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Team Photo Scrapbook 2012
2012 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Red Rock Rampage
St. George - March 3, 2012

While northern Utah was digging out from 8 inches of snow, the weather was sunny and dry in St. George. After a cool early morning, temperatures rose into the low 60s. The trail was in great shape for racing. The Rampage saw a good racer turnout as the cold-weather refugees came to southern Utah for some pedaling and sunshine. UMB had 45 racers in the competition. We had first-place wins by Adam Lee, Rachel Hutchings, David Sheeran, Ben Schmalz, Justin Griffin, and Jay Griffin, with 2nd-place finishes by Christian Burrell, Eric Ellis, and Chanda Jeppson.

Left:   Mark leads a column of racers in the Expert Men 40-plus category.

Category 9-and-under:

Left:   Joshua Neilsen cranks his bike
across the desert as he finishes a 2nd
9-and-under lap on the way to the
29th place finish.

Right:  The first UMB racers arrive in
the morning chill to a near-empty racing
area and begin setting up the support
base for the UMB team.

Category 10-12:  

Jacey Messer speeds downhill on the
12-and-under loop on the way to team
points with the 7th place position.

Hattie Ransom has her eye on the finish
line as she finishes the race with the
9th place spot in the 10-12 category.

Sydney Nielsen takes 17th place as the
third member of the UMB Tough Girls
Club. Way to go, ladies! 

Beginner 13-15:  

Adam Lee bounces through the dip at
the end of the long downhill, finishing
his lap with 1st place in his category.

Cranking up that first tough hill, Dylan 
makes his 6.5 miles count for the
6th place ribbon.

Hunter Ransom drops off the slickrock
at the end of the downhill, taking the
8th place spot in Beginner 13-15. 

Beginner 16-18:   

Left:   Landon Ashton  is back with the team
this year, climbing the hill on the shakeout
to take 3rd place for Beginner 16-18.

Right:  Garrett Hays cranks hard up the last hill, 1/4 mile
from the finish line and a 4th place ribbon in the category.

Beginner 19-29:   
Left:   Also back with the team and racing
strong is Colin Hunsaker, dropping off the
slickrock near the end of the race loop,
taking the 4th place spot in Beginner Men

Right:  As racers arrive for the first race, Mike
services bikes and distributes "loaner"

Beginner 30-39:  

Left:   Pulling over the first hill on the race loop,
Christian Burrell displays the results of hard
off-season training as he nails his first podium
spot with the 2nd place win in Beginner Men

Right:   Jeremy Parker finishes the shakeout
and hits the slope of the Green Valley Raceway
on the way to the 11th place finish.

As 10 a.m. nears, the racers of the first wave line up
in their categories, listening to Glen give race instructions.

A total of 29 racers in the 9-and-under category head into
the desert, some under the watchful eye of a parent.

Beginner 40-plus:

Left:   Paul Ermer makes his first race in UMB colors
and takes the 4th place spot in the Beginner Men 40-plus

Right:  Cranking up that nasty first little hill,
 Adam Reynders gets a team point for his lap
with the 7th place finish.

Beginner Women:  

Left:  Rachel Hutchings crests the hill
at the front of her racing group, taking the
blue 1st place ribbon in Beginner Women.

Right:  Casey draws alongside Ben as they
climb the last hill before the finish line.

Sport/Expert 13-15:  UMB had no S/E 13-15 riders!



Sport/Expert 16-18:  UMB had no S/E 16-18 riders!


Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:  Carving a fast turn on the first section of
singletrack, David Sheeran is on the way to the
1st place finish in Sport Men 19-29 in his first
outing as a UMB team member.

Right:  Also new to the team this year is David Neumann,
hitting the big ledge in Rock Wash on his 2nd lap and
taking two points for the team with 7th place.

Sport Men 30-34:

Left:   Nearing the end of his 2nd lap,
Ben Hutchings
 cranks toward the
7th place position (and team points).

Right:  Ride what you can; walk what you
must. As long as it gets you closer to
the finish line, just keep that bike moving.

Sport Men 35-39:

Left:  Another speedy newcomer to the UMB team for
2012 is Ben Schmalz, popping over the top of the ledge
in Rock Wash on the way to 1st place in the Sport
Men 35-39 category.

Right:  Jonathan Hall hits the big ledge on his 2nd
trip up the wash, finishing the race in team points
with 7th place.

Left:  Brian Thomas grinds up the last hill on his last
lap to finish the race with 11th place in the Sport Men
35-39 group.

Right:  Descending off the ridgeline trail to Rock Wash
(also known as Cow Pond Wash) Dan Hutchings gets the
16th place finish.

Our photographer Kay Hutchings aims the lens toward the race
staging area. The blue stripe is the finishing chute. The little yellow
dot in the middle of the photo is the UMB canopy.

During a lull in the action, Kay targets some spectators who are
enjoying watching the racers attack the big ledge. When the legs
are tired, failing to clear the ledge is not a dishonor.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:  Stephan Bergen seems to be enjoying his last climb
up Rock Wash as he cleans the ledge on the way to the
5th place ribbon in Sport Men 40-plus.

Right:  Dale Hutchings rockets through the final dip
on the way to the finish line and the 28th place
spot in the category.

Sport Women:   UMB had no Sport Women riders!




Expert Men 19-29:  

Left:  Justin Griffin is back with the team this season,
even through his jersey is the wrong color. Welcome,
Justin, and as long as you win 1st place, you can wear
any color you want.

Right:  Right behind Justin, Eric Ellis completes the
UMB domination of the Expert 19-29 group with the
 2nd place win as he enters Rock Wash on the 2nd of
three laps.

Expert Men 30-39:   UMB had no Expert Men 30-39 riders!


A cholla cactus alongside the trail. If you miss a turn, miss
the cactus also.

Beautiful blue sky frames Ben as he rockets down the
ridgeline of the first downhill.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   As the UMB team matures, we're growing our
own crop of expert racers. The team fielded EIGHT
racers in the Expert Men 40-plus category. First and
fastest is Jason Sparks, taking a ribbon in this speedy
category with 6th place.

Right:   John Higgins hits the turn on the first section of
singletrack on the first of three laps, finishing with the
12th place position.

Brian Jeppson rolls downhill after the
shakeout, moving up to take the 13th
place spot in the group.

Geno Smith attacks the ledge in Rock
Wash on lap 2, securing the 15th place
finish with a strong ride.

Mark Messer has good position on the
singletrack as this huge group rolls
out. Mark nails the 16th place spot.

Dave Benson drops off the slickrock at
the end of the downhill, nailing the
17th place finish in EM 40-plus.

Mike Engberson pulls high as he gets
ready to hit the ledge on his way to the
18th place finish.

Cranking into the big ledge, Denmark
finishes his 3 laps with the
28th place position.

Expert Women:   

Left:  Chanda Jeppson cranks out some
speed on a flat spot in the wash. Chanda
gets a podium finish in Expert Women with
the 2nd place win.

Right:  Looking across Santa Clara toward
the Pine Valley Mountains. Dry trail, bright
sunshine, and beautiful scenery.

Singlespeed:   UMB had no Singlespeed riders!




Left:   Joining the UMB team in 2012 and making his first
outing at the Rampage, John Twitchell descends the ridgeline
with the red Navajo sandstone cliffs of near Snow Canyon
as a backdrop. John takes the 5th place ribbon in Clydesdale.

Right:   Ryan Payne hits the tight downhill turn above
the Cow Pond as he sheds speed before entering
Rock Wash on the way to the 6th place finish.

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Sally Reynders is fighting up the last
uphill section before she finishes her lap
on the podium with 3rd place in Women

Right:  Adam hits the finish line as Glen
announces his number and time, and the
tag puller runs over to get his racing

Men 50-plus:

Having cleared the ledge, Jay Griffin
gets forward to power the pedals as he
takes 1st place in Men 50-plus.

On his 2nd of 2 laps, Paul Zimmerman
wheelies up onto the ledge on the way to
12th place in the category.

New in 2012 is Tracey Lott, hitting the
 dip below the slickrock on the way
to the 15th place finish.

Men 57-plus:

Joel Quinn hops the bike up the ledge
on the way to 3rd place in Men 57-plus,
with the old guys doing two full laps.

Bruce Argyle gets across the bump
on the way to the 4th place finish
in the category.

Speeding down the ridgeline, Gene
gets his 2 laps done with
the 9th place position.

Pro Men:
Left:   Heading into the first corner on
his first lap, Casey Zaugg rides hard despite
a respiratory illness, taking 13th place. Casey
was also promoting CocoNutz Fuel in the
canopy right next to the UMB camp.

Right:  The race is over, and it's time to swap
stories. In the trailer, racers are trying on
"fit kit" jerseys for the 2012 team uniform.

Dan cooks the burgers (while Bruce sits around whining
about his sore shoulder). Nice.

2012 recruiting poster. The team picnic featured a wealth of
salads and goodies.

The Desert Rampage gave UMB a great start to the season. We were
represented well in multiple categories, with only a couple of "empty"
racing groups. An exciting surprise was the arrival of some fast new
riders. Hope we made you feel welcome.  Good job, UMB!

More pictures:
     Bruce photos
     Kay Hutchings photos

GPX track of 2012 Rampage course

Left:  David gets his blue ribbon as winner of the Sport Men 19-29 category.
The top three finishers in each category received swag.

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