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Team Photo Scrapbook 2010
2010 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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23rd Annual Mountain Bout
Snowbird Resort, Saturday July 3, 2010

The Snowbird ICup race saw clear blue skies and crisp temperatures. The trail was more technical than in previous years, with plenty of embedded rocks in the singletrack and dangerous washouts on the tram road descent. The UMB team enjoyed a good turnout as 46 racers hit the mountain, running up a record-tying 175 team points. Joshua Peterson, Ryan Olsen, Chris Cole, Jack Gage, Mark Messer, and Angelica Jameriez took first place in their categories. Steven Barlow, Shane Horton, Rachel Hutchings, Cat Finlayson, Casey Zaugg, and Joel Quinn won 2nd place.

Left:  Ben Hutchings climbs past a view of the Salt Lake Valley.

Category 9-and-under:

Jacey Messer is our top finisher in the
9-and-under group with 4th place
(2nd place girls) on this tough trail.

Olivia Weber pedals through the leaf
litter in dark fir and aspen forest, on
the way to 5th place (3rd place girls).

Tylan Parkinson eyes the narrow trail
in the aspens as he finishes with 6th
place overall, 3rd place boys.

In the trees near the start of the singletrack climb, a momma
moose and her two calves sit in a clearing. Luckily, she
wasn't too worried about all the bikes cruising by.
Dad was waiting nearby but was also more interested
in a shady rest than in chasing the racers off his
share of the mountain.
Category 10-12:

Left:  Joshua Peterson turns from singletrack onto the
final quarter-mile of doubletrack as he finishes his
4.5-mile lap with a 1st place win.

Right:  Harrison Woodard cranks eastward along the
Bird Trail to finish with the 5th place ribbon in the
10-12 age group.

Shawn Nielsen cranks out a little more
power as he traverses a meadow on
the way to 6th place.

Nathan Weber moves up to the older
category for this race, and is pedaling
uphill across a ski slope in 7th place.

Coming out of the fir trees into the
final meadow, Will Carnell is heading
toward the 8th place finish.

Beginner 13-15:  UMB had no Beginner 13-15 riders at this race!


Beginner 16-18:   UMB had no Beginner 16-18 riders at this race!


Beginner 19-29:  

Left:  Ryan Margetts grunts up a slope
near the end of his second lap, finishing
with 4th place in Beginner Men 19-29.

Right: View of the ski slopes of Snowbird.
The trail crosses this ski run three times.

Beginner 30-39:  

Left:  Ryan Olsen is finishing his first of two laps
as he heads toward the final climb to the start/finish
area. Ryan will end his 9-mile race with 1st place.

Right:  Branden Smith cranks through the meadow
on the east end of the loop, one mile into the race.
Branden grabs the 6th place spot.

Beginner 40-plus:

Steven Barlow has 1/4 mile to go on
his second lap, fighting for a red ribbon
with 2nd place.

Worth another photo. Steve went down
hard on the tricky gravel tram road. Still
oozing, but cleaned up by paramedics.

Russ Margetts flies through the forest
on the Bird Trail, working on his first
lap. Russ nails the 7th place finish.

Beginner Women:  

Left:  Rachel Hutchings pedals hard
across the ski slope. Nine tough miles
and a 2nd place podium spot.

Right:  The last group of sport riders heads
out from the start line in the second race.

Sport/Expert 13-15:  

Left:  Zachary Peterson dodges a rock on the singletrack
as he approaches the end of his second of three laps.
In a change from the usual lineup, the Sport-Expert
13-15 group raced in the first wave for an early-morning
start. Zach gets onto the podium with 3rd place.

Right:  Brayden Nielsen cranks past a browse-filled
meadow in his first lap. Brayden takes 5th place
in the category.

Sport/Expert 16-18:  UMB had no S/E 16-18 riders.


Sport Men 19-29: 

Casey Zaugg cranks up the big switchback
climb on the way to a nice 2nd place 
finish in Sport Men 19-29.

Ian Beaty hits the first descent on the
singletrack, piloting the helmetcam
to the 4th place position.

Stephen Brown climbs the new
singletrack trail to 5th place, with
the valley in the background.

Sport Men 30-34:

Jake Weber is looking strong as he
climbs up the mountain for his third
lap, finishing with 4th place.

Dan Hutchings approaches a downhill
turn in the first lap, getting the ribbon
with the 6th place finish.

Ben Hutchings heads up the hill
around mile 11 of his race, taking
9th place in the category.

A foot, a helmet, and a flash of UMB team jersey
reveal Geno Smith in the elderberry, while his askew
bike sits on the rock that caused the endo.
Ryan Margetts slams a rock and takes a dive, rolling
onto his back. OK, we all crash. Sometimes in front
of the photographer. But in front of your Dad, too?
Sport Men 35-39:

Mark Messer focuses on the downhill
trail as he speeds through the first
lap of three, grabbing another 1st place.

Mike Horne cranks up the hill in his
third lap on the way to a podium spot
at 3rd place.

Ryan Nielsen hits the downhill near
the Dick Bass intersection, riding hard
to take 4th place in Sport Men 35-39.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:  Jason Sparks climbs into the first of the switchbacks
on the uphill singletrack that was cut last year. Racers
generally agreed that the climb was rougher than last
year. Jason is our top finisher in Sport Men 40-plus
with 5th place.

Right:  Geno Smith is new to the team this week, cranking
east on the Bird Trail in his first lap on the way to
a ribbon and team points with 6th place.

Left:  Brian Ressa flies through the dust of other riders
as the singletrack turns downhill, finishing the race
with the 10th place position.

Right:  Dale Hutchings heads downhill and turns
into the fir trees on the second of three laps.
With 13.5 miles and 2400 vertical, Dale takes
13th place in the category.

Sport Women:  

Left:  Riding in the first race of the day, Angelica Ramirez 
pedals across the meadow, still in the shadow of the mountains.
Angelica completes her two laps with a strong 1st place win.

Right:  Close behind is Cat Finlayson, cranking toward
the end of the singletrack in her second lap. Cat grabs
 2nd place in the Sport Women category.

Expert Men 19-29:  

Left:  Justin Griffin looks toward the end
of the steepest climb of the race loop,
on the way to a podium spot at 3rd place 
after four laps in the Expert Men 19-29 group.

Right:  Sasquatch hands out dollar bills
to passing racers. Grab the buck and
stuff it in your jersey pocket while you
race onward.

Expert Men 30-39:

Left:  Nathan Drozd climbs toward the top of the lift
on his fourth lap, finishing with the 5th place spot
in Expert Men 30-39.

Right:  In his second lap, Mike Engberson drops down
and into the fir forest singletrack. Mike nails a green ribbon
at 6th place and earns the team four points.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:  Jay Griffin carves a downhill turn on the way to
6th place in Expert Men 40-plus. Jay again has some tire
issues that knock him back in the pack.

Right:  Denmark Jensen cranks up the mountain on the
third of four laps, grabbing the 8th place finishing spot.

Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders at this race!




Temperature: two takes. On the hill, the trail is a slot between two snowbanks in the shade of the fir trees.
At the finish area, as riders headed out for another lap, many chose to douse themselves with the cup's contents to cool off.


Chris Cole carves a sharp turn as the
trail turns downhill. Chris nails another
1st place win in Singlespeed.

Shane Horton cranks uphill in his
third and final lap, heading to a
 2nd place finish.

Brian Oliver grinds uphill on the Bird
Trail, heading back to share the podium
with his 3rd place finish.


Left:  Karl Parkinson dodges a big rock
on the Bird Trail as he nears the end
of his second lap, taking a ribbon and
points for the team with 6th place.

Right:  As the early-morning racers come
back from the award ceremony, the grill
is fired up and the hot dogs and burgers
are cooking.

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Jolene Nosack hurries her 29er across a meadow
on the way to the 3rd place spot in Women 35-plus.

Right:  Sally Hutchings turns from singletrack onto
the service road as she nears the end of her first lap.
Another 4.5 miles to go to finish with 5th place.


Men 50-plus:

Left:  Jeff Kingsford climbs the hill for the
third time, grabbing the 5th place finish in
Men 50-plus.

Right:  Talking about the race at the BBQ.
 Shawn is explaining how he happened
to completely destroy both of his shoes
with "a record number of crashes."

Men 57-plus:

Joel Quinn is fired up and cranking
down the final stretch of singletrack
on the way to 2nd place.

Gene Poncelet emerges from the woods
and hustles across the ski slope as
he grabs the 5th place position.

Finishing his first lap, Bruce Argyle
turns away from the Bird Trail. Another
lap to go for 6th place.

This was a tough race, with difficult and treacherous trail. Plus plenty of climbing at high altitude. It's an accomplishment just to finish. Congratulations to the UMB racers who turned out and gave the team another solid win. Three races to go.

     More pictures:
          Bruce Argyle and Dale Hutchings photos 
          Kay Hutchings photos 

Left:  Four of the six ribbon winners in the 10-12 category ride for UMB. From left to right, our team riders are Nathan, Harrison, Joshua, and Shawn. Thanks to Kay Hutchings for the racer photos. 

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