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Team Photo Scrapbook 2010
2010 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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View of Timpanogos from the end of the 9-and-under course, as the kids assemble to begin their race. Looks cold, but it isn't.

Sundance Spin
Sundance Resort, Provo Canyon - May 15, 2010

Sundance was about as perfect as a race can be. The weather was clear and beautiful. Sundance did a great job of getting their excellent trail system ready for the race. The always-great singletrack was the best it's ever been. 40 racers represented UMB in this 4th race of the 13-race ICup season. We had our customary after-race picnic with burgers, dogs, and those wonderful salads provided by team members. UMB team riders Steven Barlow, Kyle Jackson, Mark Messer, and Jay Griffin took 1st places, with Joel Quinn, Russ Margetts, Ryan Anderson, Chris Cole, and Jack Gage getting 2nd place finishes.

Left:  Spring is slowly creeping up into the mountains, and the excellent condition of Sundance's trails was a pleasant surprise. Jeff is almost to the top of the mountain after a little diversion up the side-canyon.

Category 9-and-under:

Left:  Aiden Thayer cranks his bike
between the cones of the 9-and-under
loop, taking 8th place. Aiden was our
only racer in this category. Hope you have
more company at the next race, Aiden!

Right:  The canopies and the team gear
wait for the racers to finish their laps
and return for burgers, pop, and salads.
The parking area is newly paved this year. 

Category 10-12:

Left:  Joshua Peterson cranks up the dirt road to reach
the 12-and-under cutoff for a two-mile lap. Joshua hustles
to another podium finish at 3rd place, continuing his
solid season in the 10-12 category.

Right:  Harrison Woodard rolls into a high-speed turn
on the downhill singletrack of the 12-and-under loop,
finishing with 9th place. The 12-and-under route was
a painful pavement and dirt-road climb to intersect
the downhill portion of the main race loop.


Beginner 13-15:  UMB had no Beginner 13-15 riders at this race!


Beginner 16-18:   

Left:  Kyle Jackson carves a turn in the meadow
of the ski slope. Kyle is back with the
team this year, taking a solid 1st place.

Right:  Landon Ashton leans into a turn on
the downhill as he nears the end of
his big lap in the 9th place position.

Beginner 19-29:   

Left:  Exiting the trees on the downhill,
Ryan Anderson flies into the tight turns
of the lower ski slope to finish with the
 2nd place win.

Right:  The race loop starts with a brutal
long shakeout climb on paved road, then
dirt road. It was a great relief to finally hit
singletrack and head into the fir trees.

Beginner 30-39:  

Left:  Nathan Thayer rolls toward the
final road climb that will finish his lap
and give him a team point at 7th place.

Right:  Nearing the end of the ugly climb.
What racing feels like:  hurting as you try
to stay ahead of the guy who's chasing you.
Or hurting and fighting to stay with the guy
who's just a little faster than you are.

Beginner 40-plus:


Left:  Steven Barlow climbs up toward the beginning of
the singletrack, making his first race as a UtahMountainBiking
team member count for a 1st place win.

Right:  Russ Margetts is back with the team again for 2010,
rocking the BM 40+ category with a podium finish at
 2nd place. We've missed you, Russ! Welcome back.


Beginner Women:  UMB had no Beginner Women riders at this race!


Sport/Expert 13-15:  

Zachary Peterson hits the last singletrack
after two big loops, and needs only
to climb the road to take 3rd place.

Tipping the bike into a high-speed turn,
Brayden Nielsen is finishing his first lap,
working on a 5th place finish.

Dallin Johnson nears the end of the
shakeout climb in the SE 13-15 group,
grabbing the 6th place finish.

Sport/Expert 16-18:  UMB had no S/E 16-18 riders. (Justin moved up. Again.)
Sport Men 19-29: 

Left:  Dan Nath is new to the UMB team with the Sundance
race, entering in the Sport Men 19-29 category. Dan is just
exiting the singletrack to start the climb back toward the
finish line and 10th place.

Right:  Back with the team after two years doing "other
things," Tyler Margetts pops out of the trees onto the
downhill ski slope, finishing his two big laps with 17th place.

Sport Men 30-34:

Jack Gage adds some extra speed as he
traverses the ski slope and heads into the
fir trees, grabbing a great 2nd place finish.

Dan Hutchings gets forward to put
some power to the pedals as he climbs
toward the finish line and 14th place.

Steve Brumbaugh transitions from
singletrack to road on the last climb of
his two laps, taking the 15th place spot.

Does the sign hold the secret to race success? Keep going?
Nobody can accuse Justin of "parking."

Racers finish their laps and mosey over toward the team picnic.
A very nice day in the mountains...

Sport Men 35-39:


Left:  Mark Messer flies along the Boneyard trail early
in his first lap, dominating his category with another
1st place win.

Right:  Lee Nitchman hits a fast turn on the lower ski
slope near the end of the first lap, getting a great finish
with 4th place, in his first outing as a UMB team member.


Left:  Jonathan Hall climbs past fir and bare aspen
on the way to the 9th place finish in SM 35-39.

Right:  Ryan Nielsen begins the killer climb back
uphill to the finish line on his last lap, taking
10th place.


Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:  Jason Sparks powers a turn on the ski slope
as he races to a 4th place ribbon.

Right:  New to the UMB team at this race, Chad Horman
climbs toward the singletrack on his first of two laps,
nailing team points with his 7th place finish.

Left:  Moving up to Sport Class, Cort Ashton hits the
final downhill of his second lap, finishing with the
13th place spot.

Right:  Dale Hutchings comes out of the shadows of
the fir trees and aims the bike toward the Navajo lift
at the bottom of the mountain, taking 14th place.

Sport Women:  UMB had no Sport Women riders at this race!




Stuff happens.

At left, Gene walks his interesting-looking
front tire along the trail while waiting for a
loaner tube. A tubeless failure, then the spare
tube fails. Stuff happens.

Denmark demonstrates a tangle of bicycle
after his frame shattered during the last of
his three laps. Stuff happens.

Expert Men 19-29:  

Left:  Wearing the Utah Valley University team colors
(but riding for UtahMountainBiking), Eric Ellis fires
across the slope to finish three long laps with 3rd place.

Right:  After dominating the Expert 16-18 category at
age 14, Justin Griffin moves up to the Expert 19-29 category.
The Fates of Biking welcome Justin to his tougher group
 by handing him a flat tire, knocking him back to 7th place.


Expert Men 30-39:


Left:  In front of the snows of Mount Timpanogos,
Derek Ransom's mud-spattered legs power him toward
three team points for his 7th place finish. The rest of us
dodged that puddle, Derek.

Right:  Mike Engberson emerges from the trees
in front of the melting snow fields and beautiful
blue sky, finishing with the 9th place position.
Because Mike didn't tell anybody that raceday was
also his birthday, his lucky-number prize was his
only birthday present.


Expert Men 40-plus: 

Left:  Denmark Jensen hits the downhill
on his singlespeed rigid bike. On the third lap, Denmark shatters his frame and has to hike
back for a DNF.

Right:  The Sport-Expert 13-15 category gets
their awards. Three out of six are UMB riders.
We admire our tough young racers!

Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders at this race!





Chris Cole grinds up the ugly long
climb in the back canyon to take
2nd place in Singlespeed.

Brian Oliver posts a turn in the aspens
as he grabs the 4th place position
in the category.

Shane Horton fights up the slope as
he begins another tough lap on the
way to the 6th place finish.

Clydesdale:  UMB had no Clydesdale riders at this race!




Women 35-plus:


Left:  Jolene Nosack gets a podium finish with 3rd place
as she heads out of the trees and into the warm sunshine.
Temperatures were very pleasant for racing.

Right: Sally Hutchings carves a turn on the lower ski
slope as she finishes her lap with 6th place for a
ribbon and some points for the team.


Men 50-plus:


Left:  Jay Griffin cranks through a meadow as he
continues his domination of the Men 50+ group
with another 1st place finish.

Right:  Jeff Kingsford sucks in the mountain air as
he fights uphill toward the finish line on the
last of his two big laps, finishing with team points
at 7th place.


Men 57-plus:

Joel Quinn flies into a turn near the
end of his lap-and-a-half race to finish
on the podium with 2nd place.

Bruce Argyle eyes the next turn
on the half-lap portion of his race,
grabbing a ribbon at 6th place.

Gene Poncelet is knocked to the back
of the pack with a flat, but soldiers on
to finish in 8th place in Men 57-plus.

Sundance was a fun race. Beautiful weather, nice trail. And after a long winter we're riding in the mountains again. Many UMB racers made great individual efforts and hit the podium. But overall, the team didn't have its usual depth. We missed points in key categories, with the most "no-rider" defaults of any race this year. Our Mad Dog hosts chewed into our lead of season points like so much kibble, setting an all-time record for team points with an impressive team victory and many outstanding individual races. This will be an interesting season. Nine races to go -- we're just getting started.

     More pictures:
          Bruce / Stephen Brown photos 
          Kay Hutchings photos 

Left:  Steve Brown, returning the start area with the camera on his back, took race photos for the team. Bill Becker was at the race as a volunteer. And thanks to Kay Hutchings for again helping to make the race memorable with her photography!

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