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Team Photo Scrapbook 2010
2010 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Basin Bash
Snowbasin Resort - July 31, 2010

The weather was sunny and humid on Saturday morning as the UMB team lined up to tackle the new race loop at Snowbasin. The trail was hot, rough, and long. We set a new record for team members who didn't finish the race, but still won the competition. New team members did some of the heavy lifting this week as John Pendleton and Jason True took first places in their categories. Justin Griffin, Joel Quinn, and Casey Zaugg also nailed the top podium spot, with Ryan Margetts, Ryan Payne, and Mark Messer taking second place finishes.

Left:  Nearing the end of the 9-mile loop, Ryan rolls through a dip in a string of racers.

Category 9-and-under:

Left:  In the 9-and-under race at 8 a.m., Jacey Messer 
is our top finisher, winning points for the team with
6th place overall (3rd place girls).

Right:  Hattie Ransom cranks across the ski slope
where the special race loop was flagged for the
younger riders, also getting into team points with
a 7th place finish.

Olivia Weber completes the UMB girls'
domination over the boys by taking
the next spot at 8th place overall.

Sawyer Ransom heads toward the big
dip on the lower ski slope on his way to
the 11th place position.

Tylan Parkinson gets a break as the
trail turns downhill, riding to the 14th
spot in 9-and-under.

In the early morning sunshine, the 9-and-under and 10-12
categories gather at the starting line to begin their race.
Hattie swings right and takes the inside line as she speeds
forward to pass Olivia.
Category 10-12:

Left:  Joshua Peterson pops out of the maple trees
and onto the ski slope as he nears the end of the
5-mile "half-lap" course, getting onto the podium
with a 3rd place finish.

Right:  Hunter Ransom heads up the hill as the race
begins, hanging on for an overall 6th-place finish, good
for a 4th place ribbon among the 10-12 boys group.

Left:  Harrison Woodard heads across the ski slope
on singletrack trail near the end of the race. From here,
he'll grunt up the last doubletrack climb to the finish
line and the 7th place position.

Right:  Nathan Weber finishes the shakeout climb
up the doubletrack. The singletrack will flow downhill,
then become very rocky and rough. Then it will climb
higher on the mountain. Nathan gets through the lap
with 10th place.

Beginner 13-15:  UMB had no Beginner 13-15 riders at this race!


As the age 10-12 racers complete their tough race, the older UMB team members wait for their race. Some riders test the trails
and warm up their legs, while others hang near the starting line and talk racing. The race start was delayed while the last of
the 10-12 racers crossed the finish line. It was already warm, and it warmed quite a bit more during the wait.
Beginner 16-18:     UMB had no Beginner 16-18 riders at this race!


Beginner 19-29:   

Left:  Ryan Margetts is northbound on the final
downhill section of the 9-mile loop. Ryan finishes
his lap with 2nd place in Beginner 19-29.

Right:  In his first race, Preston Wood powers up the
first bit of singletrack after the shakeout climb.
Preston gets a ribbon and earns the team some points
with 5th place.

Beginner 30-39:  

Left:  Ken Sousa cranks across one of many
ski slopes as the trail zigzags down toward
the finish area, finishing with a ribbon
at 6th place.

Right: While the older racers are out in the
woods, the 9-and-under and 10-12 racers
get their awards. Jacey celebrates her 3rd
place ribbon and gift certificate.

Beginner 40-plus:  

Left:  John Pendleton is new to the UMB
team this week, riding to 1st place in Beginner
Men 40-plus by a 5-minute margin. John is
a neighbor recruited by Gene Poncelet.

Right:  Russ Margetts pedals uphill through the maple
forest. Coming up: embedded rocks and scrub oak.
Russ gets the 4th place finish in the category.

Beginner Women:  UMB had no Beginner Women at this race!


Sport/Expert 13-15:  

Left:  Zachary Peterson zips through ferns and
wildflowers as he nears the end of his first lap,
getting to the podium with 3rd place.

Right:  Dallin Johnson gets a good fast start into the
first lap, but winds up with a DNF for the race.

Sport/Expert 16-18:  UMB had no Sport-Expert 16-18 riders at this race!


Looking down at the Snowbasin lodges. The spectators
are standing next to the final climb to the finish line.
The Snowbasin moose. Less of a concern to racers than the
moose at Snowbird.
Sport Men 19-29: 

Left:  Casey Zaugg hits the first section of singletrack
on the first of two laps, grabbing a solid 1st place 
win in the Sport Men 19-29 category.

Right:  Ian Beaty wears the "color of the day" (brown dirt)
on his face as he carves a hard turn, nearing the end
of his second lap and a 4th place finish.

Sport Men 30-34:

Left:  Jake Weber cranks up a little more speed with
1/2 mile to go on his first of two laps, finishing his
18 miles with 5th place.

Right:  Steven Brumbaugh banks through a high-speed
turn as the trail leaves ski slope and enters the trees
again. Steve earns 2 team points with 7th place.

Sport Men 35-39:

Left:  Dirty and sweaty, Mark Messer heads toward
the finish line in 2nd place for Sport Men 35-39.

Right:  Mike Horne still looks fresh as he enters the
singletrack after the first shakeout climb. There's still
17.7 miles to go before finishing with 5th place.

Left:  Kevin Pferdner heads out of the maple grove in
7th place, ready to make the final climb to the finish line.

Right:  Corbin Young gets his two laps done with 8th place
in this tough race. There were more riders hiking off the
mountain than in any ICup event this season. Just finishing
was an accomplishment.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:  Jason Sparks powers up and over
a rise in the trail in his first lap, getting
on the podium with 3rd place in Sport
Men 40-plus.

Right: Jack finds himself in a line of riders
as they fly northbound near the end
of the race loop.

Sport Women:  

Angelica Ramirez corners hard near
the end of her first lap, finishing on the
podium with 3rd place in Sport Women.

Cat Finlayson cranks across the meadow
with a broken seat, but hangs on for
a 4th place finish.

Colleen Tvorik hits the first grove of
maples early in the race, finishing
with the 7th place position.

Expert Men 19-29:  

Left:  Two weeks after winning the
13-14 age group National Championship
in Colorado, Justin Griffin 
hustles to 1st place in the Expert Men
19-29 category.

Right:  On a narrow downhill path through
the trees, Joel gets out of the way of a
couple of speedsters who are overtaking

Expert Men 30-39:

Mike Engberson outlasts everyone
to be our top Expert 30-39 finisher with
a green ribbon at 6th place.

Derek Ransom powers up the hill on the
first of 3 laps, finishing with points for
the team with the 7th place spot.

Chris Cole gets around 2 laps, then is
knocked out of the race in a collision
 for a DNF.

Reserved for photo of
totally trashed race bike.

(Caution: May be upsetting
to some individuals. Viewer
discretion is advised.)


Nathan Drozd leads the first lap, then
is struck with flats and mechanicals
for a DNF.

Jack Gage is in good position in his
first expert-class race, then blows up
and takes a DNF as well.

On the way to the race, Darren Harris
drops his bike overboard and breaks it.
Darren is our 4th DNF in the category.

Expert Men 40-plus:  UMB had no Expert Men 40+ riders at this race!




Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders at this race!




With the roughness of the trail, there wasn't much chance to appreciate the views. But there were opportunities to see mountain
peaks to the west and to look southeast over the town of Mountain Green and I-84 as it follows the Weber River. 

Left:  Also new to the UMB team with this race is
Jason True, sprinting uphill on his one-gear bike
to take 1st place in the Singlespeed category.
Welcome, Jason!

Right:  Shane Horton flies downhill on his final lap
as he takes the 4th place finish.


Left:  Ryan Payne shifts into passing gear as he
muscles his bike past Dallin, on the way to a nice
2nd place finish in Clydesdale.

Right:  Karl Parkinson heads up the hill to begin
his 9-mile lap. Karl finishes with the 6th place
ribbon and some points for the team.

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Sally Fairbairn powers out of a turn as she
approaches the final switchbacks of her race, getting
onto the podium with the 3rd place position in
Women 35-plus.

Right: Sally Hutchings cranks uphill through the maple
forest on the way to 6th place in the category. Sally
sounded a bit frog-like due to a respiratory illness, but
put her usual effort into the race.

For the picnic, we had hot shredded BBQ pork. And
salads and cookies and chips and pop and...
Getting a podium photo of Ian (tweetie chair) and Casey (#1)
during the award ceremony.
Men 50-plus:

Left:  Jay Griffin has missed 4 weeks of riding with
pneumonia, but got back on the bike for this race
and fought his way to a painful 3rd place podium
spot in Men 50-plus.

Right:  Jeff Kingsford kicks up some dust on a fast
downhill near the end of his two laps, finishing
with the 5th place position.

Men 57-plus:

Joel Quinn jumps out to take the lead
and runs away from everybody to
finish his laps with 1st place.

Bruce Argyle sucks some dust on the
downhill of his first lap, taking 4th place
in the Men 57-plus group.

Gene Poncelet cranks past a maple stand
as he nears the final uphill sprint to
the 5th place spot.

This race was tough on bikes and bodies. For most categories, there was more time out on the race course. It was the hottest race of the year, on an abnormally humid day. And the embedded rocks gave everybody a good pounding. The UMB team made another excellent showing, winning the team competition. Only one more race, and we'll have that season championship trophy. See you next week at the finale.

     More pictures:
          Kay Hutchings photos 

Left:  The three aged warriors collect their ribbons. Thanks to Kay Hutchings for the race photography!

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