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Team Photo Scrapbook 2012
2012 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Round Valley XC
Utah State Championship Series #2, June 23, 2012

The temperature was knocking on 90 degrees as the second USCS race of season got underway at Round Valley on a Saturday afternoon. Lap one was 7.9 miles with a long doubletrack shakeout leading to 800 vertical feet of climbing through sage brush and gambel oak. Lap two added the tough Backslide Trail for a distance of 8.3 miles and 900 feet of climbing. The heat was definitely a factor for many riders, with cramps and exhaustion taking their toll.

Left:  Looking north at the registration area from the parking at Round Valley.

After a mile and a half of narrow doubletrack on Fast Pitch, Matt's Flat, and Cammy's, racers were still pretty close together. On Rademan Ridge and upper Rambler, riders fought to get past slower descenders. The dry trail raised up dust, which many riders are still coughing up.

After descending through oak brush into the upper valley, the trail hit more climbing. The second climb came on Rambler, Valderoad, Barrel Roll, and Nowhere Elks. Then racers hit the high-speed twisting singletrack that Round Valley is known for, as the race turned east then south on Rambler.

For the second lap, racers diverted off of Matt's Flat to climb Backslide, descending back to Cammy's. The wind kept the heat-induced suffering at a minimum for many. For the mesomorphs (and I include myself), heat loss was a limiting factor. Fun racing. Sweaty and dirty.

Left: Looking west as a couple of riders head up Fast Pitch.

Results for UMB team riders

Expert Men 30-39
   Gary Wekluk 13th place
Expert Men 40-plus
   Mike Engberson 4th place
Men 50-plus
   John Higgins 3rd place
   Rick Morris 7th place
Men 60-plus
   Bruce Argyle 2nd place
Sport Men 30-39
   Michael Dodge 18th place
Sport Men 40-49
   Denmark Jensen 6th place
   Casey Gibbs 2nd place
   Corey Spencer 6th place
Junior 16-18
   Devin Spencer 3rd place
Junior 10-12
   Joseph Dodge
   Draeden Jensen

Did I miss any UMB team racers?

   GPX track file lap 1 and 2

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