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Team Photo Scrapbook 09
2009 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Utah State Open Championship
Solitude Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon - July 18, 2009

It was a beautiful day in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Temperatures were nice for the first race, but got a little warm as the experts were racing in the afternoon. Our team was hit by significant mechanical problems, with at least two delayed finishes and two DNFs. The team saw first-place finishes by Brayden Nielsen, Jared Muir, Dale Hutchings, and Ryan Payne, with second-place wins by Hunter Ransom, Dallin Johnson, Justin Griffin, Denmark Jensen, and Sally Hutchings.

Left: The early morning sun finds the UMB canopy in front of the ski lift, waiting for the team to arrive for the race.

Category 9-and-under:

Left:  Hunter Ransom drops into the singletrack on
the first of three laps on the 9-and-under course,
finishing the race a close 2nd place

Right:  Nathan Weber heads toward the finish line in 8th place
for the category. The downhill singletrack had twisty turns,
ruts, and loose gravel to challenge the younger racers.

Left:  Dressed against the early morning chill in Big
Cottonwood Canyon, Hattie Ransom cranks around the
course to get the overall 12th place finish.

Right:  Sawyer Ransom keeps a close eye on the trail as
he heads the bike downhill on the steep and slippery
course, coming in at 14th place.

Sydney Nielsen cruises past the fir trees
on her way to taking the 16th place spot.

Aidan Thayer reacts to some scary loose
rock, finishing in the 19th position.

Parker Horton gets some balancing
help as he rides to 20th place.

Category 10-12:

Brayden Nielsen launches up into the air
on the way to his 1st place finish and the
State Championship.

Zachary Peterson rolls a turn on the ski
slope near the finish line, taking 3rd place
in the category.

Joshua Peterson pilots the bike down
the rough rock section near the race's
end, finishing in 6th place

Shawn Nielsen is in the middle of the race's
main climb, cranking out a 9th place spot.

Jordan Johnson drops over the tricky
rocks to grab the 10th place finish.

Harrison Woodard heads down the ski
slope to get 11th place.

Left:  The UMB racers in the 10-12 category line up for a group portrait with a few of their competitors while waiting for the race to start.
Beginner 13-15:  

Left:  Dallin Johnson looks to the lap/finish
trail fork as he prepares to head up the
singletrack on his way to the 2nd place 
finish in the beginner 13-15 category.

Right:  UMB team jerseys stand out in the
crowd of young racers as the 9-and-under
category lines up to begin their race in the
cool of the early morning.

Beginner 16-18:   

Left:  Jared Muir rolls the bike into a
switchback turn on the new singletrack
of the main climb, taking the State
Championship with 1st place.

Right:  The 9-and-under racers celebrate
their race under the finish line.

Beginner 19-29:   UMB had no Beginner Men 19-29 at this race!
Beginner 30-39:  

Left:   Corbin Young leans hard into the bermed turn
of the ski slope near the lap/finish split, taking a
ribbon and team points at 6th place.

Right:   Nathan Thayer gets forward and low to increase
his climbing power as he grinds up the stiff switchback
climb to an 8th place finish.

Beginner 40-plus:

Left:  Dale Hutchings flies across the ski slope with the
forest in the background, grabbing his third 1st place 
finish in a row and the State Championship for Beginner

Right: Eric Johnson brings the bike in for a landing
after launching off a rock ramp on the singletrack
near the Eagle Express lift. Eric gets a ribbon and
points for the team with 4th place.

Beginner Women:  

Left:  Rachel Hutchings heads toward a
delayed finish due to a broken chain, but
still gets the 4th place spot and some
important points for the team.

Right:  The mountainside has never looked
so nice this late in the season. Corbin Young
flies past mule's ear flowers and young
aspen, with the fir and aspen forest in
the background.

Sport/Expert 13-15:  UMB had no Sport/Expert 13-15 riders at Solitude!
Sport/Expert 16-18:

Left:  Justin Griffin  leans hard into a
turn as he fights his way to the 2nd place
finish in a category three years older
than Justin's age.

Right:  Nathan Thayer has a little air-time
fun in the middle of his race.

Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:  Stephen Brown enters the forest of the Serenity
Singletrack on the first lap of a long and hot race,
finishing with points and a ribbon at 6th place.

Right:  Dave Larsen gets 8th place in a race that featured
tough climbing, technical descents over rocks and roots,
dust, elevation of 9100 feet, and a temperature of 87
degrees at the finish line.

Sport Men 30-34:

Jake Weber cranks uphill on the way
to the 5th place finish in Sport 30-34.

Ben Hutchings dips through a rocky
spot in the trees on the way to 6th place.

Gary Wekluk gets a great start, then
after two flat tires, has to take a DNF.

Sport Men 35-39:

Denmark Jensen powers up a short
uphill on Serenity, grabbing 2nd place.

Ryan Nielsen fights his way to the 5th
place finish in the category.

Darren Harris is recovering from a
hamstring injury, but still takes 7th place.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:   Jason Sparks heads up into that ugly rock-garden
on the first section of singletrack, getting into the ribbons
with a 6th place finish.

Right:   Michael MacDonald hustles across a ski slope
on the way to taking the 8th place position.

Sport Women:

Left:  Catherine Reay gets low and cranks
hard to get up the new singletrack, finishing
her race with 5th place in Sport Women.

Right:  Stephen has brought a fair amount
of the mountain down with him to the UMB
team HQ. The brown stuff on his face isn't
beard -- it's dirt.

Expert Men 19-29:

Left:  Eric Ellis is in great position early
in the race, but has to hike off the mountain
for a DNF after a broken chain, broken spoke,
and flat tire

Right:  After the awards from the first race,
the racers who are finished gather to get
the post-race BBQ going.

Expert Men 30-39:

Left:  Mike Engberson heads uphill on the Serenity
Singletrack, finishing the race with 9th place after
three big laps and one short lap.

Right:  Derek Ransom suffers a broken chain, then after 
restarting the race after the repair, goes back to reclaim his
expensive riding glasses. Derek has to settle for  11th place.
We're still waiting to see what this racer can do in the Expert

Expert Men 40-plus:  UMB had no Expert Men 40+ riders at Solitude
Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders at Solitude

Left:  Shane Horton gets off the seat to
attack a short roller hill on his singlespeed,
finishing the race on the podium with a
nice 3rd place finish.

Right:  Racers brought a variety of salads,
drinks, and desserts to complement the
burgers and dogs at the post-race BBQ.


Left:  Ryan Payne rolls downhill to finish
the first of his two laps, chasing down the
other big guys on the downhill to take
the State Championship with 1st place.

Right:  The 10 to 12 category gets their
awards, with Brayden taking a well-earned
spot on top of the podium.

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Sally Hutchings carves a turn near
the forest edge as she earns a nice
2nd place ribbon in Women 35-plus.

Right:  Jared gets the State Championship
medallion for the Beginner 16-18 category.

Men 50-plus:

Left:  Jay Griffin cranks uphill past the aspens
on the way to a podium finish with 3rd place 
in this tough category.

Right:  Jeff Kingsford leans into a turn on the forest
singletrack on his way to the 8th place position.

Men 57-plus:

Left:  Joel Quinn drops over the rocks and around
the switchback near the pavement, and turns on
the power that will take him to 3rd place 

Right:  Bruce Argyle hits a turn on the ski slope near
the lap/finish zone, finishing in the ribbons at 5th place.

The race was fun and the scenery was awesome. A great day for racing. Despite bad luck affecting key racers, the team managed to put together enough points to squeak by with another team victory.

More photos, Bruce:
Karl photos:
Nielsen photos:
Hutchings photos:
Griffin photos:

Left: Eric carries the broken chain of his flat-tired, broken-spoke race bike to his car. Some days, the mountain isn't on your side.

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