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Team Photo Scrapbook 08
2008 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Solitude - Utah State Open -- July 5, 2008

After being delayed due to snow, the Solitude racers found the trail powdery dry, except for a little water trickling down the upper doubletrack. The trail was the most technically-difficult race so far this year. As the State Championship race, the Utah State Open awards each division a championship medallion. State Champions (first-place winners) were Kyle Jackson, Dylan Tanner, Shane Horton, Jay Griffin, and Joshua Petersen. Brayden Nielsen, Justin Griffin, and Jared Muir took 2nd-place finishes.

Left:  Dylan closes in on a rival, with Ryan climbing up close behind.

Category 9-and-under:

Joshua Peterson banks a hard turn as
he grabs the state championship with
his 1st place finish.

Shawn Nielsen heads toward the finish
line on the loose singletrack. Shawn takes
the 3rd place ribbon in 9-and-under.

Hunter Ransom hustles to 4th place
in his second race as a UMB team

Mandy Clark finishes her second lap
on the way to 7th place.

Hattie Ransom carefully makes a turn
in the loose trail as she gets 11th place.

Sydney Nielsen heads downhill. Despite
 a bike-bumping crash, she takes 13th 

Left:  Sawyer Ransom does a single
lap around the 9-and-under course
on a push-along bike. We expect great
things from this guy. In a few years.

Right:  A moose munches willows,
oblivious to the racers running circles
around the mountain.

Category 10-12:

Left:  Brayden Nielsen finishes a great ride as
he zig-zags down the ski run toward the finish
line to take the 2nd place finish at Solitude in the
10-12 category.

Right:  Zachary Peterson heads up the mountain
to start his lap and hangs in to take 3rd place.

Beginner Women:
     No riders in BW category at this race.
Beginner 13-15:

Left:   Kyle Jackson heads up the Serenity singletrack
for his 2nd lap, and becomes the state champ for his
category with a 1st place finish.

Right:  Hanging with the mates at the staging area
before the race. That's Dale, Karl, and Shane.

Beginner 16-18:
Left:  Dylan Tanner returns a few weeks off with
a serious injury (broken ribs and punctured lung)
and fights through to take 1st place and the state

Right:  Jared Muir descends the steep, rocky,
dusty chute near the end of his second lap
and makes a great ride to nail 2nd place.

Beginner 19-29:
     No riders in BM 19-29 category at this race.
Beginner 30-39:


Shane Horton powers up the singletrack
to take 1st place and the state title.

Ryan Nielsen is almost finished with
his race, hustling to 6th place.

Dale Hutchings heads uphill on
the way to the 8th place position.

Left:  Nathan Thayer cranks along the Serenity Singletrack
on the way to 9th place in Beginner Men 30-39.

Right:  New to the team is Karl Parkinson,
descending the slope to take 10th place.
Welcome Karl!

Beginner 40-plus:

Jason Sparks whips around the hairpin
turn on the downhill, wining 3rd place.

 Brandon Balkman bounces over the rocks
as he heads downhill towards 5th place.

Clark Nielsen makes his first race for
the UMB team and nails 7th place.

Sport/Expert 13-15:
Left:  Justin Griffin makes a great ride
to take the 2nd place spot for his category.

Right:  As riders head back uphill, Richard Williams
hands up a fresh water bottle to Darren Harris
in the feed zone -- a rare level spot on the trail.

Sport/Expert 16-18:
Left:  Ethan Nielsen joins the UMB team with
this race. Here he's rocketing down toward the
ski lift, where the finish line and 6th place await.
Welcome to Ethan!

Right:  Danny Van Wagoner gets a good jump off the
start line, but blows a tire and is forced to take a DNF.

Sport Women:
Left:  Catherine Reay heads uphill past
the spectators as she fights to 5th place
in the Sport Women category.

Right:  After the race, it's time for war stories.
L to R, that's Clark, Ethan, Brandon, Jason,
Dale, and Kendra.

Sport Men 19-29:

Left:  As our only rider in the Sport 19-29
category, Ben Hutchings heads downhill
to the 9th place finish.

Right:  State Champ Dylan gets his medal on
the podium, with Jared at second place.

Sport Men 30-34:
Left:  Derek Ransom heads into the finish
zone. Derek gets a good start, but stopping
to fix a flat tire knocks him back to 7th place.

Right:  Another State Champion on the UMB team
is Joshua, with wingman Shawn on the 3rd-place
level of the podium.

Sport Men 35-39:

Left:  Denmark Jensen carves a turn in the dusty
air near the finish area, on the way to the 4th place
spot in this tough category.

Right: Stephen Bergen flies downhill on the way
to 6th place.

Left:  Greg Meyers cranks through the feed zone
on his second lap, chasing Stephen to 7th place. 

Right: Darren Harris grabs the water bottle for
a quick hydration hit as he heads back uphill.
Darren finishes in 9th place.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Hitting the turn in a cloud of dust, 
Jay Griffin
 gets the 1st place win.

Racer Mike MacDonald joins the UMB
team with this race and grabs 10th.

Jim Jackson heads uphill for another
lap and a 13th place finish.

Expert Men 30-39:

Left:  Mike Engberson heads into the trees
for another big lap in the expert category,
riding to 9th place.

Right:  Brian Oliver pops a fresh water bottle into
the cage. Solitude can dish out plenty of mechanical
trouble as well as physical pain. Brian drops out
when his seat breaks.

Women 35-plus:

Left:  Kendra Clark is on the backside of her last
loop as she takes the 3rd place finish.

Right:  Sally Hutchings gets back off the saddle
as she controls the bike through a rough technical
spot. Sally gets the 4th place spot.

Men 50-plus:
Left:  John Van Wagoner looks impressive on
this tough course as he takes the 4th place
finish in this always-tough open category.
John seemed devilishly fast. He should request
the same number for the next race.

Right:  The after-race picnic. Burgers, dogs, salads.
Jason is doing grill duty. Looking forward to
another one at Snowbird in two weeks!

Men 57-plus:
Left:  Bruce Argyle cranks up the trail on the way to 3rd place in the older-than-dirt category.

Thanks to everybody who made the effort for this race. We welcome our four new teammates who were new at this race. Also nice to have Dylan back from his injury. The Solitude race was postponed then rescheduled on a holiday weekend, and many of our regular tough regular riders couldn't make it to this race. It looks like Revolution will edge us for the team win, but we're still ahead for the season. Three races to go -- let's win this thing! 

More race photos are available at

The UMB race team had no riders in these categories at this race:
Beginner Men 19-29:  Beginner Women: 

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