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The 2009 Race Team season party was held Saturday, September 12 at Lambert Park. Over 60 racers and family members attended. Mike cooked chicken on the grill plus dutch-oven beans and rice, with team members bringing salads and deserts.

In team business, the new 2010 racer bible was announced. Team benefits will concentrate more on those who qualify as Active racers. Squads will be organized within the team to support various racing activities outside of the Intermountain Cup, such as cyclocross, downhill, and endurance. Each squad will have its own budget and leadership, and team members can race for more than one squad. (Jason Sparks and Darren Harris will head up our new cyclocross squad!)

Junior Racer Portraits:
The 9-and-under racers and age 10-12 category racers who came to the party received a large action photo of themselves surrounded by their 2009 teammates in the same category.

The JPG originals of these photos are available for download at 
in their full 8x10 size at 300 DPI resolution.

You can also download electronic copies of the award certificates to share with friends, relatives, and blogs. We also have the team poster (see below) available on-line in various resolutions. Wallpaper your bedroom with the race team.

Joel Quinn and Bruce Argyle donated part of their prize money from the Mt Ogden 50K to purchase a very nice pump for the team, which Joel presented at the picnic. The pump, along with other team supplies, will be available at races for team support. 

Jay Griffin and Jason Sparks were elected to the team Guidance Committee. Along with Mike and Bruce, the guidance committee sets team policy.

Workhorse Awards:
It takes a lot of dedication, sacrifice, and money to race in every event of the Intermountain Cup Series. Twelve UMB riders managed to get their bikes across the start line of every race of the 2009 season. Ben Hutchings, Bruce Argyle, Catherine Reay, Harrison Woodard, Jason Sparks, Jay Griffin, Jeff Kingsford, Joshua Peterson, Justin Griffin, Mike Engberson, Sally Hutchings, and Zachary Peterson rode in all 12 races. Each received a certificate with a photo from each of their 2009 races.

The team is now in its 6th year, growing from a mere four racing families in 2004 to 98 racers in 2009. Of these racers, 49 have so far done the four season races that qualify them as Active Team. In the last four years, we've won the Intermountain Cup season championship three times, and the IMBA trailwork trophy three times. As our experience at the Mt Ogden 50K recently demonstrates, the team is now ready to expand beyond the ICup series to provide racer support in other series and in other types of races.
Season Individual Honors:
In addition to some impromptu votes for "special recognition" -- such as Highest Medical Expenses Related to Racing and Most Times Vomited in Races during the Season -- our special individual awards for the season were presented at the picnic. These season honors were determined by vote of the team. A total of 32 individuals were nominated for recognition by the team. It seems we have a lot of heroes. Ten individuals received season awards, and were summoned forward to be embarrassed while Bruce read the glowing comments made about them by their teammates. 
Justin Griffin is Racer of the Year.
Runner-up: dad Jay
Our Outstanding Junior Racer is Brayden Nielsen.
Runner-up: Justin
Eric Ellis was voted Most Improved.
Runner-up: Derek Ransom
In a new category, Ryan Payne is Rookie of the Year.
Runner-up: Jake Weber
Jay Griffin is our Teaching Leader for the team.
Runner-up: Justin Sparks
Bruce Argyle was given this trailwork award made by
Jay's wife Mei-Dai. Shovel, thistle, little hat...
Mike was voted Critical Supporter for his team role.
Runner-up: Kay Hutchings for her photography.
The team voted for Jason Sparks as the most Motivational.
Runner-up: Jay Griffin
Sally Hutchings wins our Best Attitude award for 2009.
Runner-up: Jason Sparks
Shane Horton was voted Toughest Racer.
There were no other nominations!

Team posters were presented to our racers at the picnic. The posters were printed as a donation by Chad Waldron!
Active racers who couldn't make it to the BBQ can pick up a copy of the poster at the UMB shop in Lehi.

Thanks to all who attended and brought food! And thank you, racers, for a great ICup season. Of course, we're
still looking forward to seeing our team members compete in fall endurance races and cyclocross!

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