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Team Photo Scrapbook 2011
2011 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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2011 Season Championship

First, let's congratulate the Mad Dog racers for an excellent season. They won by 20 points out of 1468. It made for a very interesting year of racing.

Now let's look at the individual category winners from

Category 9-and-under, Female:

Jacey Messer,  3rd place
Female 9-and-under with 582 season points.

Jacey at the Cholla Challenge in April.

Category 9-and-under, Male:

Coleman Cowan,  2nd place
Male 9-and-under with 584 points
Coleman at Soldier Hollow in May.

Coleman (left) and Carson (right)

Carson Taylor,  3rd place
Male 9-and-under with 156 points.
Carson at St. George in March. 

Sport Men 19-29: 

Ian Beaty,  1st place
Sport 19-29 with 638 points.
(Ian upgraded to Expert for the last 2 races.)

Ian at Five Mile Pass in May.

Sport Women:   

Cat Kalwies, 2nd place
Sport Women with 419 points.

Cat at Dutch Hollow in early July.

Pro Men:    

Casey Zaugg,  3rd place
Expert Men 19-29 with 564 points.
(Casey upgraded to Pro around mid-season and actually
qualified for 3rd place there. The award is given in the
category in which the most races are done.)

Casey at the Cholla Challenge in April.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Mark Messer, 1st place
Expert Men 40-plus with 1229 points
Mark at Solitude in July.

Jason (left) and Mark (right)

Jason Sparks,  2nd place
Expert Men 40-plus with 1055 points
Jason at Draper in May.


Richard Ewell,  1st place
Clydesdale with 706 points.

Richard at Five Mile Pass in May.

Women 35-plus:

Sally Reynders, 2nd place
Women 35-plus with 563 points.

Sally at St. George in March.

Men 50-plus:   

Jay Griffin,  2nd place
Men 50-plus with 499 points.

Jay at Solitude in late July.

Men 57-plus:

Joel Quinn,  1st place
Men 57-plus with 703 points.
Joel at Solitude in July.

Bruce (left) and Joel (right)

Bruce Argyle,  2nd place
Men 57-plus with 620 points.
Bruce at Cholla in April.

IMBA Trailwork Trophy

The team won the IMBA Trailwork Trophy for 2011 with a combined total of 222 hours of trailwork.

Thanks to all who helped make Utah's bike trails better.

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