gets the 8th place spot in Men 50-plus.

Right:   Rick Morris zips down the Spring
Trail on the first lap, then disappears
from the photo record with a DNF.  

Lambert Park offers butter-smooth twisting singletrack... ...and rocky technical riding that challenges bike handling.
Men 60-plus:
Left:  Descending the Spring Trail on his
first lap, Joel Quinn gets his third win of
the young season with 1st place in the
Men 60-plus category.

Right:  Bruce Argyle cranks uphill through the
rocks below High Bench Road on the last of
three laps, taking his third 2nd place of the

Sport Categories
Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:   Brock Jeske makes the turn at 
the River Trail and High Bench junction. 
Brock is almost finished with his third
and last lap with 2nd place in Sport
Men 19-29.

Right:   After dropping extra
clothing, Adam cranks uphill
as he finishes his first lap

Left:   Dallin Hatch is enjoying the southbound cruise
on lower Spring, before hitting the rough stuff of
Lambert Luge. Dallin nails the 6th place spot in
Sport Men 19-29. 

Right:   Ryan Margetts twists to dodge the scratchy
oak brush as he zips along the narrow twisting
singletrack, taking 15th place.

Considering the overnight rain, the trails were surprisingly grippy. Down, back up, and quickly back in the race. Bike and rider are fine.
Sport Men 30-39:
Left:   Christian Burrell cranks uphill
on his final lap, heading for that final
sprint to an 10th place spot in Sport
Men 30-39.

Right:   John Twitchell heads uphill
past the feed zone as he finishes
his first lap. Many cheer leaders
braved the cold to encourage their

There were a couple of soupy spots, but most of the trail
was just damp enough for good grip. Mitt flies down
the Spring Trail near the homes of Box Elder.
Although the course was 1/2 mile shorter, racers rode the same
number of laps. The damp surface slowed things a bit, so
lap times were just a few minutes less than for the original loop.
Sport Men 40-plus:
Left:   Brian Ressa gets up the rough
climb at the top of River, finishing with
the 7th place position.

Right:   Mike Engberson and Paul
Zimmerman hand water and
electrolyte drink to the riders
of the Pro/Expert wave.

Sport Women 19-34:   UMB had no Sport Women riders!




Sport Women 35-plus:   UMB had no Sport Women riders!




Kids Categories
Youth 10-12:  

Left:   Welcome to new UMB team
member Norah Griffiths, riding in
the Youth 10-12 category. Norah is
descending the Spring Trail while
her dad coaches from behind.

Right:   Mitt crosses the finish line after his
four laps. That's a quick 11.2 miles
with 1550 vertical feet of climbing.

Billy Goat:  UMB had no riders in this category!


Millie Goat:    UMB had no riders in this category!


Expert and Pro Categories
Pro Men:
Left:   Chris Cole rocks his cyclocross
UMB team skin suit as he rails a turn
on the way to the  9th place finish in
Pro Men.

Right:   Team Spirit. Bruce shows the
2012 team poster before hiding it
from the rain. Large and small versions
are available at the UMB store, or from
Mike at races.

Pro Women:

Left:  Meghan Sheridan tips into a turn
while dodging the gambel oak as she
nails the 1st place spot in Pro Women.

Right:  After skiing away the morning in
the fresh snow at Alta, Meghan decides
to register and race. Good call. Here
Meghan celebrates being #1.

Expert Men 19-29:  

Left:   Adam Lee zips downhill on the
Spring Trail on lap one, finishing his
four laps with 4th place in Expert Men

Right:  Racers from various categories
share experiences at the team canopy.

Expert Men 30-39:    UMB had no riders in this category!


Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Blasting uphill after crossing
the bridge in the dip of the River Trail,
Mitt Stewart is just 0.2 mile away from
2nd place in Expert Men 40-plus.

Right:   Because there were four different
races spread over many hours, the team
decided to go with cheese 'n crackers
rather than a cookout.

Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders!




Singlespeed:   UMB had no Singlespeed riders!




Turnout for this race was smaller than expected. Those who did brave the weather were rewarded with a fun course. Already UMB seems to be in good position for the team season championship, and a couple of our riders have their category championships in sight. 

More pictures:
     Kay Hutchings photos (Thanks, Kay!!!)
     Bruce photos (first and last races and miscellany)
     GPX track of  Lambert Park 2013 course    2012 course
     Satellite view Lambert Park 2013 course    2012 course

Left:  Meghan gets her big check for winning the Pro Women category.

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