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Team Photo Scrapbook 2012
2012 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Wimmer's XC at Sherwood
Sherwood Hills Resort, Logan June 30, 2012

The singletrack at Sherwood Hills was in beautiful shape, but dry and dusty. Because the race loop is short, racers are staged into three separate races. By the Expert race at 1:30, it was plenty toasty. UMB had quite a few empty categories in this race, but still came away with a good team showing. We had first-place finishes by Devin Spencer, Eric Jensen, Jake Van Wagoner, Casey Gibbs, Jay Griffin, and Joel Quinn plus second-places by David Ressa, Ian Beaty, Jack Gage, Jeff Kingsford, John Twitchell, Meghan Sheridan, and Casey Zaugg.

Left:   The Expert Men 40-plus category springs out from the start line. Mitt leads Mike, with ICup Director Ed Chauner in the red just behind Mike. Because Glenn of Ames Promoting was managing this race, Ed took advantage by turning pedals in the both Men 50-plus and EM 40-plus groups.

Category 9-and-under:   UMB had no 9-and-under riders at this race!


Category 10-12:  

Left:    David Ressa rockets down the hill to the lap/finish
split in the first race of the day, grabbing the red
2nd place ribbon.

Right:   Maggie Ressa makes the turn from the singletrack 
12-and-under loop to head uphill to the finish line, taking
3rd place in the 10-12 group.

Beginner 13-15:   UMB had no Beginner 13-15 riders at this race!



Beginner 16-18:   

Left:   Devin Spencer carves a turn on the
final twisting singletrack to the finish line,
scoring blue with the 1st place win in 
Beginner 16-18.

Right:  The first race starts at 9 am, as 
racers move into the staging area in 
the trees south of the finish line.

Beginner 19-29:   UMB had no Beginner Men 19-29 riders at this race!


Beginner 30-39:  

Left:  Eric Jensen pops out of the trees 
and turns downhill on a high-speed
straightaway as he rides to the 1st place 
finish in Beginner Men 30-39.

Right:  The race started on a one-mile
shakeout loop. There's a singletrack main
riding line, with fresh-cut grass
for passing on the sides.

Beginner 40-plus:

Left:  Tim Martindale twists through the maple trees
as he nears the end of his final lap. Just 1/4 mile to go
for the 4th place finish.

Right:  Close behind is Paul Ermer, standing and 
cranking for some extra speed as he heads home
with 5th place for Beginner Men 40-plus.

Mike McLaughlin looks toward the finish
line as he finishes his two laps with the
 7th place position.

 Powering through the maple forest, 
Adam Reynders grabs the 8th place
finish in the categry.

 Corey Spencer cranks around a turn
as he finishes the long tiring uphill
on the back side, taking 10th place.

Beginner Women:   UMB had no Beginner Women riders at this race!


Sport/Expert 13-15:  

Left:  New to the UMB team with this race,
Hayden Sampson rockets down the final
downhill stretch of the shakeout loop,
taking 4th place in the Sport/Expert 13-15

Right:   A dragonfly rests on an old mule's
ear blossom as it waits for a gnat to
ambush for lunch.

Sport/Expert 16-18:  
Left:  Jake Van Wagoner rolls through
a high speed turn as he approaches the
lap/finish split on the way to the 1st
 spot in Sport/Expert 16-18.

Right:   The Singlespeed group spread
out on the shakeout loop, with Jeff 
and Dave jockeying for the lead. 

Sport Men 19-29:  

Left:   Dallin Hatch carves a turn at the 
trail split, finishing on the podium with 
3rd place in Sport Men 19-29.

Right:  Wasatch Penstemmon blooms at
the trailside.

Sport Men 30-34:

Left:   Ian Beaty zips past a chokecherry
bush with camera capturing the action.
 Ian takes the 2nd place finish in the
Sport Men 30-34 categry.

Ben Hutchings came to the race to 
support the team, but didn't race 
because he was totally trashed as he'd 
just arrived back from a week at Lake 
Powell. (So don't feel sorry for him.)

Right:  The trail consists of some very
high-speed straightaways and a lot of
twisting turns in the trees. Eric is enjoying
being in first place as he rolls through
the maple groves.

Sport Men 35-39:

Left:   Rolling down a broad lane on one of the
straight sections, Jack Gage hustles along the
trail on the way to 2nd place in Sport Men 35-39.

Right:  Christian Burrell grabs a ribbon and 3 team
points with the 6th place in the category. 

Sport Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Brian Ressa arrives at the end of the
shakeout loop in a cloud of dust, but takes a
DNF for the race after getting his with three

Right:   A long day at the races. Mike arrived
at 8 am to set up camp for the team, but
didn't race until 1:30 in the afternoon.
Between fixing bikes, he sits and waits.

Sport Women:   UMB had no Sport Women riders at this race!




Expert Men 19-29:   UMB had no Expert Men 19-29 riders at this race!




Expert Men 30-39:   UMB had no Expert Men 39-39 riders at this race!


Expert Men 40-plus:  

Mitt Stewart heads downhill in a cloud
of Expert Men 40-plus riders, taking
podium at 3rd place.

Carving a turn on the backside singletrack,
Mike Engberson gets the ribbon with a
6th place finish in the category.

Jason Sparks powers up some speed on
on the way 7th place -- after tossing his
cookies while fighting for the lead..

Expert Women:      UMB had no Expert Women riders at this race!





Left:   Switching over to Singlespeed for Sherwood,
Jeff Kingsford impresses his team mates by taking
a podium spot with 2nd place.

Right:   After stopping to help an injured rider,
 Dave Benson pedals back to the finish line
for the 4th place finish.

Left:   Casey Gibbs pops out of an aspen grove and onto
a high-speed downhill as he grabs the 1st place win in the
Clydesdale category.

Right:   John Twitchell grinds through a maple grove
to take the 2nd place spot. 

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Sally Reynders coasts down the final
stretch of the shakeout loop, heading for
the main loop, as she gets a podium spot
with  3rd place in Women 35-plus.

Right:   For larger groups, dust was a
major factor on the higher-speed areas.
Here's Mike arriving at the singletrack
as the EM 40-plus group ends their
shakeout still in a tight bunch.

Men 50-plus:

Left:  Jay Griffin cranks up more speed
as he powers through his second lap,
taking another win with 1st place in the
Men 50-plus group.

Right:  Sweat plus dust equals black
pancake makeup. Mitt, with all respect,
don't you know it's politically incorrect
to wear blackface in these modern times?

Men 57-plus:

Left:  Joel Quinn turns uphill at the lap/finish split
as he keeps his lead to finish in 1st place in the Men
57-plus group.

Right:  Rick Morris powers a turn in the maple
forest, finishing his two laps with the 4th place

spot in the category.

Left:  Gene Poncelet heads to the finish line with the
5th place position.

Right:   Taking the lead as the group sprints from
the starting line, Bruce Argyle stops to render
CPR to a seriously-injured rider after 1/2 lap.
After an hour at the injury scene, he heads to
the finish line for a 6th place "official" finish.

Pro Men:
Left:    Casey Zaugg carves a hard turn as he nears the
end of another lap, taking an impressive 2nd place win
in the Pro Men category.

Right:   At the same spot, Justin Griffin fights the pro
field to take a ribbon with the 6th place finish.

Pro Women:

Left:   Meghan Sheridan looks to the next 
turn as she cranks up some speed, riding
to the 2nd place position in Pro Women.

Right:   The Sport race at 11:00 takes a
serious turn when Patrick McKnight hits
a trailside rock in the upper meadow
and goes down at high speed.
Ten minutes of CPR has brought back
pulse and breathing, and he's on his
way to the hospital by Life Flight.
[ Link to more details ]

Rick and his wife cook burgers and dogs for the team, while Bruce tells the story to concerned team members.
This race gave UMB a nice lead toward the season championship. While we were short in many categories, great individual performances gave the team plenty of team points. Thanks, riders, for making the long trip to Logan, braving the heat, and (in some cases) coming straight from an exhausting vacation to race with the team.

More pictures:
     Kay Hutchings photos
Thanks, Kay, for spending this long race day with us! Your photos are awesome. (Love the between-racer photos of critters and flowers.)

GPX track Sherwood Hills race loop

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