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Team Photo Scrapbook 2010
2010 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Red Rock Desert Rampage
St. George - March 6, 2010

The weather was pleasant in St. George for the kick-off to the 2010 Intermountain Cup racing series. The team showed off their 2010 jerseys for the first time. The turnout was huge for this popular race, and the UMB team fielded 60 racers. We had a racer in every division except Pro and Beginner Men 19-29. First-place winners for UMB were Justin Griffin, Jay Griffin, and Jack Gage, with a second-place finish by Eric Ellis.

Left: Darren Harris and Mark Messer hit the first hill with 27 racers in the Men Sport 35-39 class.

Category 9-and-under:

Left:   Mason Frederick heads back south to complete
a lap with the red cliffs near Snow Canyon in the background.
Mason is the fastest of our younger UMB riders, coming in
at 5th place for the 9-and-under group. 

Right:  Jonah Frederick hunkers during the initial sprint
northbound on the desert doubletrack. Jonah finishes
his three laps at a good pace, grabbing two points for
the team with 7th place.

Sydney Nielsen gets a nice 2nd place
win among the 9-and-under girls.

Jacey Messer pedals back to complete
her 2nd lap on the way to 3rd place.

Hattie Ransom sprints out on her first
lap, finishing in 4th place for the girls.

Sawyer Ransom climbs out of the little
wash on the way to 16th place boys' spot.

Parker Horton heads toward the finish
line in 19th place.

Aiden Peters makes his first race with
the team, getting 21st place for 3 laps.

Category 10-12:

Left:  Joshua Peterson is our fastest 10-12 category
racer at the Desert Rampage, as he rolls down the
big hill to finish his first lap. Joshua kept a good pace
to grab the 4th place position.

Right:  Hunter Ransom cranks behind Joshua on
the final lap, nearing the finish line. Hunter finishes
just behind at 5th place.

Left:  Harrison Woodard gets out of the saddle to
sprint southward toward the finish line on his
final lap, finishing the race with 7th place.

Right:  Shawn Nielsen carves the turn at the bottom of
the hill and sets his eyes on the doubletrack leading
back to the finish area. Shawn gets across the line
in 8th place for the next-to-youngest category.

Beginner 13-15:  

Left:   Miles Rawle sprints out with the young teen pack,
making his first race count for a team point with a
7th place finish. Miles joins the team for the 2010 season.

Right:  Landon Douglas is also a new racer with UMB,
cranking across the desert dust to finish with 8th place
in the Beginner 13-15 group.

Beginner 16-18:   

Left:  Lance Jarvis crests the last hill. All downhill to the
finish line from here. Lance gets a good race to finish 5th.
After a "redshirt" season last year, Lance is back with
the team with the "yellowshirt."

Right:  Landon Ashton has joined the UMB race team
in the Beginner 16-18 category. Landon is outward bound
to finish his single 6.5 mile lap in 8th place.

Beginner 19-29:   UMB had no Beginner Men 19-29 at this race!


Beginner 30-39:  

Left:  After navigating "the plunge" and the rock drop,
Jeff Frederick gets out of the saddle to hustle up the
last hill, finishing with the 4th position in BM 39-39.
Is that a little spot of blood on the right knee, Jeff?

Right:  Corbin Young gets low as he sails downhill
toward the finish area, nailing a team point with his
7th place finish.

Beginner 40-plus:

Left:  Cort Ashton grinds out the hill
to finish his lap in 5th place for the BM
40-plus category. Good for three valuable
team points for UMB!

Right: Base camp on the flat near the
start/finish line. Riders prep their bikes
and swap race hints.

Beginner Women:  

Left:  Rachel Hutchings heads onto
the course in the middle of the Beginner
Women pack, finishing her race with the
8th place position.

Right:  Before the race, Joshua, Harrison,
and Zachary show off the new 2010
race jerseys (and their winning attitude!).

Sport/Expert 13-15:  

Dallin Johnson crests the hill 1/2 mile
from the finish area, nearing completion
of his first of two laps, finishing 5th.

Zachary Peterson tips into the final turn
before the finishing gates, hustling in
to nail the 6th place finish.

Brayden Nielsen gets out of the saddle
to grind up that first killer hill, taking
8th place in the S/E 13-15 group

Sport/Expert 16-18:

Left:  Justin Griffin powers the Motobecane up the
first hill, fighting a close race to come away with 1st place 
in the S/E 16-18 class. Despite being a couple of years
younger than the class he rides in.

Right:  Jared Muir puts the pedal down, speeding into
the downhill stretch. Jared gets a ribbon and team
points with 6th place.

Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:  Brendan Ashton banks into the
last turn across from the finish line.
Dip through the wash, navigate the
choke-point gates, and cross the finish
line in 10th place.

Right: Glenn gives instruction to the
attentive racers of the Sport/Expert
16-18 class, while behind them the
Men 57-plus class has heard it all

Sport Men 30-34:

Left:  Jack Gage hits the first hill in a clot of 23 racers
in the Sport 30-34 category. Jack nails a 1st place finish
in a fast race, coming in a full minute ahead of 2nd.

Right:  Steven Brumbaugh gets in a last power stroke
before he dips into the wash across from the finish
line, finishing his race with the 10th place position.

Dan Hutchings cranks up the final hill
on his 2nd lap, taking the 11th spot.

Ben Hutchings fights up the hill on the
way to the 22nd finishing position.

Charlie Peters gets a good start, but
takes a flat tire, walking back for a DNF.

Sport Men 35-39:

Left:  Darren Harris gets forward to mash
the pedals harder as he fights through to take
the 4th place spot in SM 35-39 among 27 fierce

Right:  Mark Messer has moved to Sport for this year,
cranking the bike up the first hill during the initial
shakeout. Mark chases 4 seconds behind Darren
to take the 5th place finish.

Left:  Mike Horne is a "stealth" team member who might be missed by photographers. Although Mike worked to design our 2010 jerseys, he uses his Epic Cyclewear jersey during races. Maybe we can paint his helmet with UMB colors. Or he can chat up our photographers before races. Anyway, here's Mike climbing over the last hill on his way to 16th place.

Right:  Ryan Nielsen heads up the first hill in good
shape, but early in the first lap shredded his tire.
The fix didn't hold, and the bulging tube blew, so
Ryan made that frustrating hike to get his DNF.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Jason Sparks banks into the wash to
get across the finish line with 3rd place!

Stephen Bergen gets tall in the saddle
on the first hill, taking 17th among 38.

Dale Hutchings finishes his 2nd tough
lap with the 26th-place finish.

Sport Women:

Colleen Tvorik cranks up and over the
last hill on the way to 9th in Sport Women.

Cat Finlayson has a smile as she tips
toward the finish line in 10th place.

Amber Hatfield climbs the first nasty
hill, taking the 11th-place spot.

Expert Men 19-29:  

Left:  Eric Ellis tips into the final turn
in his 2nd of 3 laps, finishing with the
2nd place spot in this tough category.

Right:  We've all been there. Ouch. Then a
moment to recover your fighting spirit.
Aiden recovers from his contact with
the rocky desert to get back on the bike
and soldier on.

Expert Men 30-39:

Brian Jeppson fights to keep position
as he crests the hill, finishing with 6th.

Derek Ransom is close to finishing his
2nd of 3 laps, nailing the 10th spot.

Mike Engberson grabs 20th among the
39 racers in the big EM 30-39 group.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:  Denmark Jensen has moved up to
expert class this year. He's cranking up
the first hill on the way to the 18th place

Right:  Old and new jerseys go head-to-head
as Jay (right) challenges Shane in the
looking-cool category.

Expert Women:   

Left:  Chanda Jeppson gets low and
cranks out some speed as she crests
the last hill of the course, finishing
with the 5th place spot in Expert Women.

Right:  Three UMB riders cross the finish
line. Cat has just had her tag pulled as Ben
crosses the magic stripe that means the
pain is over and the celebrating can


Chris Cole joins the team in 2010, nailing
3rd place in the tough Singlespeed group.

Brian Oliver heads toward the finish
line with a ribbon for 6th place.

Shane Horton grinds up that ugly first
hill on the way to 10th place.


Richard Ewell makes the final turn as
he grabs 6th place in Clydesdale.

Mike Ball fights up the first hill of the
course, finishing with 8th place.

Also new to the team, Veldon Moser
hustles to take 10th for his two big laps.

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Sally Hutchings shows that
season-podium determination as she
hits the top of the hill. Sally finishes
her lap with a ribbon and 3 team
points in 5th place.

Right: Getting the team picnic underway.
Burgers, hot dogs, salads, chips, cookies.
And lots of war stories to tell.

Men 50-plus:

What can you say about Jay Griffin,
other than Wow, another well-earned
and hard-fought 1st place.

Jeff Kingsford powers up the first hill
on his way to 11th place. The Men 50+
group was huge at 23. Tough guys.

Brent Jarvis tips into the final turn
to finish his first UMB race with 17th.
Feel good to be faster than your kid?

Men 57-plus:

In the ever-tougher 57-plus group,
Joel Quinn
 grinds up the last hill
to finish with 4th place.

Bruce Argyle sprints toward the finish
line in front of the red cliffs, getting
the 8th place position.

Gene Poncelet has joined the UMB team
this year, but as usual, will still be gunning
for Bruce. Gene finishes in 9th place.

The 2010 Rampage was a good start to an important year. If we win the team competition this season, we keep the trophy forever. If you didn't finish as well as you'd hoped, work hard and don't be discouraged. Mid- to late-season is when the ribbons (and championships) are won. Let's do this!

More pictures:
     Bruce photos (kids and beginners)
     Griffin photos 
     Hutchings photos

Ryan (left) and Charlie (in the line of busted bikes on the right) pushed their bikes hard while they raced, then pushed them literally after disaster struck.

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