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UtCX Race 2
Fort Buenaventura, Ogden

The grass was white with frost as a few yellow rays of weak sunshine broke through the tall trees of Fort Buenaventura. It warmed up quickly, with temperatures pleasant by the second wave of racing. A great course awaited.

John Twitchell puts his Ridley on the new UMB bike rack, which made its debut at this event.

The course started on the broad grassy area southwest of the old Fort. The lanes were broad, allowing four or five racers abreast. Passing was never an issue.

Jason Sparks is called up to the front row of the Masters 45-plus wave at 10:30.

After a shakeout to the far end of the grass and back, riders had pretty much fallen into single file before hitting the first barriers.

Rebecca Sparks cranks down the lane established by the course tapes.

The first set of barricades was right in front of the staging area and announcers booth. Most of the race course was visible from this central area.

Mike hops the second barrier, holding that beautiful Ridley high.

After skirting the edge of the grass, the riding lane came back to a tricky, off-camber barricade. More than one rider went down here as they applied their brakes on the slippery grass.

Meghan Sheridan gets ready to dismount as the Women A group hits the second barricade at the worm fence.

Dismount on the left, turn to the right, run up a slippery slope to the tall barricade in the middle of a tight turn.

Meghan hits the dirt about 10 feet from the barricade. Her mountain bike has been fitted with smaller tires for cyclocross.

Several riders, including our own Rick Morris, went down hard on the slippery stuff.

Jason Sparks picks up the bike and begins his jump.

At the south end of the grassy area, a series of high-speed turns zigzagged through the trees. On one turn, a long near-horizontal branch waited to catch riders. If you timed it right, you could drag the branch 15 feet, then release it to smack the wheelsucker behind you! 

Mike Engberson leans the bike through the fourth turn in the series.

The course then followed the pond edge back north. At a hairpin 180 turn, the course had been improved by dumping water on it to make the turn a bit more challenging. Yeah, it's CX, baby!

Racers zoom northbound along the edge of the pond.

Another high-speed turn sent the course back north again, past a couple of teepees and over the footbridge.

Shane Horton accelerates out of the turn.

After the bridge, riders dropped down to the pond again and headed south.

After crossing the bridge, Mike turns and rockets southbound along the pond's edge.

Here riders hit the only singletrack of the course, a short detour from the southbound doubletrack.

Mike takes a 90-degree turn onto singletrack.

At the far south end, a pile of construction dirt gave an excuse for a run-up. But by the end of the second race, riders had worn it down enough that you could hit it hard and coast over.

The cliff at the top of the dirt pile is getting worn away. Now only the roadies are running it.

From the south end, a broad high-speed dirt path led to some sand and some cobbles, then jumped out onto the grass 150 feet from the finish line.

UMB again saw a good turnout with 17 racers. Podium finishers were Jason Sparks with 2nd and Meghan Sheridan with 3rd. Congratulations!

Jason spends a few seconds cooling off in the grass after his race. Rebecca is still waiting for her wave.

View more photos (approx 100) of questionable quality. team results!
Men C
 Dallin Hatch 4th
Men 35-plus C
 Corey Spencer 35th
 Joe Benson 36th
Masters 55-plus
 Jeff Kingsford 4th
 Clyve Cousins 11th
 Bruce Argyle 12th
 Rick Morris 15th
 John Twitchell 4th
Men 35-plus B
 Michael Engberson 16th
 Shane Horton 19th
Masters 45-plus
 Jason Sparks 2nd
Women A
 Meghan Sheridan 3rd
Junior Women 11-14
 Rebecca Sparks 4th
Junior Men 11-14
 Parker Horton 12th
Masters 35-plus A
 Nate Drozd 9th
 Jason Sparks 12th
 Michael Engberson  5th

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