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Team Photo Scrapbook 2012
2012 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Sundance Spin
Sundance Resort, North Fork Provo Canyon, May 12, 2012

The 34-degree early morning chill quickly gave way to pleasant temperatures before the start of the Sundance Spin in Provo Canyon. UMB was represented by 45 racers, which is close to record turnout for our team. The trails were dry and even a little dusty on Sundance's twisty singletrack. First place spots for UMB were Dallin Hatch, Rachel Hutchings, and Jay Griffin. There were many second-place wins, including Ryan Margetts, Tim Martindale, Adam Lee, Steve Bonney, Denmark Jensen, Casey Gibbs, and Bruce Argyle.

Left:  Bruce leads a string of riders on the downhill singletrack.

Category 9-and-under:

Left:   Sawyer Ransom pedals across the slope on
the way to a podium finish at 3rd place on the tough
9-and-under loop.

Right:   After dropping down the steep spot,
 Draeden Jensen heads toward 4th place
after two laps around the course.

Left:   Katie Dodge pilots the bike through the chilly
morning air in the 8:30 a.m. 9-and-under race, taking
the 6th place position in the category. The big guys
will race an hour later when it's warm.

Right:  Pierce Ransom gets around the course with
brother Hunter giving encouragement from behind him,
taking the 8th place spot.

Category 10-12:  
Left:   In the main race at 9:30, Hattie Ransom cranks
uphill to the 12-and-under course split, getting
herself a podium finish with 3rd place.

Right:   Baylor Payne fights his way up the steep hill
on the way to 4th place in the 10-12 age group.

Beginner 13-15:  

Left:   On the ski slope above the lodge,
Hunter Ransom carves a downhill turn as he
finishes his lap with 4th place in Beginner

Right:  Dylan Payne comes out of the forest onto
the ski meadow, grabbing the 5th place finish
in the category for a nice ribbon and team points.

Beginner 16-18:  

Left:   Devin Spencer heads across the
ski slope on the last singletrack section
before the end of his lap, taking the 5th 
place spot in Beginner 16-18.

Right:    Timpanogos looms above fir,
aspen, box elder, and maple forest.

Beginner 19-29:     
Left:  In his first race since joining the UMB team,
Dallin Hatch carves a hard turn and races on
to take the win with 1st place in Beginner Men 19-29.

Right:   Ryan Margetts rockets across the big ski slope
above the lodges as he nears the completion of
his lap and a nice 2nd place finish.

Beginner 30-39:  

Left:   On the shakeout climb, Michael Dodge leaves
the service road and grunts uphill on loose doubletrack
as he gets the 6th place ribbon in Beginner Men 30-39.

Right:   Spencer Neeley stands to crank up the
steepest spot on the race course, finishing with
the 12th place spot in the category.

Beginner 40-plus:

Tim Martindale rocks a turn on a narrow
ski passage, getting the 2nd place win
in Beginner Men 40-plus.

Adam Reynders traverses the lower ski
slope, heading back into the trees on
the way to 5th place.

Cory Spencer comes out of the twisty
forest singletrack near the end of the
lap, taking 9th place in the category.

Beginner Women:  

Left:  Rachel Hutchings drops the
competition in the initial shakeout
sprint up the road. A mechanical
renders her bike useless, but she
runs the rest of the trail with her bike
to take the 1st place win anyway.

Right:  The Expert Men 40-plus group fight
for position as they climb the steep service
road. That's Jason with #87.

Sport/Expert 13-15:  

Left:   Adam Lee rolls up and into
the forest singletrack as he speeds to
a podium spot with 2nd place in 
Sport/Expert 13-15.

Right:  Trail view looking east, a mile into
the race loop, as riders head gradually
uphill around the mountain.

Sport/Expert 16-18:  UMB had no Sport/Expert 16-18 riders at this race!


Sport Men 19-29:   

Left:  Steven Bonney carves a nice turn
as he completes his two laps with the
2nd place spot in Sport Men 19-29.

Right:  After coming around the mountain,
we see Timpanogos above the trail, with
balsamroot blooming in the May

Sport Men 30-34:

New to UMB with this race, Bill Moor 
is our top finisher in Sport Men 30-34
with 5th place.

Darren Stirland cranks a little more speed
on the ski slope near the end of his first
lap, nailing the 6th place ribbon.

Ben Hutchings takes a turn on the
endless twisting downhill, grabbing the
8th place position in the group.

Sport Men 35-39:

Left:    Jake Weber cranks up some speed and some
dust as he gets his podium spot with the 3rd place
finish in Sport Men 35-39.

Right:   Moving up to the Sport Class with this
race, Christian Burrell grabs a couple of points
for the team with the 7th place spot. Here Christian
is just finishing that steep shakeout climb.

Left:   Long-time UMB rider  Matt Flygare shows
how they carve a turn in Idaho as he comes south
to snatch the 8th place finish in Sport Men 35-39.

Right:  Adam Little heads up the service road,
finishing his two laps with 11th place in
the category.

Sport Men 40-plus:    UMB had no Sport 40-plus riders at this race!




Sport Women:   

Left:    Railing a turn on the zigzag
ski slope, Cat Kalwies gets the 
4th place finish in Sport Women.

Right:   Scott's Pond -- a pretty spot on the
mountain's back side -- if you had time to
take your eyes off the trail.

Expert Men 19-29:     UMB had no Expert Men 19-29 riders at this race!



Expert Men 30-39:   

Left:   In Expert Class action,
Ben Schmalz cranks toward the
end of lap 2 of 3, taking 9th place
in Expert Men 30-39.

Right:  The boardwalk. Nice downhill;
tough uphill the way we did it. 

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Jason Sparks fights for position as the Expert
Men 40-plus group heads up the hill. Jason nails
the 4th place spot with three tough laps.

Right:  On the downhill side of lap two, Mike Engberson
heads toward a ribbon with 6th place. 

Left:   Heading through the aspens as he
finishes lap one,
Dave Benson has to take
a DNF for this race.

Right:  Also with a DNF is new team member Mitt Stewart,
here heading downhill in the aspens. Details as we
learn them.

Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders at this race! 





Left:   The steep spots give no mercy
when you have only one gear. Denmark
 grunts uphill on the way to a nice
 2nd place finish in Singlespeed.

Right:   Any way that you and your bike
cross the finish line together is legal.
When things pop, break, or fall off,
just hoof it down the trail, and you can
still win. Go Rachel!


Casey Gibbs joins the UMB team and
immediately makes a difference by
grabbing 2nd place in Clydesdale.

Ryan Payne cranks across the ski slope
as he finishes two brutal laps for the
4th place spot.

John Twitchell drops out of the forest
singletrack on the way to the 5th place
finish in the category.

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Hustling down the serpentine
track on the ski slope, Sally Reynders
gets her podium spot at 3rd place
in Women 35-plus.

Right:  Ben and Denmark join other
racers as they check the results
on the  leaderboard.

Men 50-plus:

Jay Griffin flies downhill through aspen
forest to win the sorta-old category with
1st place in Men 50-plus.

Jeff Kingsford cranks uphill on the
shakeout climb, taking a couple of
points for the team with 7th place.

Zooming down the forest singletrack,
Paul Zimmerman finishes his two laps
with 10th place in the category.

Men 57-plus:
Left:  Riding his last lap with blood dripping on
the side of the trail, Bruce Argyle finishes the race
before heading to the hospital for two hours of
debridement, revision, and suture. Five packs of
suture. 2nd place, and he couldn't brag about it
at the post-race picnic because he was lying in
room 24.

Right:  Gene Poncelet hits a turn on the downhill,
getting himself a spot on the Men 57-plus podium
with a 3rd place finish!

Pro Men:
Left:    Justin Griffin zips down the ski
slope in his first outing as a professional
racer, taking 9th place in a large Pro
field. Congrats, Justin! We knew you
could do it.

Right:  The team gets together for the post
race barbeque. Gene is tending the
burgers and dogs as the team swaps
war stories.

Pro Women:    UMB's Pro Woman couldn't make it to this race! 


The UMB team came to Sundance with good turnout across a wide sample of categories. It made a big difference. This race was important to the season standings, as UMB hardens their lead toward the team season championship.

More pictures:
      Kay Hutchings photos     (Over 600 photos from the race!)

  GPX track of Sundance race loop  
  GIF satelite view of race loop

Left:  The Beginner Men 19-29 group gets their awards, with Dallin Hatch taking first and Ryan Margetts second.

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