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Team Photo Scrapbook 2012

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2012 Intermountain Cup Season is over!
10 races March 3 through August 4 wins the ICup Team Championship for 2012 with a total of 1792 points. The average was nearly 170 points per race (with 100 points total credit for trailwork performed during the season).
The race team also keeps the traveling IMBA Trailwork Trophy for the most trail hours performed by an Intermountain Cup racing team for the 2012 season, with 144 total hours of trailwork donated by team members.
2012 Intermountain Cup Racing Series

Individual Category Overall Winners

Pro Men


Casey Zaugg

Pro Men 3rd place overall

686 points.
Photo: Cactus Hugger
Right photo: Casey at right.

Pro Women


Meghan Sheridan

Pro Women 2nd Place Overall

899 points. 
Photo: Draper
Right photo: Meghan at left.

Expert Men 30-39


Ben Schmalz

Expert Men 30-39 3rd Place Overall

507 points. 
Photo: Sundance
Right photo: Ben at right.



Dave Benson

Singlespeed 2nd Place Overall

235 points. 
Photo: Soldier Hollow

Sport/Expert 16-18


Jake Van Wagoner 

Sport/Expert 2nd  Place Overall

473 points. 
Photo: Solitude
Right photo: Jake on left.

Sport Men 19-29


Dallin Hatch 

Sport Men 19-29 2nd  Place Overall

194 points. 
Photo: Deer Valley

Sport Men 30-34


Ben Hutchings 

Sport Men 30-34 2nd  Place Overall

360 points. 
Photo: Cactus Hugger
Right photo: Ben on left. (Ian was AWOL)

Ian Beaty 

3rd  Place Overall

311 points. 
Photo: Soldier Hollow

Sport Men 35-39


Christian Burrell 

Sport Men 35-39 3rd  Place Overall

330 points. 
Photo: Five Mile Pass

Sport Women


Cat Kalwies 

Sport Women 3rd Place Overall

285 points. 
Photo: Cactus Hugger

Men 50-plus


Jay Griffin 

Men 50-plus 1st Place Overall

496 points. 
Photo: St. George Desert Rampage
Right photo: Jay at the top podium spot.

Men 57-plus


Rick Morris 

Men 57-plus 1st Place Overall

628 points. 
Photo: Sherwood Hills

Bruce Argyle 

Men 57-plus 2nd Place Overall

534 points. 
Photo: Cactus Hugger

Photo above:
A total sweep of the
podium by UMB, as Rick
takes 1st, Bruce 2nd, and
Joel takes 3rd.

Joel Quinn 

Men 57-plus 3rd Place Overall

476 points. 
Photo: Solitude



John Twitchell 

Clydesdale 2nd Place Overall

539 points. 
Photo: Snowbird
Right photo: John on the left.

Women 35-plus


Sally Reynders 

Women 35-plus 1st Place Overall

598 points. 
Photo: Five Mile Pass
Right photo: Sally takes the top spot!



Draeden Jensen 

9-and-under 2nd Place Overall, Male

438 points. 
Photo: Soldier Hollow

Sawyer Ransom 

9-and-under 3rd Place Overall, Male

281 points. 
Photo: Cactus Hugger

Photo above:
Sawyer on left at 3rd place,
Draeden on right at 2nd place.

Katie Dodge 

9-and-under 3rd Place Overall, Female

218 points. 
Photo: Draper

10 to 12


Hattie Ransom 

10-12 1st Place Overall, Female

381 points. 
Photo: Desert Rampage

Maggie Ressa 

10-12 3rd Place Overall, Female

210 points. 
Photo: Sherwood Hills

Photo above:
Hattie has the first place
trophy, with Maggie at left
winning 3rd.

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