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Team Photo Scrapbook 09
2009 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Taming the Tetons
Jackson Hole Resort - July 25, 2009

It was cool and sunny at the 9:30 start time at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village. The race loop was the same as in past years -- rocky and rooty as usual, but perhaps having more moon-dust than in years past. Some TLC had been given to a couple of the more-difficult rock gardens, so you could fire right through them. The ferns, wildflowers, and groves of fir and aspen were beautiful. It was a great day to race. Dallin Johnson and Ryan Payne took first-place wins. Jakob Haderlie, Andrew Weber, Dale Hutchings, Jay Griffin, Joel Quinn, Jake Weber, and Jolene Nosack had second-place finishes.

Left: Rain moves over the peaks of the Grand Tetons on raceday afternoon.

Category 9-and-under:

Jakob Haderlie chases the leader through
three laps of the 9-and-under singletrack,
finishing on his rear wheel at 2nd place

Nathan Weber sprints past a small
grove of aspens to finish with team
points at 6th place.

Rebecca Sparks takes a hit of go-juice
from the backpack as she crosses
the ski slope in 12th place.

In her first race ever, Olivia Weber stands
and sprints her way to a 13th place finish.

Rachel Sparks pedals out of the trees
and into the meadow, winning 14th place.

Aidan Thayer cranks out a good race
and finishes with the 16th place spot.

Category 10-12:

Left:  Brayden Nielsen heads uphill through
dense ferns in the aspen grove, finishing
on the podium with 3rd place.

Right:  Zachary Peterson cranks uphill
across the ski slope for a 4th place
finish in the 10-12 category.

Joshua Peterson heads out into his
first lap, coming in at 7th place.

Coming in 9th, Shawn Nielsen is almost finished as he heads downhill.

Harrison Woodard finishes in 12th place
despite an ugly fall in the initial shakeout.

Beginner 13-15:  

Left:  Dallin Johnson dashes toward the
finish line pushing a bike with a flat tire,
but was still fast enough to win 1st place.

Right:  In the early-morning chill, Justin, Jay,
and Mike talk racing after setting up the
team HQ in the parking area.

Beginner 16-18:   UMB had no Beginner Men 16-18 at this race!
Beginner 19-29:   

Left:  Andrew Weber gets off the saddle to
deliver some power as he cranks out the red
ribbon at 2nd place.

Right:  After crossing the line, it's time to
start another lap, as Rachel gets an
encouraging pat on the back from Dad.

Beginner 30-39:  

Left:   Nathan Thayer hits the dipsy-doodle
twisting final descent to finish a lap, finishing
the race with 4th place for BM 30-39.

Right:   Jake follows daughter Olivia in the
first lap of her first race, with helpful hints
and lots of cheering.

Beginner 40-plus:

Left:  Dale Hutchings powers into a turn in
the trees as he heads out to start the race.
Despite a crash that bent the derailleur
hanger and caused shifting trouble, Dale
fights on to take 2nd place.

Right:  The Men 50-plus and Men 57-plus
groups enjoy a rare combined start as they
thunder up the shakeout road toward the
singletrack of the race loop.

Beginner Women:  

Left:  Rachel Hutchings pedals through the
ferns to take podium at 3rd place in the
Beginner Women category.

Right:  Near the finish line, racers gather
around the results board to check their race
times and finishing order.

Sport/Expert 13-15:  UMB had no Sport/Expert 13-15 riders at Jackson!
Sport/Expert 16-18:

Left:  Coming off an injury with stitches
from hitting a dog on his road bike (and
breaking off the front fork), Justin Griffin 
still manages a respectable 5th place.

Right:  Jolene (left, second tier) and Sally
(right, third tier) get their ribbons and prizes
for their performance in Women 35-plus.

Sport Men 19-29:  UMB had no Sport Men 19-29 at this race!
Sport Men 30-34:

Left:  Jake Weber heads uphill on the rocky
rooty singletrack, finishing with the 2nd place 
spot in the Sport Men 30-34 category.

Right:  Ben Hutchings heads over the meadow near
the end of another tough lap, grabbing the 4th place

Sport Men 35-39:

Left:  Darren Harris gets on the podium
as he climbs strongly up the hill to take
the 3rd place spot.

Right:  The 10-12 age category gets their
turn on the podium, while the 9-and-unders
line up at the right to wait for their turn.
UMB had 11 racers in these two groups,
but only 19 racers over age 12 at Jackson.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:   Jason Sparks hits the dipsy-doodle
with gusto as he nears the finish of another
lap. Jason's ride is good for 4th place.

Right:   After the awards, some of the team
put off showers in favor of a light lunch
of mini-sandwiches, fruit, and cookies.

Sport Women:

Left:  Catherine Reay finds the big nail that
everybody else missed, and stows it securely
into her tire. Sprinting to the finish line on the
rim, Cat's effort is still good for 4th place.

Right:  After crossing the finish line,
Cat pulls a big nail from her flat rear tire.

Expert Men 19-29:   UMB had no Expert Men 19-29 at this race!
Expert Men 30-39:

Left:  Mike Engberson grabs a ribbon and
team points with a strong 5th place ride.

Right:  The tag-puller gets ready to grab
Mike's race tag as he crosses the finish
line after three laps around the course.

Expert Men 40-plus:  UMB had no Expert Men 40+ riders at Solitude
Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders at Solitude
Singlespeed:   UMB had no Singlespeed racers at Jackson...

Left:  Ryan Payne cranks through the
ferns and aspens to take another 1st place.

Right:  The Clydesdales are on the podium
as Ryan's son helps him accept the first
place ribbon.

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Jolene Nosack powers up the hill to nail down
a nice 2nd place win.

Right:  Sally Hutchings gets another good race at Jackson,
getting onto the podium again with a 3rd place finish. 

Men 50-plus:

Left:  Jay Griffin pivots the bike through the hanging dust
in the final downhill section, taking 2nd place.

Right:  Jeff Kingsford tackles another switchback on the
climb, finishing with a ribbon and team points at 6th place.

Men 57-plus:

Left:  Grabbing good position in the shakeout, Joel Quinn 
hurries uphill into the trees to finish in 2nd place.

Right:  After a brief delay to climb out of the dirt
and get back on the bike, Bruce Argyle cranks out
some speed as he nears the final downhill
and a 3rd place finish.

Jackson Hole has always been an important race for the UMB team. A big win at this race puts the championship out of reach for "the other guys." Not every racer has the time and money to make this big trip, but those who do have a good time. As usual, Jackson did not disappoint, providing beautiful technical singletrack and great racing weather.

More photos, Bruce:  
Nielsen and Griffin photos:
Hutchings photos:

Left:  Jeff (left) and Jay (on podium) get their ribbons in the Men 50-plus category.

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