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Team Photo Scrapbook 2012
2012 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Lambert Park USCS Race #1
Lambert Park, Alpine - April 28, 2012

The Utah State Championship Series circuit race at Lambert Park was blessed with sunny weather. The trail was tacky from Thursday's rains, so dust wasn't a problem. The 3.4-mile race loop was fun and fast. Morning check-in temperature for the beginners was 33 degrees, but things had warmed up by race time. UMB had 24 team racers at the event, part of a large crowd of 300-plus racers. We saw first-place wins by Ben Becker, Ben Schmalz, Bruce Argyle, and Meghan Sheridan. Joel Quinn took a 2nd place, and 3rd-place podium finishers were Adam Lee, Tim Martindale, John Higgins, and Nate Drozd.

Left:  Meghan cranks the UMB canopy. Joel and Ben watch the race with scenic Lone Peak and Chipman Peak in the background. 

Age 9-and-under:

The children's races were held between the Sport and Expert waves at around noon.

Left:   Draeden Jensen comes around the short lap
on twisty downhill singletrack.

Right:  Pierce Ransom turns the bike toward the
finish line as he finishes his lap. One more turn
around the course to finish. 

Junior 10-12:  

Left:   Hattie Ransom turns on the sagebrush of
the Spring Trail as she heads downhill.

Right:  Carving a hard turn, Sawyer Ransom speeds
toward the finish line in the Junior 10-12 group.

Beginner Categories started at 9 am, racing two laps around a slightly-shortened version of the main race loop.

Junior 13-15:  

Not pictured:  Adam Lee takes 3rd place
in Junior 13-15 in the 9 am race.

Left:  Cranking up the singletrack on the shortened
beginner race loop, Chase Vallejo makes his first 
ride for the UMB team and takes 12th place in the 

Right:  Hunter Ransom heads uphill on his first lap,
taking the lucky 13th place spot in Junior 13-15. 

Beginner Men 19-35:   
Left:  New to the team with this race,
Jake Engel cranks up the connector trail 
from the Bowery, headed for the Rodeo 
Down descent. Jake takes the 6th place
position in Beginner Men 19-35.

Right:  The Sport category raced second
at 10:15 am.  Here the sportsters line up at
the start for the race briefing.

Beginner Men 35-plus:  

Left:  Giving the thumbs-up for a race done well,
Ben Becker heads up the final stretch to the finish
line with the 1st place spot in Beginner Men 35-plus.

Right:  With the Oquirrh Mountains over his shoulder,
Tim Martindale speeds uphill on the first lap of the
race, nailing a spot on the podium with 3rd place

Left:   Michael Dodge jockeys for position on the shakeout
sprint, getting a good finish with the 4th place spot in the
Beginner Men 35-plus group.

Right:  New to the UMB Racing Team, Casey Russell heads
through the lap/finish slot as he finishes the first of his
two laps, taking 10th place in the category.

The Sport Categories started at 10:15 am, riding three laps around the full 3.4 mile course.

Junior 16-18:  
Not pictured:  Jake Van Wagoner takes the 4th place spot in the Junior 16-18 category, which rode three Sport laps.

The Men 50-plus category sprints away from the start
line, heading for three laps around the course. That's John
in the white helmet, Jay in the yellow/black.

With Lone Peak in the background, Casey comes across
the bridge and flies down the rodeo trail on his third
of four laps with the Pro Men category.

Sport Men 30-39:
Left:  Ben Schmalz puts his head down and
fires toward the finish line, dominating the
Sport Men 30-39 category by completing his
three laps in first place.

Right:  The push-a-bike category (no pedals
allowed) races around their little loop below
the Bowery.

Men 50-plus:

Left:  Heading uphill for another lap, John Higgins
comes through the start/finish zone on the way to
a podium finish with 3rd place in Men 50-plus.

Right:  Jay Griffin cranks hard past the crowd on the
way to the 4th place position in the category.

Men 60-plus:

Left:  Spinning toward the finish line on the
last of his three laps, Bruce Argyle nails the
1st place finish on his home territory in the
older-than-old 60-plus group.

Right:  Joel Quinn heads up the hill while
checking out his injured hand. On the downhill of
the last lap, Joel takes a nasty endo but fixes the
bike and cranks on to finish with 2nd place.

The Expert race (including Singlespeed) started at 1 pm, taking four laps around the 3.4 mile course.

Expert Men 30-39:   

Not pictured:  Nate Drozd takes a podium finish
with the 3rd place spot in Expert Men 30-39.

Left:   Derek Ransom flies around a turn on Rodeo Down
on the third of four laps around the course, taking 13th
place in the category.

Right:   With a couple of laps still to go, Ian Beaty cranks
past the parking area with camera going. Ian takes the
24th place spot in EM 30-39.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Mike Engberson is enjoying the sunny
day (and a brief break from fixing bikes at the
team canopy) as he races the Expert Men 
40-plus group and takes 8th place.

Right:   Ian grabs a drink at the support zone
as he approaches the lap/finsh line. Ian has
three laps done, one more to go.

Expert Women:   

Left:  Welcome to new team member Meghan
, who dominated the Expert Women
category with a commanding 5-minute
margin to take 1st place. Here Meghan is
zipping into one of the last turns on the 
Rodeo trail.

Right:  Mike heads toward the finish line
in the Expert race.


Left:   Fighting toward the finish line with a
single gear, Denmark Jensen completes four
laps in Singlespeed, finishing in the 8th place

Right:  In BM 35-plus, Tim Martindale gets
to the finish line just before Michael Dodge
to round out 3rd and 4th.

Pro Men:
Left:   Fighting for position on the uphill
shakeout sprint, Casey Zaugg flies up the
hill with the Pro Men category and takes
11th place. Casey's
CocoNutz Fuel is a
series sponsor, with Casey spending the
morning at the CocoNutz booth.

Right:   Meghan gets a $60 check as the top
Expert Women finisher. Congrats!

This was a fun and well-run race. With three different race starts (well, six if you include the three kid's races), Lambert Park handled the crowd well. The course was fast and furious and never boring. 

After the Sport race, UMB had a burger BBQ at the team canopy. The level of team support at any race depends on the number of team members who will be participating. With a great turnout of old and new team members, it was a great day for UMB.

More pictures:
     Bruce (and others) photos

GPX track of Lambert Park USCS course

Link to USCS racing web site.

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