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Team Photo Scrapbook 09
2009 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Wimmer's XC at Sherwood  -  May 9, 2009

The day started out with temperature in the upper 30s, but the sun quickly warmed things up. The trail at Sherwood Hills was firm and grippy under the tires, with just a few damp spots and one accidental creek. The UMB team was down in total numbers, with just 36 riders at Sherwood. Two riders DNF'd with mechanical disasters. And rumor has it that one of our regular stalwarts didn't make it because he couldn't get the mud out of his bike from last week. But we turned in a solid performance! UMB had first-place finishes by Jakob Haderlie, Mark Messer, Justin Griffin, and Jay Griffin. Second-place winners were Zach Peterson, Ryan Payne, and Stephen Brown.

Left:  Justin Griffin chases Darren Harris through the aspens in the second race of the day.

Category 9-and-under:
Left:  Jakob Haderlie jumps out to a fast start and
never looks back as he makes an impressive ride
to take 1st place in the 9-and-under category.

Right:  In her first race for UMB this season,
Rebecca Sparks follows the twisting trail
through the trees toward the finish line.
Rebecca gets the 3rd place finish among
the girls.

Left:  Coming in at 4th place in 9-and-under girls,
Sydney Nielsen pilots her bike out into the shakeout
loop which, with a little tough twisting singletrack

at the end, doubled as the kids' race course.

Right:  Also racing for the first time this year is
Rebecca's sister Rachel Sparks, heading into
the first downhill section of the race loop and
getting across the finish line as the 5th-place girl.

Category 10-12:

Left:  Zachary Peterson makes the turn and sprints
through the final singletrack toward the finish line
with Brayden giving chase. Zach makes a solid ride
to finish in 2nd place.

Right:  Brayden Nielsen makes another good ride,
challenging Zach for position and getting on the
podium with the 3rd place finish.

Joshua Peterson powers through the
final turns in the maples, grabbing 5th.

Harrison Woodard sprints out from the
starting area and takes the 8th position.

Shawn Nielsen crosses the tape at the
finish line to end the race in 10th place.

Beginner 13-15:  

Left:  Dallin Johnson settles into the big
climb after the shakeout loop, getting
podium in the Beginner 13-15 group
with a 3rd place spot.

Right:  Eating breakfast in the chilly
morning sunshine, Mike has five hours
until his race as he hangs out at the
UMB HQ, ready to provide racer support.

Beginner 16-18:  UMB had no Beginner 16-18 riders at Sherwood
Beginner 19-29:

Left:  Jesse Millen-Johnson heads into the
shakeout loop in his first race as a UMB
team member. Jesse gets into the ribbons
with the 5th place spot in the Beginner Men
19-29 category.

Right:  Mike looks for the correct jersey size.
New beginner racers are the lifeblood of any
team. Welcome, new racers!

Beginner 30-39:

Mark Messer jumps into the lead,
nailing another 1st place in BM 30-39.

Ryan Nielsen flies across the mountain as
he nears the lap/finish split to grab 2nd place.

With the broken hand healed enough to
make the race, Corbin Young gets 4th. 

Beginner 40-plus:

Left:  Bill Becker sprints out in the 
Beginner 40-plus pack for his first race
as a UMB team rider. Bill grabs a point
for the team at 7th place.

Right:  VIP rider Rachel is escorted by Mike
and Jason as she chases the 9-and-under
riders in her racing category.

Beginner Women:  UMB had no Beginner Women riders at Sherwood
Sport/Expert 13-15: UMB had no Sport/Expert 13-15 riders at Sherwood
Sport/Expert 16-18:

Left:  Justin Griffin leans into a turn
in his first lap as he leaves the older
guys behind. Justin grabs another
1st place while riding above his age

Right:  The mountains behind Dominic
show that one week before the race, much
of the trail was still covered in snow.
Temperatures were great for riding;
cool but not too cold.

Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:  Stephen Brown leans into a turn in
the aspens of the upper mountain, riding
to a great 2nd place win in Sport Men 19-29.

Right:  Dave Larsen stripped off his pedal at the end
of the shakeout lap, taking his bike out of action and
giving him a DNF.

Rebecca crosses the finish line as the race judge announces her
finishing time and the tag-puller steps up to take her racing tag.

Ryan fires out to an early lead in the shakeout loop, with
Mark chasing close behind in Beginner Men 30-39 action.

Sport Men 30-34:

Jake Weber carves a turn in the trees
as he makes a solid 4th place performance.

Ben Hutchings cranks uphill through the
maples, getting the 9th position.

Dan Hutchings powers the climb from
the shakeout loop, grabbing 10th place. 

Sport Men 35-39:

Left:  Darren Harris hustles through
the aspens to grab a couple of team
points with 7th place in Sport Men 35-39.

Right:  Stephen Brown, Mike MacDonald
and Jason Sparks do the post-race
analysis. That looks like Eric Ellis
behind them, getting ready for the
pro-expert race to follow.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Jason Sparks leans hard to pivot around
a sharp turn in a nice 6th place ride.

Michael MacDonald hustles to the 9th
place spot in this big and tough group.

Dominic Bria gets a good start, then is
knocked out of the race in a chain mishap.

Sport Women:

Left:  Catherine Reay leans forward and pulls
back on the bars to get more oomph on the
cranks, climbing up the steepest spot of the
race loop on the way to 8th place.

Right:   Amber Hatfield clears the climb in the meadow
and prepares to enter the twisting singletrack in
the trees again, getting 12th in Sport Women.

Expert Men 19-29:

Left:  Eric Ellis hits the turn to start
another his four Expert 19-29 laps,
finishing in 4th place.

Right:  Jay takes the blue again, against
some pretty tough competition.
These are the Men 50-plus winners.

Expert Men 30-39:

Left:  Mike Engberson powers his new
29er through the maples of the lower
mountain, winning points for the team
at 7th place.

Right:  Bruce decreases his lung capacity
through smoke inhalation as he grills
the burgers and dogs.

Expert Men 40-plus:  UMB had no Expert Men 40+ riders at Sherwood
Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders at Sherwood
Singlespeed:   UMB had no Singlespeed riders at Sherwood

Left:  Ryan Payne turns the corner to begin the climb
that starts his second lap. Ryan makes an impressive
ride against the big guys to nail a 2nd place finish.

Right:  In his first start as a UMB racer, Eric Johnson
stomps the pedals to get up the hill on his way
to a great first race at 4th place! 

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Sally Hutchings enjoys a bit of
downhill on this tough race loop, getting
the 3rd place finish in Women 35+.

Right:  Second shift at the picnic. Because
there were three separate races, there were
three picnics. Thanks to all who brought
food and drink. With three races, it wasn't
certain the BBQ would work out, but it
went well with a little help from our
team mates!

Men 50-plus:

Jay Griffin cranks it out as he duels to
another 1st place win in Men 50-plus.

John Van Wagoner's speed overshoots
the trail a bit as he rides to 5th place. 

Jeff Kingsford tips into a tight turn in
the aspens, nailing the 7th finishing spot. 

Men 57-plus:

Left:  Bruce Argyle comes down from the shakeout loop and swings in to the singletrack of the main race loop to finish with a 5th place ribbon.

With four of twelve races completed, it was critical to maintain our lead in this race. And we certainly did that. With over 100 team points, it was a great race by our little team. We welcomed a couple of new members to the team with this race, and they got right down to helping the team with solid rides. Next week's race course at Soldier Hollow has a totally different feel and will bring out other strengths and weaknesses in our racers. See you there!

Thanks to everyone who took photos!
Additional photos, Bruce:
Jay's photos:
More photos, Ryan:
Hutchings photos:

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