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UMB team members put in over 240 hours building and fixing trails during
 the 2010 racing season (mid-August 2009 through July 2010).

The Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series (ICup) sponsors trailwork by its racers, overseen by the Utah chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). The "trailwork year" starts after the last race of the previous season. has won the trailwork trophy every year since the team trophy program was started!

Rush Trail Construction. Many team members worked alongside Revolution and Mad Dog racers to get the trailbase ready for the new Rush Bike Flow Trail from Traverse Ridge to Corner Canyon in Draper. The upper two miles are ready to ride.

New Upper Mill Canyon -- 2.5 miles of nice new singletrack. Team members worked on the smoothing crew to make the new upper Mill Canyon trail ready for bike tires. This new trail replaces an impossibly-steep section of the old Mill Canyon trail, and has already changed many riders' minds about how they'll ride American Fork Canyon.
Closure of non-motorized route to vehicles, Lambert Park. After the guys in trucks again dismantled the barriers designed to keep them out of this closed-to-motorized-vehicles route, we made the truck-stoppers more substantial. We built a trench-bump-trench barrier at the bottom and created a "naturalized zone". We added to the barriers at the top. We created a "riding or hiking line" along the path, filling the non-riding areas with dead branches and rock.
Tree removal, pruning, surface improvement, trail signs in American Fork Canyon. Steve Winters works closely with the forest service to make the many trails in American Fork Canyon even better. He put in 85 volunteer hours during the season, removing deadfall, pruning, planting signs, and smoothing trail.
Thistle Control Lambert Park!  The project to decrease thistle density is in its 4th year. The northern zone, the western strip with High Bench and River, and the southern end now have very few thistle, but the central area has a large zone of extremely dense thistle. We cleared the northern 2/3, including the severe infestation area.

Trail surface repairs, multiple sites.  Because UMB has team members from around the state, riders joined trail crews near their homes. Surfacing was done for the Bonneville Shoreline Trail sections in Ogden, Brigham City, Salt Lake City, Orem, and Provo. Our racers also worked on Lewis Peak, Mueller Park, Lambert Park, and Draper trails.

Perry Canyon. The Perry Canyon trail has been creeping toward the top of Grizzly Peak. Our Brigham City racers spent their volunteer hours working on this trail.
Oak Hollow trailbase improvement, pruning. The team spent a trail workday smoothing and widening the trailbase of the Oak Hollow BST connector. We did a "three year prune," taking out a couple of chokepoint trees that messed up the riding lines and pruning back overgrown brush for a six-foot corridor.